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Defusing Hurricane Irene with the Power of Thought
August 27, 2011

Defusing Hurricane Irene with the Power of Thought (Aug. 27, 2011)

Subject: Just say no to Irene
From: Brian H
Date: Fri, August 26, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

So here we go again with another monster hurricane. This one named "Irene" which is churning up the American east coast. No doubt the manipulators have their hands all over it in the latest attempt in pursuing a nefarious agenda. As with other hurricanes in recent years the call goes out to use our sincere focus of intent in contributing towards negating the harm they would otherwise inflict.

Growing up on the New England coast meant a hurricane having much of an impact was a pretty rare occurence. But I was an angry young man in those days. I actually welcomed the thought of this mighty force of nature wreaking a widespread devastation over everything. I'm sure many boys in the 50's felt the same way. After all, we weren't that far removed from WW2 and the influences of mass destruction certainly weren't lost on us. And while most people would just shrug their shoulders and say, "Whaddya gonna do?", others would pray for a Divine Intervention to end the threat bearing down on them and their families. It is these believers who choose the wisest course of action with their thoughts.

For me, a life-nullifying state of indifference didn't insinuate itself as I grew older. When you learn how to love, you care, and when you care you discover a confidence which stems from the belief in an ability to effect change, as in transforming the malevolence which is driving this hurricane. And here's the best part, which for me reflects an intriguing aspect of our human power: that the true reality of these physical manifestations of bad intent are that they are only figments of imagination whose potential to do harm is contingent upon the credibility WE lend them to do so!

Recently on this website in Ken's great meetings with Don Nicoloff and ZSL, Don related his story of a near-death experience from which he was empowered with an ability to direct his focus of intent to change reality. In this example the focus was specific with the creating of a light rain to help relieve a drought-stricken area. This is a power latent in all of us, and for Don it happened to have been prompted by his NDE. His genuine sense of caring enabled him to effect this change. One that we can all aspire to do and say goodnight to Irene.

Brian H

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