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"Heroes" TV Show: In-Your-Face Psyops?
February 4, 2009

"Heroes" TV Show: In-Your-Face Psyops? (Feb. 4, 2009)

From: Phil Upp
To: Editor
Subject: latest "heroes" episode
Date: Feb 4, 2009

Hi Ken,

I just wanted to relay some information, namely the latest episode of the NBC show "Heroes". I tune into a good portion of American TV as I feel it can tell one a lot about the national consciousness and the subliminals that are pumped out to unwitting viewers. On the surface "Heroes" seems innocent enough, but the latest episode was incredibly traumatic viewing.

What was once a happy show about people with interesting abilities has now become a blatant figure for terror and global control. In the show last night, one of these so called "Heroes" was endevouring to round up and kill any other people with abilities.

The realism of the show was shocking in its depictions of black-assassin-suited figures breaking into people's homes, tranq-darting or tasering them into submission, then fitting them with orange jumpsuits and sense-deprivation hoods and goggles. Interestingly enough, the outfit was topped off with a narcotic nasal drip that subdued the captives even more and made them docile and compliant.

The final scene of the show consisted of an aircraft being loaded up with captives and flown off to an underground facility. I implore you to watch it as my description can't do it justice. The tender loving care that the assassins demonstrated towards their captives, and the soft and quiet dispensation of said captives deeply disturbed me.

The agents were painted as the ultimate bogeymen, completely unbeatable in their goal to detain these individuals without directly wounding or killing them. The term "Super-Ninja" springs to mind for some reason. I know that most shows contain heavy negative frequencies but this was just all out assault on the senses.

To cap it all off, as the story reaches its emotional high point and people start to die, the soundtrack cuts to some lovely floaty classical music and we get to sit back and watch in rapt amusement. The entire emotional core of the characters as people is superseded by an incredibly stylised aesthetic of violence. The disassociation figure was right there on the surface ie "This is not happening, it is all just a jolly good wheeze, just sit back and enjoy."

Anyway I have ranted for long enough but I want to say thanks for the info you provide. It made me re-assess the reasons behind my writing and forced me to adopt a more pro-active stance with all the evil in the world. Something in my gut tells me you are on the level otherwise I would not have dared to write to you.

Keep on keeping on



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