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Motivated American Seeks Starting Blocks to Stop NWO Takeover
January 3, 2011

Motivated American Seeks Starting Blocks to Stop NWO Takeover (Jan. 3, 2011)

Subject: I want to help in the San Francisco area
From: Scott H
Date: Mon, January 3, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Mr. Adachi, or may I call you Ken?

My name is Scott and I want to help make the truth about our world available to as many as possible in the hope that those exposed will wake up and also help with distributing this information because as we know, knowledge protects. Since becoming displaced by a very unnatural hurricane named Wilma while living in Miami Beach in October 2005, I have fallen out of the typical expected work-spend-work-consume-work lifestyle which allowed me to slow down after decades of the constant distractions of 'modern life' and it was amazing how quickly, once I was not always in a stressed out state, I was able to connect the dots and see the true big picture in spite of the disinformation and other techniques that work to suppress the elite's true agenda.

My problem is I don't know where to start! I have a variety of natural talent and abilities in addition to many years experience in the media and architecture and design. I am very effective working with a team of others but I tend to naturally gravitate towards a leadership role which is usually encouraged by my peers as they often see me as a well-informed source of information and often initiate discussions with me seeking guidance via my advice or having me point them towards the information sources I believe will assit them in their particular interest/issue.

Now, I need someone to assist me in narrowing my focus some and hopefully helping me determine where I can contribute most efficiently in this crucial point in humanity's existence.

Put me to work please.


Scott H


Hello Scott,

Glad you wrote and thanks for your interest.

We need a lot more people who are willing to participate in the rescue of this country from the Illuminated, shape-shifting psychopaths who are currently running the show. Exposing the New World Order via articles posted to the internet, or published media, or giving lectures and talks to large groups of people is the only way to awaken a sleeping populace.

The top priority, in my view, is to get pro-constitution, anti-NWO candidates elected in 2012. That's only going to happen with a huge grass roots push. A secondary effort should be aimed at instigating Recall petitions against the most grievous NWO sell-outs currently occupying the House of Representatives and Senate. This would be a very long list since roughly 70-75% of the Senate is wholly under NWO control, and a clear majority in the House are sell-outs. Anyone who voted for that despicable Food 'Safety' Act needs to be driven out of office.

We need candidates who will not be bribed into compliance by the Zionists money boys who will immediately append themselves to any candidate who they think will win or has the possibility of winning. That's the first thing that has to be guaranteed. If the candidate doesn't have the internal morality and determination to resist Zionist gold, then he shouldn't be chosen.

Corrupting a new politician begins with the money boys during the campaign phase, but after he gets into office, he is also BLACKMAILED into compliance with women, drugs, pedophilia, satanic crap, etc., all recorded and filmed with HD digital clarity.

The Illumined controllers always use the twin levers of A) power/perks for those who cooperate with them and B) blackmail, expulsion (funding an opponent into office), or frame up and railroad into jail (or murder), for those who don't . This is the tried and true Carrot and Stick approach that has been applied again and again to keep congressional sell-outs in line

When the Zionists wanted to use Woodrow Wilson for their chump presidential gofer, they simply went to him and talked him into running. We need to do the same thing. A grass roots candidate selection committee should be formed in every state and candidates of the HIGHEST character, intelligence, constitutional loyalty, and moral fiber need to identified and then approached to see if they will agree to run.

Left to its own devices, politics ALWAYS attracts men and women of the LOWEST, self-serving character. How can we possibly deliver this nation from ruin with such cretins for representatives?

Once in office, the anti-NWO office holder needs to begin the process of dismantling the treasonous acts which have enabled the NWO takeover to go forward. Repealing the Indonesian Usurper's health care communist manifesto would be a great start, but repealing the Patriot Act and de-funding/dismantling all of the Nazi-like organizations that were created under the treasonous Patriot Act, also needs to take place; and sooner rather than later (I can't think of a better way to get rid of the odious TSA than by de-funding and dismantling the Department of Homeland Security, their boss)

Forming a new 911 Commission to establish the TRUE facts of what occurred on 911 and to begin the indictment process against those who participated in 911, the greatest act of treason in the history of this country, and it subsequent cover up, also needs to be undertaken.

We need to get our anti-NWO representatives to chair investigative committees and haul the top brass of the U.S. Air Force before congress and explain to the American people why they've been poisoning America's atmosphere, crops, and ground water with chemtrails for the past 13 years and ask them who gave them the orders to do so.

You get the idea.

A SINGLE individual who is highly MOTIVATED to save our country can do a tremendous amount of damage to the NWO takeover schemers. Look at the example of Beate and Serge Klarsfeld. the dedicated husband/wife team of Nazis hunters. They simply would not let high level Nazis who had escaped to South America or who assumed political office in Europe get away with it. They tracked them down and hounded them, and hounded them, and hounded them until they were driven from office, or arrested, or committed suicide (The Klarsfelds unremitting hounding of Walter Rauff was the supposed reason for Rauff's 'suicide' in Chile in 1984, but Rauff's death was apparently faked, as he later showed up in post-1984 photos with fellow SS Nazi Otto Skorzeny).

Without putting into office people of character and allegiance to the constitution, we haven't got a chance. Once the United States is destroyed, the rest of the world will sink into a New Dark Age of feudalism and One World government enslavement that may take another millenium to break free of.

We must save this republic. Keep me posted on your ideas and progress.

Sincerely , Ken

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