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Hurrricane Gustav, Japan, & Illuminati Feuds

[Editor's Note: Tim Hicks has turned out to be quite a dowser. He has often cross-checked Philip Ledoux's dowsing results and vice versa. He told me about one year ago, when I had assumed that Hillary would be the Democratic candidate for President, that his dowsing pendulum kept telling him that Obama was going to get the ticket. And every time we talked about it from Winter forward, he kept telling me that his pendulum was sticking with Obama. At the time, I asked him if he wanted me to print his prediction, but he said no, it wasn't important.

In this note, Tim is wondering why his pendulum is telling him that Gustav is being steered out of Japan and directed against the Bush faction of the Illuminati? But I've already mentioned in other essays that the Japanese Illuminati and the Bushes have been feuding with each other for a long time. They use their high-tech Tesla scalar technology to hurl earthquakes and hurricanes at each other. To recap a bit, Bush Sr. was poisoned by the Japanese Illuminati on a state visit to Japan in the January, 1992. He threw up on the Prime minister of Japan and passed out--very embarrassing. Obviously, they were retaliating for something he did to them. On January 17, 1994 we get the Northridge earthquake courtesy of the Japanese Illuminati. On January 17, 1995, Bush pays back with the Kobe, Japan earthquake (it's important to note that the dates of these two earthquakes are EXACTLY one year apart. That's not an accident; that's a calling card).

Now here, Tim is wondering why he's getting the steering of Gustav out of Japan and directed against the Bush faction. But maybe there's a connection to the recent strong earthquake in Japan or possibly that typhoon that hit them so hard last year. I can't be sure, but I'm quite certain that both sides have the necessary equipment to tell them whenever earthquakes or hurricanes are being directed artificially or are natural events. We all need to hold the thought that Gustav is going to slow down and lose power and ask for help from the Sylphs to temper the hurricane down to a tropical storm and peter out. I program by SP crystal with the thought to unwind Gustav and keep it pulsing over a satellite print-out of the hurricane. You can do the same thing or just use your mind alone. It works either way. The more people who think about it, the greater the effect. Thoughts create reality. ...Ken Adachi]

From: Tim Hicks
August 31, 2008

Hurrricane Gustav, Japan, & Illuminati Feuds (Aug. 31, 2008)

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From: Tim Hicks
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2008
Subject: hurricane in the gulf

Hi Ken,

I have been able to spend precious little time swinging a pendulum lately. But I have come up with a little information on Gustav. He is being manipulated from within Japan and is a direct attack against the Bush faction of TPTB ["the powers that be"]. I admit that I don't see how this should stand to negatively effect them, but it is what I get by pendulum.

Maybe someone else can make some sense out of this info, or maybe demonstrate that this is "bad" info. I find it curious that so much media coverage and path forecast accuracy has been present from the earliest stages of the storm depression. I don't see how that supports the idea that it is an attack from within Japan?!

I do also check that we are receiving nonphysical help in limiting the damage from the storm. My hunch is that the news reports are way "overblown"; pun intended. I am in the Minneapolis area for the Ron Paul Rally for the Republic.



Hi Tim,

Of course, I assumed that Gustav was being steered. Ted Twietmeyer posted an article at about that. Japan and the Bush faction duked it out before using the Jan 17, 1994 Northridge earthquake (Japan tried hitting at Bush Illuminati central here in Orange county) and Bush retaliates with the Jan 17, 1995 Kobe earthquake. There is definitely bad blood between the Bush faction and Japan Illuminati.

Send me reports on what you see there and I'll post them.

Regards, Ken

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