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Humanity's Future

From Ken Adachi, Editor
August 27, 2010

Humanity's Future (Aug. 27, 2010)

Subject: humanity's future
From: Aaron C
Date: Fri, August 27, 2010
To: Ken Adachi


I must say that your latest status entry has peaked my interest. If the destructive machinations of the hidden handlers of our way of life are finally deceaced, I could not begin to imagine what the un-impeded fruition of humanity would be like. It all comes down to Soul versus phsycosis; and I know the psychotics will lose their grip forever on this wonderful planet we call Earth.

On another note, I am so glad you are feeling much better now.

Aaron C


Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your note.

Yes, you've hit the nail on the head. Just imagine how wonderful life will be when the satanic parasites and all of their ilk are gone - forever. Imagine the bounty and explosion of creativity that will occur when we live in a peaceful and just world where sell-out politicians, war profiteers, militarists and their Illuminated manipulators are no longer able to ply their deadly machinations.

If you've been listening to my radio interviews with Don Nicoloff, you know that I don't buy into the Armageddon nonsense of the British Israel crowd, nor do I accept one iota of the rubbish being peddled by Doom & Gloom prognosticators of the Amitakh Stanford and Steve Quayle variety, nor of the Doomsday psyops being promoted about December 21, 2012, et al.

What I am open to, however, is the idea that the entire planet (and our solar system) is rising in vibratory frequency and that we may gradually shift into a higher dimension, which some identify as the Fifth Dimension. If that is the case, the shift will not be a sudden event that takes place on December 21, 2012. That's ridiculous. If we are upgrading into a higher vibratory plane, it's happening now and the process will continue to evolve over many years. The evil conduct embraced by the Dark Side keeps them in a low frequency bandwidth, and therefore the higher dimension vibratory plane will not sustain them and they will perish. My guess is that they will die off at an accelerated pace as the transition into the fifth dimension advances (this is probably why they are pushing the envelope so hard now to install the NWO genocide and Third World War agendas).

We can notice some physical changes that have taken place in recent years. The sun in definitely WHITER than it was a few years ago. Our resident essayist, ZS Livingstone, has reported that rainbows are now seen with an ADDITIONAL color band that was not seen in rainbows from a few years ago. I am told by people who seem to know more than I on the subject, that our bodies are transforming towards a crystalline structure. I was told this by an incredible man named "Mr E" who I spent a week with in Canada about 8 years ago. He has since passed on, but he was one of the most remarkable people that I've ever met in the flesh. He was definitely attuned to a higher source of information and demonstrated that capacity daily.

Despite the legions of counterintelligence minions and deception meisters at work attempting to convince gullible and uneducated people around the world that "up" is "down" and "black" is "white", the fact remains that Truth is unquenchable. The flame will surface and manifest itself no matter how hard the satanic parasites attempt to commandeer it or distort it or falsify it. Even the latest propaganda juggernaut fronted by Illuminated minion Peter Joseph, producer of the fraud-filled Zeitgeist movies and its recent (well funded) Marxist propaganda spin offs - The Venus Project and "The Zeitgeist Movement"- will fall flat as a pancake as those with the ability to discern the truth will expose and dismantle his slick attempts to sucker the gullible and naive.

You are living in a universe of perfect duality. For every positive polarity, there is a negative polarity to balance it and for every negative advancement, there is a positive counter movement to oppose it. The situation was tipping so far towards the Dark Side with their advantages of money, power, and political hegemony, that ordinary people didn't stand a chance to overcome these dark forces, let alone even survive long enough to witness the One World government nightmare unfold in all of its Illuminated "glory". So, the Creative Light stepped in and allowed the incarnation of a very small number of extraordinary individuals with unimaginable abilities. These creative powers are unprecedented and beyond the ability of the Dark Ones to defeat.

As a result, a "house cleaning" of sorts has been taking place in the past few years, unbeknownst to most of humanity, but very much known to the highest echelons of the Illuminati and their reptilian overlords (their Biggest and Most Fearsome kingpins (and secret facilities) are being "neutralized" at a frightening pace. As a result, the Illuminati has been forced to employ more and more clones to continue the illusion that their high end members are still alive and kicking. The guy who's calling himself Henry Paulson, for example, is one such clone, but the real Paulson's demise had nothing to do with the Etheric Resistance, but rather was an assassination ordered by one faction of the European Illuminati (likely British) who have been warring with the Bush faction of the American Illuminati over stolen money (The real Obama, I was told, is still with us, but he has well over 200 clones of himself. They mostly reside in an isolated town in the Midwest which our Etheric team calls "Obama Town"; not because it's full of Obama supporters, but rather because it's wall to wall Obama clones; who try to out-Obama each other on a daily basis. Whenever the government wants an Obama stand-in, they either send in a chopper or a SUV to pick up one of these clones and let him play Obama For a Day. So when we hear that Barry was vacationing at Martha's Vineyard or swimming in the Gulf, one has to wonder: who was really working the gig? Of course, my "reptilian baggage" photo essay from April 15, 2009 makes it strikingly evident that neither Barack nor Michelle Obama are human beings in the normal sense of the word. They are both human/reptilian hybrids.)

Not all of these advanced individuals are fully aware yet of their abilities and therefore not all of them are participants in the resistance. One of them was using his abilities to enrich himself in a life of crime, and he was taken out of action by his own hubris. And at least one of these individuals, a woman, is working for the inner government in Russia, but the Russian Illuminated Ones are not really interested in helping the western Illuminati, so they are largely keeping to their own affairs and are employing this woman in more of a defensive posture, rather than offensive. The Russians are essentially bidding their time until the western factions of the Illuminati deplete themselves in war and other misadventures, so they can step in and pick up the pieces after the dust settles. At least, that's how it was explained to me.

The team of Etheric Resistance fighters to whom I allude, include one of these extraordinary individuals. He possesses the brains, cunning, and ethical makeup to withstand and counter anything (or any phalanx of killer Super Soldiers) that is thrown at him to either entice, compromise or destroy him. Essentially he's invincible -and they know it.

You might think of him as a living and breathing version of Superman, such are his abilities, although Avatar is closer to his given title (and I wish to make it clear that he was doing his "work" long before the movie was made. Maybe the Illuminati wanted to co-opt his title and thus relegate it to the realm of movie fiction. They have a habit of doing that).

In time, I will relay more details of the fantastic exploits of this remarkable team. There are many others, of course, both human and off-world friends, who are also doing their part to stem the evil tide and prevent the insane Illuminated psychopaths from devouring more of humanity and this wonderful, blue planet. To them, I say thank you and God Bless to each and everyone of you who are involved in this courageous effort. To our Etheric Resistance team, I speak for many when I say you have our deepest appreciation and gratitude. May the greatest of God's tender mercies be upon you. You are turning the tide.

Ken Adachi .

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