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Telepath Goes to Hospital for Help, But Gets Victimized Instead
September 1, 2011

Telepath Goes to Hospital for Help, But Gets Victimized Instead (Sep. 1, 2011)

Subject: Microchipping people in their heads as a form of mind control. Have you heard of it?
From: James
Date: Thu, September 1, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Ken Adachi,

My name is James (xxxx). I'm a very powerful telepath or at least I was until I had mental breakdown and went into a hospital because of a year of psionic battles and torment from Middle Eastern psychics which wore me down mentally.

Well anyway, I ended up in the hospital in a waiting room for the psych ward. The doctors injected me in each hip with a syringe. I thought I would just go to sleep and wake up in the waiting room, but when I did, my left calf muscle had a puncture hole almost to the bone in the center of it. My right bicep was punctured as well. Something hurt at the base of my skull as well. I felt a hole back on the right side of it.

I have heard one time at a place called Fierce, this woman that owned it. Her brother lost it and they chipped his head. I have not gone to the dr to get it x-rayed yet, but still have the scars. The one on my bicep won't heal. I think because I'm bipolar, no one will listen to me. I think I'll get them x-rayed. Have you ever heard of this being done before?



Hello James,

It's a big mistake to go into a hospital for anything, and psychiatric hospitals are the worst of all. You have special abilities and the Control Boys don't want you to have those abilities, so they're going to track you wherever you go and do a number on you whenever you give them the opportunity--such as checking into a hospital. Even people who are ordinary in every way --in many instances--are microchipped in hospitals without their knowledge or consent. For a number of years now, some hospitals have been microchipping newborns without the parent's knowledge or consent. Any sort of vaccination received in a hospital today can include nano technology microchips as part of the vaccine. Most people who were dumb enough to fall for the 2009 Swine Fly 'pandemic' ruse and got themselves vaccinated in 2009 or 2010, also got themselves microchipped with the nano technology mixed in with the vaccine.

There MAY be a few private hospitals or religious organization hospitals who aren't under the thumb of the NWO intel agencies, but the vast majority of hospitals have staff and equipment in place to mind control and program you, implant you, drug you up and do whatever they want including erase your memories or create memories, or kill you off in some disguised manner.

Jim Keith, 48, a gutsy NWO investigator and writer, would be alive today if he didn't make the fatal mistake of going into a hospital in September 1999 for a minor knee operation from which he -unfortunately- failed to survive. The hospital cover story was that Jim got a blood clot that traveled to his lungs in the immediate wake of his minor operation, and that it killed him. However, the Coroner's Report listed the cause of his death as "blunt force trauma"

Here's a paragraph from his Wikipedia bio:

" Keith fell from a stage and broke his knee at the annual Burning Man arts festival held on the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, about 120 miles north of his hometown of Reno. He went to the Washoe Medical hospital there and died shortly after surgery, in ICU, when a blood clot released and entered his lung, although the coroner's report listed cause of death as "blunt force trauma." Cryptically, Keith stated, prior to his death, "I have this feeling that if they put me under I'm not coming back". He is survived by two daughters."

So unless you don't mind being victimized by psychopaths in white lab coats -who will do whatever they want to do to you without your knowledge or permission, then - STAY OUT OF HOSPITALS.

Modern implants are not usually made of metal and won't show up on an x-ray. A CAT scan might find one if you enlarge the image enough and the implant is large enough.

A very high gauss, heavy duty pair of magnets can kill an implant, if they are strong enough and placed correctly. A Tesla coil could also fry one if applied correctly. It depends on the location and the type of implant.

Tell me about what you could do as a telepathic. Who were you telepathing with and why were Middle Eastern psychics wearing you down?

What's the background story?

Regards, Ken

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