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Return of the Mayan Jaguars ~ A Letter from Honduras
November 24, 2009

Return of the Mayan Jaguars ~ A Letter from Honduras (Nov. 24, 2009)

Subject: Greetings, Brother Adachi!
From: Eldan Cruz <>
Date: Tue, November 24, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Brother Ken,

All blessings to you.

I congratulate you upon your courage in introducing and spreading truth, which is always beautiful and rewarding, as well as challenging. My name is Eldan, and I am part of the resurgence of the Mayan people of Central America. Our duty is to bring back the ancient light and the songs of old to build a new future for humankind and the beautiful planet that holds us.

I live in Honduras, which is but a part of the ancient kingdoms of my people.

Perhaps you have heard of the current crisis in Honduras, which basically began 3 years ago when a President had a change of heart and decided to break free from the tight scripts of the Illuminati, and started bringing social reform based on evolutionary principals, and the idea that abject poverty could be defeated only by breaking free from the current paradigm of exploitation and profit, and switching instead to sustainable management of natural and human resources. He stopped giving new permits for mineral and timber harvesting for American and Canadian mining corporations, and instead sent the army to take care of the forests to prevent illegal exploitation and help the poor. He also changed the formula by which gasoline is taxed, lowering its price, and acquiring more funds to spend on social projects that benefited those who were the poorest among us. Next thing, he planned to hold a referendum to ask the people if they wanted a new constitution that represented all sectors of the population, and not only the elite.

That was too much for the Illuminati, who started a campaign to label this president a 'communist' who wanted to create another Cuba in Latin America, and ended up throwing him out of institutional power by force of weapons.

Of course, this is just another one of their tight scripts, and this is basically what they are seeking now, to create civil war, though the people of this nation has been able to see through the fog, and are not taking the bait. As great as the Illuminati power seems, we have been able to disrupt the script by people manifesting their loud voices against it, assisted by forcing it out of the reality matrix through those who understand how to do it.

And this is basically my sharing to you, only to confirm yet again what you already know and what you have been a witness to:

The script shall be played, yes, but not in the way the Illuminati expects. Strife will seemingly abound, but it will only assist the demise of this cruel legion of demons, instead of building the shadow empire they were seeking. And behold, running into their subterranean cities will only make matters all the worse for them, as the current rise in Earth's vibrational frequency will only affect them more there. They will fall sick, and many will fall insane, and will kill each other there.

We will fulfill our prophecies, Ken, without question. The Illuminati and those above them never understood the power they were tampering against, nor the idea that began this rather simple plan more than 100,000 years ago. Now they are trapped here, you see? And everything they do cannot help them do anything but play in our hands, from where they will be sent in pieces to where they truly belong, so they can learn their lessons, and start over again.

Perhaps you have heard of an ancient Maya story about one of the cycles of creation, when the Earth was once populated by evil giants. Well, the end of the cycle is when jaguars are sent in to destroy the giants. This is exactly what is happening now. Many things are said and told, some of which are true, and some of which are not. But this is true: We are the Balam, the Jaguars of Ancient, and we are back to destroy the giants. And they are right now where we planned them to be, to sink our fiery claws in them once and for all.

Alas, we are fewer than we expected to be 100,000 years ago when this plan was laid out, as many of us got lost along the way. Nonetheless, we shall overcome them all. And we will exact our triumph upon them exactly at that moment when they seem to be at the doors of success.


And so it is that the time has come for all of us to unite, and so it is that this little communication is sent from me to you.

Take much care, Bro!

Eldan Cruz


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