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High Hopes for Alternative Treament & Training Centers-Worldwide!
August 26, 2006

Subject: contribution
Date: Sun, August 27, 2006 6:06 am
To: Editor

I save your address after receiving the harmonic protector. I will not go into a long history. If you would, please go to
http:// and pass it on to your friends. I am in full support and I believe others will be too.



Hi Rob,

Yes, I like the idea, but he's not going to get far without promoting himself in a more practical way. Putting up a web site and saying that "I'm here and ready to lend my advice" and "please send the money so I can buy a facility in Spain" is not going to do much. You have to get on the road and give hundreds of talks to as many people as you can and put together a meaningful business plan for investors and set up a bona-fide foundation if you want to do this seriously. At this point, he's just a Sedona guy who's stroking himself with a noble cause, but with little prospect of success.

Do you know Stephan Hoffmann personally? How did this web site come to your attention?

Regards, Ken

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