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Letters to The Editor

Hunter Thompson
November 16, 2006

Subject: hunter s. thompson
Date: Tue, November 14, 2006 8:56 pm
To: Editor

the evil bastards that hunter s. thompson battled brilliantly, sometimes crazily, throughout his life finally murdered him in his own home. now they're dragging his name through the mud with this bullshit about pedophilia and snuff films. don't be a part of this. anybody can steal a man's name. how many timothy mcveighs were seen around? how many lee harvey oswalds? or saddam husseins, for that matter?

i'm a writer myself and have intuitions of other writers. hunter knew the line between crazy and evil and he didn't cross it. his memory deserves better that it's gotten.



Hi Duck,

Do you know who Paul Bonacci is?

Read The Franklin Cover-Up by John De Camp and then get back to me on your intutive impression of Hunter Thompson.

Regards, Ken

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