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Unheralded Bonus for West Europeans: Iceland Volcanic Ash Also Offers Respite from Chemplanes!
April 17, 2010

Unheralded Bonus for West Europeans: Iceland Volcanic Ash Also Offers Respite from Chemplanes! (April17, 2010)

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From: Mat Campbell
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Saturday, April 17, 2010
Subject: Chemtrail update

Hi Ken,

As you are probably aware there has been a Volcanic eruption in Iceland which sits to the North West of the UK. This has caused all domestic aircraft to be grounded over the past 36 hours and possibly for another 24 due to the Volcanic Ash drifting towards us. Amazingly, we have now had a glorious day and a half of uninterupted sunshine of which I can't remember the last time this occured in England, though the Summers in the 1970's spring to mind. Everyone is lifted and smiling and there is a genuine happiness everywhere. I had to email my local Member of Parlaiment and the Department of Transport to point this out and also responded to a letter sent to me which I needed to reply to and again the same BS explanation was laid on. I've attached the latest letters which can go with the rest of the previous ones I sent you.

Its voting day May 6th and I shall be marking my card with a BIG 'NO CONFIDENCE' on it as we all know that they all serve the same masters.

On a totally different subject now, has anyone written in experiencing a humming in the RIGHT ear? Its always the same tone and you can almost count the Cycles though its Frequency is fast, this seems man made and I have been getting this now for over a year, last night was very restless one. I have got some relief by using a hard ear plug which I think is stretching the ear canal. I have several Medicals for work every year which have hearing tests which come back above average for my age 39. I work Offshore and never have a problem at sea !

Well Ken thanks for all your work with your website and hope this info can be used for something.

Off to ENJOY the SUN !

Best Regards,
Mat Campbell UK

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