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Hydrogen Peroxide Handles Stomach Bug & Ideas for Germ Fighters

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Feb. 12, 2007

Subject: another big thank you
From: Jo
Date: Mon, February 12, 2007
To: Editor

Hi Ken,

Here's a huge MAHALO to you and your site. I 've been following it for years but this time it saved me. 3 months ago I caught a stomach bug that got worse and worse. I tried garlic, colloidal silver, and zapping with the terminator. no effect. then I remembered another of your site's remedies is food grade hydrogen peroxide. This was my last desperate shot before going to the serial murderers as Don Croft calls doctors. I was losing weight everyday.

Well when I took the peroxide within two days I felt better. now I'm on my seventh day of the required protocol that is on your site. I feel like I 've turned the corner on this.

Just to let you know and thanks so much.

Jo veno


Hi Jo,

Wonderful, thanks for letting me know.

Here's a few cheap and easy germ fighters:

1. If you go the the health store and get Myrrh capsules (herb), you can empty four or five capsules into Bicardi 151 Rum (about 75% alcohol) Let it soak for a few days and then take 10 or 15 drops in water as a general germ fighter (if you have a problem of course, don't take it if you feel OK)

2. You can do the same with "Frankincense" gum pearls. You can often get a bag at a Whole Foods store for $3 or $4. Soak in Bicardi 151 Rum for 2 or 3 weeks and take 10-15 drops when needed. Leave the Frankincense in the bottle. It takes a long time to dissolve into solution.

3. You can also consider getting organic Indian tobacco called "American Spirits" cigarettes (no pesticides) Open a couple of cigarettes and dump the tobacco into Vodka or Sake and let it soak for a week. You can filter out the tobacco leaves and just keep the liquid in a dropper bottle. Mark it as "Tobacco tincture"

Very powerful, will handle most bugs, even the 'exotic' ones delivered via chemtrails. Try a few drops to see how you can handle it.

Keep me posted.

Regards, Ken

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