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Identity Exchange

March 28, 2012

Identity Exchange (March 28, 2012)

Subject: Identity
From: kenkem@
Date: Wed, March 28, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

There have been a number of pretty good articles posted under the name of Ken Adachi. But since he died in 1989, who are you really?


Dear Anonymous Coward,

Is it possible that more than one person in the world could have the name of Ken Adachi?

What do you think?

And who are you, really?


Subject: Re: Identity
From: Ken K
Date: Wed, March 28, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken Adachi (I think),

I'm not anonymous and I'm not a coward, thank you very much. My name is Ken K*******, I grew up in Orange (in OC) and I have a blog at www.kenandkay.com If you look at it you will find that I cover some of the same ground that your blog covers. So I got curious as to who you were.

I've been a pilot since 1965 and have been interested in aviation since the 40's. So I always look up when a plane goes over. As a result, I've been watching the chemtrail spraying program since the 90's, have been concerned about it and have been trying to tell people about it ever since, with mixed results. Also I have been studying the bankster conspiracy since 1967, and I thus know a lot about that as well. In my researches I've seen your name attached to a number of very good articles over the past few years, covering these and other subjects. But when I looked up Ken Adachi, all I could come up with was a Ken Adachi who worked for the Toronto Star. However, he apparently died in 1989. And since I have every reason to be very untrusting of news sources which disguise their authors names, I thought I'd ask. So if you are, in reality another Ken Adachi, then I know.

Over the years, after reading their books, I've met authors and conspiracy researchers G. Edward Griffin and Eustace Mullins personally, talked with Bo Gritz on the phone, and corresponded with Fletcher Prouty. Before he died (or was killed), I also met Brian Quig over in Phoenix. All in all I've found all of them to be quite willing to talk with me and found we had a lot in common. So I thought you might be willing as well, if you were a real person and not someone hiding behind a fake name. But so far we're not off to a very good start.



Hello Ken,

If you had identified yourself with a name the first time around, I wouldn't have called you 'anonymous' or 'coward', now would I?

If you're thought well of the articles that I've written and found them useful, then you should be satisfied and grateful for obtaining information--for free-- that you found helpful and not expect anything beyond that. .

It's my business if I want to meet people, make myself available to the public, give talks at conferences. or be out in the public; not yours.

You're simply curious and you think your curiosity entitles you to view me with suspicion or incredulity just because I don't wish to expose my personal life to public scrutiny.

It doesn't make me any less credible in what I write if you don't know what I look like, or know where i live, or know anything of my background. I'm putting out the info in the interest of helping humanity. I pay all the costs involved and require nothing of you.

If you want to express your thanks for my writing, then I welcome that type of mail. Any other form of prying inquiry is not.

Hope this helps you to gain a new perspective.

Kind Regards, Ken

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