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Honey Bees
April 30, 2007

Subject: honey bees
From: Andy
Date: Mon, April 30, 2007
To:   Editor

Have you come across any information regarding the massive die-off of honey  bees throughout North America and Europe recently? Several articles have appeared during the past few weeks in the NY Times and LA Times. Even Bill Maher mentioned this on his HBO show last week. According to Mr. Maher, Albert Einstein once wrote that the human race can only survive for 4 years in the absence of honey bees. Bee autopsies have revealed the presence of fungi internally. German scientists are concerned it's related to cell phone usage. Any thoughts would be appreciated?

Andy Trout


Hi Andy,

"Die off" in not accurate. Where are all the dead bees? "Missing", is more accurate.

Bees have been driven away by a specific microwave signal from cell phone towers designed to drive them away and create this "panic" about bees.

It's one more black ops from our Illuminated friends designed to generate fear, panic and anxiety. So, what else is new?

Don't worry, people are working on it and the Bee panic will soon pass into forgotten "news".

Regards, Ken

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