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Can Humans Influence the Dispersion of Chemtrails?

[Editor's Note: I posted Ed West's orginal e-mail on another url that discussed the 'Chemtrails Overview" he had sent to me, but his reply seen below, touches on another subject that I think is important: can humans influence the dispersions of chemtrails? Be sure to read the link posted below from Kim Olson that talks about this same phenomena...Ken]
April 16, 2005

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From: Edward West
To: Editor
Sent: Friday, April 15, 2005
Subject: Very Good Article

Dear Ken,

Please check this article out. It is very good.


Inventor of HAARP Blows the Whistle
Posted By: wizZzard

Date: Friday, 8 April 2005, 1:19 p.m.
Excellent, thorough series of articles, a MUST-read, go to the website and print it all out and read it. It covers chem trails, ozone hole, haarp, drug companies, earthquake generation, flouride, and much much more straight from the guy that invented Haarp and chemtrails and much more.

Star Wars Stepping stones to weather control shielding and cover up. Subversion against the American People using national security. Ozone Hole leads to special measures for health and UV control, a national emergency.

Part of The Methods, zero-point / scalar energy Star Wars, Space Shields, UV, and the weather - Founded on Fluoride

Hello Chemtrail Interest persons,
Welcome to the DOEWatch Web page.

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From: Editor
To: Edward West
Sent: Friday, April 15, 2005
Subject: Re: Very Good Article

Hi Edward,

Thanks for writing, but I've already posted something on this article. It's disinfo in my opinion, but I'll write more about it soon.

Regards, Ken

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From: Edward West
To: Editor
Sent: Saturday, April 16, 2005 10:19 AM
Subject: Re: Very Good Article

Dear Ken,

I know, no mention of the dissecated red blood cells/ viruses/bacteria and it makes light of the true intentions and effects of the chemtrails.

I did note that the chemtrails do leave a whitesh pall over the valleys when viewing their effects from a mountain range, whites out the natural blue oxygen effect of our atmosphere. Purely mad science! Who consulted the Public, We the People?

Thank you, I sent it but thought it said too little and withheld a great deal of information, such as the war aspects of EM weapons as well as Livingstone's mentioning of the EM "curphews". I personally have felt a direct attack as well as something akin to a sonic thumper? Hard to explain, but to say almost no one else in my family noticed. Just a very annoying low frequency thumping sound centered in a town nearby. It's stopped now, but it was damn irritating.

I am not insane just very, very sensitive. I have been able to sense EM fields for years. I think maybe my migraines of the past were partially due to them. I have now, adjusted my internal "pressure", ears pop often at sea level, and can handle a great deal of EM interferrance. I have had military black helicopters fly over my house rather often as well.

I have a theory (not mine alone) that humans can generate orgone/or chi as well as orgonite devices. Not that I am against orgonite at all, it's just that I've noticed since I've really put my "back" to it, my whole area clears chemtrails faster than it did, when I just sat there and complained about it.

As well as a pinched nerve healing rather strangly. My Kundalini practice has grown so strongly that sometimes I come darn well near to passing out.

I used to smoke cannibis to rid myself of the migraines, but I feel no interest in doing it anymore, nor any addictive feelings whatsoever, at all.

I feel, well, natural and whole, throwing away the damn conditioning of years, that I am flawed and need someone or something to make me right. I feel free.Thank you for your wonderful site.


Reader Comments

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From: MMHaffner
To: Editor
Sent: Monday, April 18, 2005 10:32 AM
Subject: Humans Are orgone "devices".

Hey Ken,

I just read the "Can Humans Influence the Disperson of Chemtrails?" page. I'm glad you printed that. I've been doing this consistently for about 10 days now. It's chronilogued on Warror Matrix here.

They've tried spraying every other day and sometimes two days in a row. I just See blue skies in my mind and don't worry about it, and the chemtrails clear up. When I see a plane spewing, I just look at the back of the chemtrail See it gone, and that is what happens.

I think this could be the next step, so to speak. I'm trying to get other people to experiment with this, do it and pass it on. I do notice on WM people are getting hung up that orgonite is the only way, but it is important that the power of humans cannot be overlooked. I agree with Edward West that humans can generate orgone, in fact I think we ARE orgone, or that energy that shows itself as orgone on the physical plane. But thru massive lies and disinformation this knowledge has been held back for the obvious reason to enslave.

Martin Marcel.


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From: Brian
To: Editor
Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2005
Subject: chemtrails


First off, thanks for the website; it's great to have this sort of library available to those who seek it out. I don't remember how I found it (almost a year ago), but I'm happy I did.

Anyway, it seems like a good time to share my chemtail story...

Back in September, I had been digging through your site, reading about orgone generators and such. I also remember reading about using intention to dissolve clouds, but that chemtrails were too tough. This particular day I was heading home from work at a little after 6 pm; and saw a massive spraying operation going on above the city. Needless to say, I WAS PISSED!

Who the hell do these guys think they are?! Maybe I can't do anything about; but damned if I'm not going try!

I put a powerful song on my stereo and channeled more chi that I ever realized I could! I drove right past my house and just kept driving; I made 2 circles around the city that night on the highway; and when I was done the sky was clear again! I think that was about as satisfying (and exhausting) of work I've ever done.

Since then I've been hitting back at whoever is out there, about 3 times a week since then, with awesome results.

There are some things I've learned since I started:

--I'm getting help from someone, it's not just me.

--Trying to convince others about chemtrails is tough... I was told that everyone sees things in the world around them a little differtly. We see chemtrails because we're 'ready' to see them.

--Music has AWESOME power to clear chemtrails. A friend told me music has the power of air within it. And since we're clearing the sky, it's an obvious match! I've also read that sylphs love music and singing.

