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Dr. Henry Niman: Rabid Propagandist, Alarmist, Pharmaceutical Shill
March 27, 2011

Dr. Henry Niman: Rabid Propagandist, Alarmist, Pharmaceutical Shill (March 27, 2011)

Subject: Henry Niman Strikes Again!
From: Keith Howe
Date: Sun, March 27, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Mexican H1N1 Death Cluster Raises Pandemic Concerns

Look at all the wild extrapolations and conclusions made by this bio-terrorist, fear monger, Dr. Henry Niman as he attempts to exaggerate yet another false flu threat. This guy should have any credentials as a scientist revoked and be tried for conspiracy to incite terror.

I wonder WHO pays him to write this crap?



Hi Keith,

I'm amazed and flabbergasted whenever I go to Jeff Rense's web site, to see how often and frequently Jeff will post Dr Niman's contrived and desperate BS about this or that horrendous 'pandemic' cluster, etc. .

[Update. March 29, 2011. For purposes of illustration, I decided to check Jeff Rense's web site more often and add Henry Niman's latest "the-sky-is-falling" and "things-are-getting REALLY-bad-now" breathless, bio-Armageddon "alert" reports posted nearly every day at and list the title and link to his articles so you can see just how often this guy cries "wolf". To minimize clutter, I'll post Dr. Niman's headlines at the bottom of this page...Ken}

Niman lost ALL credibility in 2009 when his outrageous exaggerations about the Swine Flu 'pandemic' matched the insane level of falsity and hysteria that we were hearing from the CDC, main stream media, and the World Health Organization.

Don Nicoloff and I looked into Niman's background and studied his writings carefully in 2009. The guy owns his own pharmaceutical company and has been shilling for Big Pharma from the beginning. Anyone who takes the time to read what Niman has to say and then actually investigates the story from other sources can soon recognize that he follows a pattern of giving credence to UNVERIFIED 'reports' and statements made by pro-pharma organizations and governmental (meaning pro-pharma) agencies. The guy has been crying 'wolf' since early Spring of 2009. You'd think half the world should be dead by now if one were to accept his hype as real.

The guy is a flat out propagandist.

Dr Henry L. Niman: Swine Flu Propaganda & Its Deadly Consequences by Ken Adachi (Oct. 16, 2009)

Dr. Horowitz Debates Dr. Niman: H1N1 Genetics: Nature, Accident or Genocide?

Ukraine, WHO And The Geopolitics Of Swine Flu Panic by F. William Engdahl (Nov. 14, 2009)

Henry Niman: Prophet of Doom for the Internet by Dr. Martin Williams (Aug. 30, 2005)

Ken Adachi

Alarming "pandemic" alert reports from Dr. Henry Niman posted on a nearly daily basis at Jeff Rense's web site, I went back to March 24 for this listing. Check Henry Niman's web site and you will see these same sort of headlines posted nearly every day, month by month, since at least 2009:

March 28, 2011

1. Absence Of 2011 H1N1 Texas Sequences Of Concern
2. H1N1 Death Toll Mounts In Chihuahua Mexico
3.  H1N1 Outbreak In Chihuahua Mexico Imported From TX
4.  Withheld 2011 H1N1 US Sequences Raise Pandemic Fear
5. 2011 And 2009 H1N1 Similarities
6.  2011 And 2009 H1N1 Similarities - Discussion
7. Mexican H1N1 Death Cluster Raises Pandemic Concerns

March 25, 2011

1.  Mexico Full Country H1N1 Warning - Virus Spreading Fast

March 24, 2011

1. H1N1 Death Cluster SpreadsThru Chihuahua Mexico
2. H1N1 Atypical Pneumonia Death Cluster In Juarez
3. Tamiflu Resistant H1N1 Cluster In Delaware

Other reports at posted during same time period as above:

1.  Cruise Ship Viral Outbreaks Worse Than Reported

2. H1N1  Influenza Pandemic In Venezuela

3. Drug-Resistant TB Hindering Efforts To Fight Disease


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