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Len Horowitz, John DeCamp, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, and the Games People Play
May 26, 2011

Len Horowitz, John DeCamp, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, and the Games People Play (May 26, 2011)

Subject: Len Horowitz's news letter
From: Karin
Date: Thu, May 26, 2011
To: Ken Adachi


Do you get Dr. Len Horowitz' news letter ? If not, would you mind, if I foreward it to you ? It's content is very long and also very revealing about many different people. I used to listen to Alex Jones (not anymore, he is too loud. It upsets me inside) On his program he interviewed this John DeCamp and others, which made John out to sound like a good guy. Dr.Horowitz' newsletter reveales an entirely different picture about John and others.
Please let me know if you might be interested in my forewarding this letter to you.



Hi Karin,

Yes, please send it, I'd like to see what he has to say. However, do not assume everything (or anything) he says about John DeCamp or Ted Gunderson is true. The CIA is in the background on this smearing campaign and their agent is the MK Ultra mind controlled liar, Barbara Hartwell. It's a long story and I won't attempt to get into it here, but there's much more going on than you are aware of.

John DeCamp was involved with the CIA in Vietnam during their Project Phoenix torture/assassination operations against mostly non-threatening Vietnamese. He worked with William Colby who later became director of the CIA and was subsequently murdered in a canoeing "accident."

John DeCamp, who became an attorney and Nebraska state senator, got on the wrong side of the CIA when he wrote his book and made a video documentary (Conspiracy of Silence) on the Nebraska Franklin Cover Up which involved children snatched off the streets of America under the CIA's "Finders" program, interviewed victims of CIA mind control/satanic ritual abuse, including children-victims being flown into Washington DC for sex parties with prominent Washington politicians, and sundry other overlapping illicit activities of drug running, money laundering, child porn, snuff films, satanism, white slavery, and the selling of children at auctions. Since John DeCamp at one time was working with the CIA and then later exposed them, he put himself on their 'smear & discredit' hit list.

The CIA has been using Hartwell since the late 1990s to smear both John DeCamp and Ted Gunderson. John DeCamp was looking to sue Hartwell for libel in 2005, but didn't know where to find her in order to serve her. Hartwell began to lose credibility in the earlier half of the 2000 decade because I had exposed her insane fabrications in a series of articles written between 2000 - 2008. After that, I stopped writing about her since she no longer seemed to have an audience. It seems that her reputation for lying had finally caught up with her. Recently, however, she latched onto to Len Horowitz and his girlfriend, Sherri Kane, and has once again found a forum for doing what she does best: lie through her teeth about Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp.

Tim White, a two timing back stabber if there ever was one, has also injected himself into the Hartwell/Gunderson/DeCamp embroilment from the very beginning. For a time he had ingratiated himself with me until he showed me his true colors in 2006, after which I broke off with him completely. He has since tried to bad mouth me with the same intensity as his fellow CIA agitation troll, Barbara Hartwell

I agree that Alex Jones is too heavy handed and too much on the doom and gloom side. Most of what he reports about the NWO takeover game is true, but he's too invested in sensationalism; not unlike Jeff Rense who also reports many truthful things, but Jeff too grooves on sensationalism (the current Fukushima radiation psyops over reactor "meltdowns' which never took place) and dire story telling, not to mention his flat out endorsement of pharmaceutical shill, Dr. Henry Niman, whose rabid pro-pharma diatribes about "explosive" lab-created "disease" outbreaks all over the world (which is mostly fabricated or grossly exaggerated) is also telling. Niman's performance on Jeff's web site and radio show during all of 2009's Swine/Bird Flu "pandemic" season, made it perfectly clear that he's a pharmaceutical propagandist. In fact, he owns his own pharmaceutical company and lab.

Regards, Ken

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