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A Homotonic Treatment for Morgellons?
July 1, 2006


Subject: My thoughts on Morgellons and treatment
Date: Sat, July 1, 2006
To: Editor <E-mail>

Hi Ken,

I think you're right on target about "resonant frequency." Homeopathy uses disease agents as medicines, which resonate on a similar frequency, so to speak, as the disease entity itself. But the remedies are in highly diluted form and rendered purely energetic, so there is no toxicity.

Technically speaking this is not homeopathy but homotonic treatment, although they both use the law of similars in this way.

Such a remedy could easily be made out of this parasite itself, to be used as a treatment. Anyone can do this using water as the dilutent, or if the substance isn't water soluble, then it is ground up with lactose powder until a substance is formed which is water soluble.

I posted the instructions for making such a remedy out of any disease agent or poisonous substance, here:

I hope this info is useful.



Added Information (introducing Heilkunst)

Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006
From: Karen <>
To: Editor <E-mail>
Subject: Re: My thoughts on Morgellons and treatment

Hi Ken,

It was my pleasure to provide a little insight into what I referred to as homotonic treatment, although now that it's been posted, maybe a bit more background would be in order.

I'm a current student of a radically new and complete medical system, grounded in Dr. Samuel Hahnemann's 200-year old "blueprint" for cure, which is effective for modern illnesses of all kinds. It's called Heilkunst, and includes both homeopathic and homotonic treatment but in a much larger framework than homeopathy has ever before been understood. It's not just another method to add to the multitude of methods we already have, but a framework for understanding how and when to apply any method in the most effective way.

Dr. Hahnemann is one representative of the "Dynamic" stream of thought which also includes the work of Wilhelm Reich and functional orgonomy. But Hahnemann's work has been largely untapped even by modern classical homeopaths, due to poor translations and the challenges involved in deeply penetrating the genius of his work.

Modern Heilkunst is based on recent new translations of Hahnemann's original work, and brought into practical form by Rudi Verspoor and Patty Smith at the Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst in Ottawa.

The new translations by German scholar Steven Decker have brought out some stunning new insights into the nature of disease and the method of real cure. It's turned everything I knew about natural medicine upside down, partly in light of the fact that I literally turned my own life-threatening illness around with this treatment.

I say "partly" not because my success has been less than dramatic, but because the real value of a medical system is in the truth of the principles it invokes, not the anecdotal success stories. When we hear a story of the success of a certain method, if we don't know that a truly curative principle of nature has been applied, we can't really know whether the person's symptoms have simply been palliated (in which case the disease could have actually been suppressed and driven deeper into the system), or whether the disease entity has actually been eradicated.

The Heilkunst system understands that the human life force is dynamic (energetic) in nature, and that most modern people have diseases which are dynamic impingements on the life force. These diseases are not the arbitrary allopathic disease labels but disease as defined according to its real dynamic nature.

For example, multiple sclerosis is not a disease but a condition including certain characteristic symptoms. The real underlying diseases which gave rise to that condition, which may be different for each person who manifests this condition, need to be clearly diagnosed as to the cause of each disease. Then curative remedies can be given on the basis of similar resonance ("like cures like.")

Heilkunst is truly causative medicine, an elegant system for addressing the diseases that give rise to any and all conditions. It's concerned with the application of the curative principles of nature with remedies proven to be curative, and then allowing the natural healing power of the body to respond in order to complete the total remediation.

This involves the functional polarity of both "curing" and "healing," which correspond to two complementary sides of the dynamic human life force. Previously, this "life force" was vaguely understood as something to be supported, but disease is actually a specific dynamic impingement which needs to be destroyed. Just like with a pregnancy, you can't remove it by simply strengthening the person! Bolstering the life force, which is the
aim of most of natural medicine, is addressing only one side of the life force - an important part of treatment but only really half the task at hand.

So the reason that most alternative medicine methods don't reach to the roots of disease is because they're only addressing one side of that polarity, the healing side, and they're missing the key - invoking the curing side of the life force.

A few years back, Don Croft in one of his posts here talked about his trip to see "Dr. Rudi" Verspoor at the Hahnemann Center in Ottawa. He mentioned being struck by the understanding that disease is an entity to be destroyed, in rather war-like fashion. But it needs to be done systematically and according to the natural path that the life force is taking.

Often microbes are secondary to the more primary disease entities, and simply killing the messenger doesn't work deeply enough. We need a clear map of the territory to be covered in each particular case, which can take twists and turns. What we need now is to follow up on the understanding that disease is an entity to be destroyed, but we need a clear map for that process.

Heilkunst's actual rate of success is staggeringly high.. and after 30 years of struggling with the whole gamut of natural medicine approaches, I never came across any other method that could rightly claim such a high success rate for real cure. Mostly the word "cure" is taboo even in the world of alternative medicine, because its real meaning has been misunderstood and relegated to the realm of quackery. But if we apply what we know about disinfo tactics, we can see how we've bought into another lie about the limitations of medicine.

Then of course we need to be able to know when we've actually cured vs. when we've simply removed some symptoms temporarily without pulling up the real roots of disease. Heilkunst addresses these issues in a precise and systematic way, as it's based on principles of natural law that can be clearly known.

It finally answers the question: Why when we have all these excellent alternative healing methods are we still applying what amounts to a hit-or-miss approach? When we're faced with a chronic health problem, we really have been settling for a very vague understanding of what we're dealing with. We haven't expected to have real knowledge of the principles needed to invoke in order to effect a real cure. I think it's time to raise
our expectations!

Heilkunst is practiced at the international Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst, based in Ottawa, Canada, although patients anywhere can be treated by phone consults and have the remedies sent by mail. There are also many Heilkunst practitioners in other areas, and the listings are on their website,

For more articles on Heilkunst,

I'm not a Heilkunst practitioner but offer email consulting services to help people learn how to organize a self-help program for themselves, grounded in the principles of Heilkunst.

Aside from my services, I'm happy to informally address any questions that people may have about any aspect of Heilkunst. I'm keenly interested in promoting awareness of this medical system, and anyone interested can contact the HCH directly too.


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