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Boost Mileage with Simple, Homemade Hydrogen Generator

[Editor's Note: Yul Brown was a Bulgarian who moved to Australia somewhere in the 1970's He perfected an electrolysis design to split water into a very reactive form of hydrogen that was later dubbed " Brown's gas." Christopher Bird introduced Yul Brown to practically every major corporate head honcho in America (and government officials in Washington) in the 1980's in the expectation that they would be eager to fund his fantastic discovery, which could have put America way ahead of the energy production curve a full three decades ago. Like Tesla before him, Yul and Christopher Bird discovered that corporate Amercia wasn't intrerested in any stinkin' free energy. These major corporate CEOs were all fascinated by Yul's demonstrations, but they never gave him a dime for anything.

China, not being saddled with Illuminated fifth columnists, quickly saw the potential and immediately provided Yul with the scientists and lab facilties he needed to crank out many prototypes of his design to run everything from ships to trains to factories and home heating units. To keep this knowledge from the American people, the U.S. government specifically prohibits China from selling their Brown gas generators in North America.

There is a very helpful older man from southern California who has a twin brother in Florida who was responsible for popularizing the mason glass jar design described in this pdf. He freely shared his information on blogs and alternatie energy forums. As soon I can recall his name, I'm going to include his name in this introductory comment . Givers like him-and Yul Brown-and the lady who wrote this tutorial, and the man who forwarded it, are the sort of people who make the world go around...Ken]..
August 21, 2009

Boost Mileage with Simple, Homemade Hydrogen Generator (Aug. 21, 2009)

Subject: hydrogen generator
From: Garrison
Date: Fri, August 21, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Thank you for your dedication to truth! It is very admirable! I was wondering if you had a better step by step version of the hydrogen generator similar to this one:

I think this one is very detailed and easy to follow. Do you sell any of the parts to your generator?


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