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Hillary's 'Win' In New Hampshire & Rigged Electronic Elections

[Editor's Note: It was amusing to hear over NPR (National Propaganda Radio) the surprise expressed by political commentators and reporters concerning the "unexpected" win of Hillary in the New Hampshire primary. She had performed so badly in all o f the pre-election straw polls, yet came out the winner in the election itself. Will wonders ever cease?

The notion that Hillary 'won' due to electronic voter machine manipulation did not arise once during the day-long NPR coverage of the primary, but a quick perussal of on the day following the primary, revealed at least 18 articles presenting evidence of electronic voter machine rigging in that primary. If Hillary had lost the New Hampshire primary, she would have been dead in the water as far as the presidential  election goes. And because of Hillary's high ranking within the Illuminati hierachy (among political puppets at least), they were not going to allow her to lose.

Hillary is considered a "Grand Dame" among the satanic Illuminated Ones and she's been Bill's handler and controller from the beginning. She's much higher up in the Illuminati than Bill (I could say as much about Maria Schriever & Arnold) and couldn't care less about his cheating as she plays the same game, but mostly with women (read TranceFormation of America by Cathy O'Brtien & Mark Phillips).

Of course, most people in this country do not like Hillary very much and it's going to be difficult to convince the PJ People that she was fairly elected, so they will likely run Illuminati stooge #2, Barack Obama, as her running mate when it comes down to the election (at least that makes sense to me at this point). I'm sure Hillary would rather choose someone else, but they need the mesmerized hordes of white people and black people who hang on to every bit of emotion-laden, inspirational bon-mot rhetoric that falls from the lips of Oprah or Barack. ...Ken]
January 8, 2008

Hillary's 'Win' In New Hampshire & Rigged Electronic Elections (Jan. 11, 2008)

From: Brian
To: Editor
Subject: Live free or die-bold
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 15:26:13 -0800

Hi Ken,

Regarding the suspicions of voter fraud in the recent New Hampshire primary, it looks as though the 'alleged' tampering with the diebold electronic voting machines turned what should have been a double-digit victory for Obama into a win for 'Queen Bee Hilaree'. How shocking! But then again, wasn't it always gonna be much easier for the illuminati to continue their agenda with a thoroughly indoctrinated person like another Clinton in the White House?

How sad and telling it is that the American people are on the verge of bamboozling themselves into a continuance of this pathetic ping-pong charade of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton presidencies. But what's even worse are the reports from people who voted for Ron Paul in several N.H. towns, and then upon looking at the returns seeing zero votes recorded for him in those communities! Indications are that he would have finished third without this 'alleged' fraud. This would have placed him right behind former Massachusetts governor Romney, who himself could be considered a native son of at least southern New Hampshire where most of the population lives and where many commute to their jobs in Massachusetts.

A third place finish for Ron Paul would have given him huge momentum going forward into the upcoming primaries.TPTB know this of course, and it really ticks me off that now he's still seen as just another also-ran by most of the voting public instead of a viable candidacy a documented third place finish would have given him.

At the end of the report the writer mused that if two million people descended on Washington,D.C. this election year that the numbnuts in the halls of power couldn't help but sit up and take notice.(not to mention the imbedded minions in the mainstream media.) Could the expansive reach of the internet create such a rally calling for a restoration of the republic and its constitution with a return to abiding by the rule of law set forth by that document?

My intuition tells me that the call will go out for just such a rally from people like yourself at educate-yourself and Alex Jones at prison-planet. But it would have to be not only of the magnitude of around the two million that the writer suggests -it would also need to be a prolonged event in order to have the dramatic impact necessary to contribute towards illiciting the infrastructural changes it would take to return the country to a nation of constitutional law. Is it too far-fetched to expect that that many people would be disciplined and self-sufficient enough to stay the course? I guess we're gonna need a miracle.

If all this were to come off it would be fascinating to see how the timing of it juxtaposes with whatever state primaries remain and to the party conventions in the summer. May or June seems like a realistic target date to me. 2008 is a crucial year in our country's history,to say the least. An absolute barometer of how awakened the American people will become. How it all plays out will determine nothing less than our fate as a nation.

Brian from Massachusetts

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