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"Your e-mail is so full of hate to the people of Latinamerica", Part 2
May 9, 2009

"Your e-mail is so full of hate to the people of Latinamerica", Part 2 (May 9, 2009)


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From: Patty Barrios-Idrugo <>
Sent: May 9, 2009
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: Re: About your article

For a person who says to have latino friends, what will you say if your so called latino friends are actually illegal or were born from illegal parents.... would they still be your friends? I think you just strike me as a person who takes this too personally and poured all his frustration into that paper. Maybe you do have personal reasons to have such a radical position.

The truth is that even though my position is the same as yours - illegal residents should go back to their countries and the US goverment is to blame for the current situation - I just don't like the tone of your article. It is agressive, terrible and full of hate.

I am a proud legal "Immigrant" as you cited from webster's Dictionary who just happened to read your article. I won't go back to my country just because people like you said so. What a nerve! I will not bother you again with my comments.

Patricia Barrios


Hello Patricia,

It's clear from your response that you are not loyal to America. Your loyalty and your heart lie elsewhere. If you truly are an American citizen, and I only have your statement on that, then you are a citizen in name only, but not in spirit or a sense of belonging.

illegal "immigration" is OK with you, despite your protestations to the contrary. What you characterize as my "radical" "tone" being full of "hate", is more a reflection of YOUR inability or willingness to confront the issues of JUSTICE, LEGALITY, and PROPRIETY in this matter.

I've been on this planet a lot longer than you have, Patricia Barrios-Idrugo , and I've established friendships with HUNDREDS of people from Spanish-speaking countries including South America, Central America, Caribbean Islands, and Spain. They are not "so-called friends" as you have so snidely remarked, but are simply friends-period. However, if any one of those individuals had said to me that American citizens who complain about illegal aliens are "full of hate" and are "terrible" and "aggressive" for holding those positions, then I would ask them whether they are in this country legally or illegally.

If they said they were here legally, then I would next ask them what right do THEY have to challenge the opinions of native-born Americans concerning the sovereignty of America and the sovereignty RIGHTS of America's citizens? If I was in Mexico City and I encountered a man who was not happy with illegal aliens who had entered Mexico because Mexico might offer a better quality of life than San Salvador or Honduras, for example, I would not dream of challenging his RIGHT to stand up for the SOVERIGNTY of his people or his country. He has a RIGHT to declare his country -and all of the bounty and benefits that his country may bestow upon its own citizens- as HIS right and privileges and NOT THAT OF ILLEGAL ALIENS.

You talk the talk of an American citizen, but you don't walk the walk. Just as long as you limit yourself to DECLARATIONS of being against illegal aliens and you SAY you're in favor to deporting illegal aliens and you SAY they SHOULD go back to their own country, then that's good enough for you. To actually DO SOMETHING to bring that justice about is not part of the equation for you.

People like me who write articles that register my aggravation and irritation and frustration with the jackals in government who have ALLOWED this travesty to take place -and with the illegal aliens themselves who think that it's OK to invade this country because it serves THEIR economic desires- are not to be condoned by "Americans' such as yourself. The Minute Men and other American citizens who have formed organizations or web sites to counter the illegal alien invasion are, of course, as guilty of promoting "hate" as I am, I'm sure.

"Americans" like you, who spew empty, meaningless RHETORIC that SOUNDS GOOD, but condemn those who actually try to DO SOMETHING concrete TO STOP the illegal alien invasion of this country are too "aggressive" and promoters of "hate". While, do-nothings, who froth hollow mutterings about illegal alien entry are to be applauded as righteous and "loyal'. .

Give me a break. You're a phony through and through.

I didn't ask you to "bother me" with your comments in the first place. You took that upon yourself. However, you can plan on being "bothered" by readers of this web site who will not hesitate to tell you just how illegitimate your self congratulatory and wholly meaningless "hate" assessment strikes them. .

Sayonara, Ken Adachi

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