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Hey There
Sept. 22, 2003

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Hey there.

Was just reading your site about aliens/NWO etc. Here are some thoughts on the matter. The thing is people like you and me who are into all this new age stuff have one little problem. We want to believe too much and sometimes as a result we believe too much of what we read. Now dont get me wrong I believe in all the new world order stuff and higher spirituality but over the years ive come to find that there is a hell of a ot of rubish out there often mixed with facts so often you read page 1 and it does have accurate info on and this tricks us into thinking its a reliable source then on page 2 its a load of rubbish.

I noticed that one thing about the 12th planet and the 3 days of darkness never happned :) Ok so the point im try to make is this. When we read some info on the net out minds arnt happy at looking at something at thinking thats just a possibiliy. Maybe its true maybe its not. We like to catagorise as true or false. We get too into some ideas without really thinking things through.I have made the same mistake.

Ok for a start I want to give my thoughts on the alien thing. I think you will agree if you think about it carfully you can spot the truth a mile off rather than just repeating what you have read without breaking it down. So as far as negative aliens go I think its rubbish. (again I dont know this is just my idea) I came to this conclusion by the following logic.

Ok so at around 2012 when reach a point of technology we will trancend to a higher dimension. Now some people seem to be confused as to this higher dimension. I believe that we dont have bodies anymore that we are energy matrix's of a sort living on a high dimension beyond space and time. Thus there are no ACCENDED zetas,piladeans living in physical form on some planet traveling across space.

Now you may notice that before 2012 we wont of invented anti-matter startships,time travel and flown to other planets in an aim to take over like the negative ET's will we? No!! So if we trancend whats the score with the level of advancement with these negative ET'S? Well we have to assume that they are like at least 50 years ahead right? After all they can travel in time and have anti-matter star ships right? And probably have for a fair few years. So what happened with the transition on their planet? Why were they still around in the equivalent of 2050?? Ok well I believe all planets trancend at around the same kind of point and that 3d entities dont get to time travel and fly halfway across the galaxy to other planets!! But lets say im wrong.

My theory is that once a planet gets like 20 years ahead of where we are or so, paradise becomes automatic. People are happy because technology is so good that computer games turn into matrix style VR. Its the only way! So these time travling anti matter aliens would live in paradise! They would plug upto matrix style ultra quantum computers and live total utopia as computer gods. Now thats exactly why the transition happens because it gets to the point where its silly to have to be pluged into a matrix. Bodies become usless. If it wanst for limitations in computer size then on the alien world things would be crazy at the equivilent of 2050 because a better computer would come out every day then hour then BOOM!! Either that or they are stuck and cannot advance because computers cant be made smaller in which case they would trancend right? Why cant they trancend? why are they pestering us? If they have utra sick video games on ultra quantum computers why are they bothering with us at our pathetic level? What can they possibly gain from us???? Think about it! Also if they were that advance they would alread of taken over earth. They would be pissing around. Oh so they can time traval and use anti matter but they cant take over the earth easliy? Ha!!

Ok my point is why would an alien society that has technology far past us with matrix ultra powerful quantum computers still be negative ET's? How can they not realise they are all god? iIs impossible to be that advance and not know!! It is impossible to be that advanced and be negative. You cant be that advanced have knowedge of time travel and antimatter and be a bunch of evil aliens. Also you have to ask your self what the hell is on earth for them? If they have all that power and technology there is absolutly nothing on earth for them. I read somewhere that their home planet was destroyed and now they are looking for a home on earth. So whats the deal they cant trancend without a planet or something? How are billions of alins going to come and land on earth? you can see the whole idea is getting silly. But then if they believe in the transition and going to heven etc why are they evil?

You can only be evil aliens if you have no idea about the transition and god etc. They cant be wanting to trancend but still be nasty can they? If they dont want to trancend then what else can there be fore them here? There is nothing of value! They could be playing their ultra quantum computer games in utopia but no they are trying to take over the earth! When you think about it is beyond stupid! THEY DONT NEED ANYTHING HERE AT ALL!

Wanna know my theory? there are no negative aliens. These negative aliens are nice spirits from a higher level pretending to be negative ET's. Their role is to trick the stupid government into thinking they are aliens in order to stir things up. The thing is earth is meant to be one of the hardest planets to go to. The NWO and so called negative ET's that have aided the NWO are infact just making sure this planet is hard! If there was no NWO and the gov. were nice this planet would be to easy and souls looking for a challenging life time would have to go else where. This is what I think.

Get back to me on what you think about this. Would you like to talk some more and share info? I would be glad as its hard to find people who want to talk. Just remember not to read something and believe it too much. You need to just look at thing and say its possible..or maybe and not believe or
disbelieve anything.



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