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The Universal Declaration on Human Rights Fraud
December 7, 2008

The Universal Declaration on Human Rights Fraud (Dec. 7, 2008)

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From: Kevin Morgan
To: Editor
Sent: Sunday, December 07, 2008

Subject: Universal Declaration on Human Rights

The people who wrote this document, and also the people who are the custodians of the same to this day, must be laughing all the way to the bank, knowing full-well what the document truly says.

The fact that 98% of the World's population don't even know they don't know what it says, is what allows the "torturers" to do as they please, with NO intervention by anyone.

For beginners: The word "de+claration" = (de) meaning NO, (clara) from (clare) meaning CLARITY/VISION, (tion) suffix meaning ACTION or STATE...... and this word is used adjoined to Universal, meaning whole entire collective; DECLARATION (new meaning) = NO CLARITY, NO ACTION.....NO CONTRACT!

Next: "on Human Rights" = by itself says nothing, means nothing, but joined to the other words "The Universal Declaration On Human Rights", transposes Mathematically to read Adverb/Verb/Adverb/Verb/Adverb/Verb.

There are NO Human Rights on Planet Earth, least of all to those who possess a Birth Certificate. You're ALL DEAD!!
Unless you possess a Claim of a Life, the same as the Queen, written totally in Prepositional-Phrases, making you a Noun and not an Adjective/Pronoun, or Adverb/Verb, witnessed by two others (who must also possess a Claim of a Life), stamped by the Universal Postal Union, thumb-printed and register-mailed to claim the Copyclaim/Copyright on your name, as a Noun,..YOU HAVE ONLY ONE RIGHT, AND THAT IS TO BE BURIED IN A HOLE WITH YOUR NAME IN ALL-CAPITALS ON YOUR GRAVESTONE. If you're in the Miltary, you have one more Right, and that is to have the "Peace-Flag" (longer than normal & ONLY to be used on Hallowed-Ground) adorning your coffin, then folded and given to your Next of Kin.

Your Fears are no different than your other emotive resonses, which permit you to be caught up in the LIE of National Pride and of course a Flag to correspond, to stir you on in a never-ending whirlpool of believing that YOU ARE RIGHT, and YOU HAVE RIGHTS!! What a Crock!! There are NO countries, only Corporations, who possess the Title of your Birth Certificate!

Is it any wonder that they Lock up English and other Language Professors for attempting to teach Prepositional-Phrases to students who discover the Fraud behind ALL Languages on this Planet.

I'm also of the belief that there are great Civilisations out there, we are yet to come in contact with (if not already), who are willing and wish to do Commerce with us, but because of our stupid and incessantly violent behaviour towards each other, they know we CANNOT be trusted in ANYTHING. If I were from another Galaxy, and wanted to say Hello, and saw what we were doing to each other, and what we are doing to the Planet's environment.........I would immediately pack up and go home and wait another Millenium, however, being of the nature that I am, I would also try to stay and teach everyone to speak, read and write "IN THE TRUTH".

After spending 9 years of my life learning of the Fraud in all languages, and now having mastered the art of Prepositional-Phrases, which shows the correct Procedures of ALL languages, I can now translate ALL languages into English, then back to their original language, and DON"T lose a single word........and they said it was IMPOSSIBLE. It is therefore the "IMPOSSIBLES" of the World, who are Torturing, Killing, Raping and Genociding the peoples of the World........and these same people are not only supposed to be "In Charge", but also supposed to be "Trusted".

I Rest My Case!

Bluey Morgan Musician Extraordinaire


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