A litte backgroud info on me:
My name is Brian, I'm from east central Wisconsin, and have been doing energy work for a few years now (Reiki, Pranic Healing, Quantum Touch, etc.) I don't know the exact reason I'm here yet; nor do I know what reason the spraying is for, or what it's so heavy around here.

And for anyone interested, the single most potent song I've found yet is sung by Reba McEntire entitled "What If".

Thanks to all,

Brian Morack


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From: Editor
To: "Brian" <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2005
Subject: Re: chemtrails

Hi Brian,

Great story, great info. I've posted it

Some thoughts:

Being angry, adds EMOTIONAL energy to your thoughts and they manifest with greater power This is what Don has mentioned when fighting back with a Powerwand. He says to have to get angry to do it effectively. Of course, FOCUSED INTENTION is another important element. You have to set the intention of destroying chemtrails , but you shouldn't concentrate HARD per se. It's a soft sort of intention thought.

Martin Marcel (E-mail: MMHaffner <>) mentioned something along these lines in his post about breaking up chemtrails with his mind. He "sees" a dark blue sky in his mind and sort of tells the "operators' to get busy and take out the chentrails. He then 'checks' in from time to time to check on their progress.

This is an important point to consider. We talk about this in dowsing as well. To dowse accurately, you cannot be emotionally attached to the topic under consideration and you can't concentrate hard to make something happen, because you lose the connection with your subconscious mind when you TRY to concentrate. I understand why Matin is saying essentially "set the thought to clean up the sky and let the universe take care of it" . It works much better that way than trying to concentrate hard on it.

Kim Olson uses her little poem to SET THE THOUGHT AND THE FOCUSED INTENT. Then she sits back let's the Sylphs take care of it for her.

Keep in touch.

Kind Regards, Ken


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From: Jason Barnett
To: Editor
Sent: Monday, April 18, 2005
Subject: Comments on "Can Humans Influence the Dispersion of Chemtrails? ( Apr. 16, 2005)"

I think that the way that these chembusters work is largely todo with intent and belief, also as far as "willing" a chemtrail to dissapate. The way they are designed is important also, but a big factor is the state of mind of the person. When I first got into it, I read that it didn't matter what the person building it believed, but I think that is wrong and right.

If the person building the chembuster believes that his beliefs won't change its effectiveness, then it won't! if you get my drift... The sceptic's belief that belief doesn't effect it causes that person to subconsiously believe in the device's ability and hence activate the device's abilities.

Orgon matricies do collect orgone, I believe that. Crystals (particularly quartz) do magnify intent/thought, I believe that. And the way it's set up, I feel it should work, but I've noticed that it only works on days where I am feeling positive about the whole thing and when I'm feeling in "tune" with the whole idea and not caught up in a doubt or distracting thoughts of other things. It's also about letting go and trusting the process is working, which isn't something I can always feel on any particular day.

I feel this works, definitely, but not always and it depends on the person's state of mind. So I also feel without a chembuster or any device, a human can do these things also, BUT, it's the focus of intent and deliberate concentration on building the device and the subsequent focus on its effects, that make it work well.

What I mean is the ritual of building and positioning a device works the same way as concentrated thought by focusing our intent to the desired outcome. Crystals and orgonite devices are merely something for us to focus our intent to effect an outcome, be it protection from wearing something, to whatever purpose it's designed for. I should also point out that if there are others in the same house or friends who have doubts about a device, then they will unintentionally effect the outcome simply by amplifying their doubt into it simply by thinking about the device and focusing even just some of their thought power towards it, because Thought is Power!

For more info on how thought effects reality, Books: The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

This explains reality in a way that has transformed my understanding of such things

P.S. I have videoed the sky above our house after erecting my chembuster, but the video isn't convincing as you can't see the rest of the sky clearly, but, just yesterday there was a clear circle around our house again and I will try and video this next time I notice it! It will require me getting on the roof to do a
decent circle about ....

Cheers and take care



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From: Paul L
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Subject: human dispersal of chemtrails

Dear Ken ~

I really enjoyed the recent thread of reports from folks using their hearts and minds to vaporize the CTs. I have been doing a similar thing, but for me it is just another way of exercising the powers given to me by my Lord Jesus Christ. So I just look at those CTs and cast them out of the sky in the holy name of Jesus. Of course for all I know the orgone warriors are probably doing the real work most of the time. But no matter. If Jesus said I'd be able to tell the mountain to move and it would move, then I'm gonna tell the mountain - or in this case, the CTs ~ to move.

God bless, Paul L.

Morrisville, PA USA


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To: Editor
Sent: Monday, April 25, 2005 2:27 AM
Subject: Human influence on chemtrails

Hi Ken,

Hope all is well.

After I read the two dowsings from Philip Ledoux I was sad at first and then I became very angry.

I went outside two nights ago and threw a heartfelt prayer in the air where I proclaimed my God given power, given to me through His son Jesus, and declared that I send all the love and energy to the sylphs to support their battle and to protect them from harm.

My second "declaration" was that I send all my energy to the perpetrators to prevent them from doing harm to the earth and the people living upon it.

It not only gave me a real good feeling, but also extremely clear skies the last few days.

This morning, I walked the dog and did my prayer again while I walked under a chem-sprayed sky. The trails where disappearing faster than I ever saw them disappearing before.

So please let all whom are concerned to "throw" their prayers in the sky and give mental support to the Sylphs and ask God to help you in protecting His creation.

I am sure it will work miracles and give the satanistic, so-called leaders very limited time!

As always,



Slyphs & Chemtrails, Kim Hits a Homerun! (Apr.16, 2005)

The Power of Thought (April 18, 2005)

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