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"Your e-mail is so full of hate to the people of Latinamerica"
April 12, 2009

"Your e-mail is so full of hate to the people of Latinamerica" (Apr. 12, 2009)

Subject: About your article
From: Patricia
Date: Sun, April 12, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

To Ken Adachi:

Your e-mail is so full of hate to the people of Latinamerica. Let me ask you, where are you from? Where are your parents and your ancestors from?
Yes, I understand that the US has a history of massive immigration since its origin and I think that diversity is biting back now. There are so many cultures and religions that it can be confusing for everybody not just pseudo americans. You blame it in the polititians and you are right because illegal immigrants make it hard for legal immigrants to be respected. However, I don;t agree in your tone and ideas that mark latinos. Your work sterotypes all of us. If American people share yours thoughts about immigrants we are already at a disavantage. We feel discriminated, we are hated regardless of our immigration status, you see a latino and you think "Out of this country" or "He/She must be Illegal". There's no way to know who is legal or not in this country. I as a legal resident sometimes wonder what is people thinking of me, some people are nice to me but sometimes they look at me or other latinos and make me feel like I don't belong here. Work like yours makes the hate gap bigger and people who are legal are the ones that have to deal with people like you. I hope you'll never feel that way.



Hello Patricia,

I'm afraid that you're imagined projections about me hating Latinos is wrong; dead wrong. I don't really hate anybody, even the people I don't like or don't approve of. And I have no reason whatsover to dislike or have harsh feelings about people from South America, Central America, Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, or Spain. In fact, I learned to understand Spanish when I was in my early teens and I lived in the greater New York area. I have many close friends who come from Latin countries.

I like people from all cultures. I can't think of one cultural group who I don't like. People are interesting no matter where they are born. True Americans are much more friendly towards other cultures than are Europeans or Asians or Latinos for that matter.

The issue of concern is not the ethnic origin of Spanish speaking people who are living in the United States. The issue I write about is the IILLEGAL entry into the United States by people from Latin American countries that have decided that it's OK to enter my country and work here without bothering to go through the normal channels of LEGAL entry and LEGAL immigration. People who enter this country illegally have committed a CRIME against the legitimate residents and citizens of the United States. People who enter this country illegally acquire a lax conscience about the illegality of their conduct because SO MANY OTHER illegals do it. Whether two illegals enter the US in a year or 20 million illegally enter, it's still WRONG, it's still a CRIME, and I will continue to call for the ouster and prosecution of illegal aliens.

You might be surprised to know that many other LEGAL residents from latino countries feel EXACTLY as I do about illegal aliens--even if from their own mother country. If you are truly a legal resident and suffer from discrimination because you look Latina or have a thick accent, then you are feeling the backlash that has been generated by the size and financial impact of illegal aliens who have come before you and have ignored the laws of legal entry. Legitimate citizens of America are sick and tired of paying for the expenses incurred by illegal aliens in the school systems, health care, child care, the prison system, etc,. They are also tired of being victimized by illegal alien CRIMINALS who have taken over drug gangs in many big cities across America.

Our country is being runied by NWO infil-Traitors of both the Republican and Democrat parties. They didn't do anything to stop illegal aliens during the Ford, Reagan, and Bush regimes because Big Agriculture, the building trades and lawn maintenance, and landscaping, etc., etc., make BIGGER PROFITS by using illegal aliens instead of legal resident workers who would expect a higher wage and job benefits. The Clinton and Obama regimes did not and will not do anything to stem illegal aliens because they are working to bring the US to its knees and create a communist style government (euphemistically called Socialism) in which the government controls everything and everybody.

There is NO OTHER MAJOR INDUSTRIAL COUNTRY in the world that tolerates illegal aliens as shamefully as the United States. Try to stay in Japan without a proper VISA and see how long you make it. Do you think the Japanese government would tolerate 20 - 30 million illegal aliens in that country? If you aren't legal in Japan, you can't do ANYTHING without proper documents. Your kids aren't going to attend school, you aren't going to get a job; you aren't going to get government food handouts, or medical care, or a place to rent --UNLESS you are there legally. If you are an illegal alien and have a baby in Japan, that baby does not automatically become a Japanese citizen, but rather remains a citizen of his mother's native country. If you are reported to the police as a suspected illegal (and Japanese people WILL REPORT an illegal in a heartbeat) you will be picked up and in short order-- DEPORTED out of the country--after you are photographed and fingerprinted and warned that you will go to prison for a long time if you try to illegally enter Japan again. I could say the same for many other First World nations around the globe. Not every country is as unconcerned about her citizens rights and privledges as the traitors who control the U.S. government.

By the way, your use of the term "immigrant" demonstrates how you have been successfully brainwashed to view the matter of illegal entry into this country as a "problem of immigration policy" as the propagandists of mainstream media and the Left keep on reminding us.

Webster's Dictionary defines "immigrant" as follows:

"a person who comes to a country for the purpose of permanent residence."

You can't obtain the status of "permanent residence" without applying to the government to become an alien resident or a citizen. Therefore, the term "immigrant" IMPLIES that the person is intending to obtain permanent residence and therefore MUST go through LEGAL channels to obtain that status. The term "immigrant" conveys LEGITIMACY, which in turn means LEGAL AND PROPER, while the words "illegal alien" more ACCURATELY describes the ILLEGITIMATE and CRIMINAL status of those who enter this country illegally.

An illegal alien and an "immigrant" are NOT the same thing, regardless of how often this distortion of word definition is repeated over and over on Spanish language radio stations.

If you are a legal alien resident, then you are here as a guest of the citizens of this country. If you feel abused here, then go back to your mother country. If you are a naturalized citizen of the United States, then it's high time that you recognize who you owe your loyalty and allegiance to, and start standing up for the principles set down in the US Constitution and the laws of the land, rather than concern yourself with the "immigration rights" of criminals.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi


'Undocumented Immigrants' ( May 1, 2006)


From: Keith H
To: Editor
Date: Apr 15, 2009

Regarding that "offended" Latino e-mail.


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