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Illegal Aliens Don't Exist (according to an 'Immigration Lawyer')
May 29,. 2007

Illegal Aliens Don't Exist (according to an 'Immigration Lawyer') May 29, 2007

Subject: No Such Thing As An Ilegal ALien
Date: Tue, May 29, 2007
To:   Editor

It is not ilegal for anyone that is not already a criminal to cross into any of the American states by boat on shore or acreoss the land without documents. It is a hoax on everyone. Just show us the law - it does not exist.

What it is really all about is taxing undocumented workers. These aliens get paid less than half-guess what the other half would be? The tax that we documented would pay. It all a scam my friends - yes I am immigration lawyer.


Dear Anonymous,

I think you meant "I am (an) immigration laywer" , didn't you?

You are also a coward, since you are not willing to identify yourself.

Concerning the "hoax" of entry into the United States (by boat, or land) without a passport being "legal", I think the State department and Immigration people would differ with you there.

If your statement were true, there could be no legal basis for immigration control or national sovereignty, for that matter. Haitians or Cubans could flood into Florida and once they reached shore, they could proceed to stay as long as they wished, since, according to you, there is no law against such non-passport entry. Canadians, or any other aliens staying in Canada, could simply drive right across the border and they could declare themselves "legal" and proceed to settle in as well.

You are obviously sympathetic to the hordes of illegal aliens who have invaded this country and self righteously make demands of American legislators for "their rights and for "justice". You frame your argument around the notion of taxing illegal aliens, as if THAT were the core issue. That may be the unspoken issue for traitors like Bush and company, but that is not an issue at all with American citizens.

The issue with Americans is the right to not lose jobs to illegal aliens and to NOT be victimized by illegal alien criminals, nor to be saddled with the cost of paying for schools or health costs, etc. for illegal aliens, whether children, women, or men.

Big or small businesses (or individuals) who hire illegal aliens do so at the expense of American citizens. Every job that an illegal alien performs for rock bottom wages robs an American citizen of that same job, at a fair wage. We would have American citizens doing lawn maintenance work, or landscaping, or construction work, or house painting, or factory work, or nanny work, or house keeping work, or laundry work, or garment work, etc., etc., if the Washington traitors and fifth columnists who now control every level of our national government, WISHED to keep out illegal aliens. It has been the de-facto "policy" of the government to ALLOW illegals easy access to this country for at least 50 years. That allows many businesses who hire illegals, to make much more profit-obviously. But it also UNDERMINES the economic strength of America, the cohesiveness of the national identify, and the self interest of PEOPLE of the United States.

An American citizen performing the same job as an illegal alien, would pay the federal and state taxes required of that job. Most illegals are paid under the table of course, so there are no tax revenues collected. As for those illegal aliens who use false social security cards or other false documentation to obtain an American job and does pay taxes, but can't collect the benefits or tax refund, so what? Am I suppose to feel sympathetic for an illegal alien, who obtains an American's job under false pretenses and non-entitlement, and can't get a tax refund? No way Jose.

No, I don't want to see "undocumented" illegal aliens paying taxes. I want to see every "undocumented' illegal alien sent back to his native country and prevented from entering this country ever again-except with a passport and proper visa.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

PS. I have the feeling that someone reading this note will be able to provide me with a reference to the law-which you claim does not exist. I look forward to that assistance.


Subject: Re: No Such Thing As An Ilegal ALien
From: "JM" <JoeMcGowan@Caths.Co.UK>
Date: Wed, May 30, 2007
To: Editor

You should read the case of McIntyre v. Ohio- Who I am is no import. regarding what I said - there is no law against undocumented aliens - there is NONE!

I have family members that came to the USA undocumented by ship from Cork, to Canada and walked to Boston to NYC.

There is no LAW AGAINST IT. Everyone exploits these aliens no matter where they come from but they get paid nothing and obtain nothing but emergency benefits when injured. Considering what America gets it is a bargain and they would have put an end to it a long time ago if it were not so.

The issue is a FRAUD every few years they make it an issue to divert the attention of the people to the real issue and there is only one and that is the fraudulent war against innocent people of mid east.

911 was certainly done with inside assistance in out military. The air force interceptor planes were told to stand down, ie do no intercept the planes going to Wash DC or NYC - that is in the testimony of Minetta.

So get real. If you are truly unknowing see all the documentaries in video Google at:

If you can not figure this out yourself then you need to take a second look.

Kindly correct any typos here since form is more important than substance - any lawyer will tell you that and you certainly are one yourself.

And if you do not think the Illuminati exists you are in for another big surprise. Lawyers all know who runs the show.


Dear Anonymous,

Who you are is of "no import" you say? You see no connection between your words and your willingness to stand behind them by declaring who you are? You think that throwing out ideas, opinions or postulates that you subscribe to carry weight regardless of whether you declare them as yours or not? Is that the case you're making?

If you are the attorney that you claim to be, then please try that the next time you go into court and represent a client. When the clerk reads off the name of the presiding judge and then the two sides must state their names, etc., just go ahead and say "Your Honor, I'm going to present very credible and cogent arguments today to prove that my client is innocent, however, who I am is of "no import", therefore I won't be identifying myself today, but rest assured that my arguments hold the greatest merit and integrity, despite my reluctance to identify myself."

Yea, that ought to work.

I wondering just how long it would take the judge to tell you to either pull your head out of your rectum or else get out of his court immediately? Two seconds? Maybe three?

When we use the expression "stand behind your words", do you think that refers to standing behind a screen and having your voice electronically modified like a witness testifying at a mafia trial?

I'm afraid that the world doesn't work that way. Regrettably, responsible people don't lend credibility to arguments put forth by "anonymous" (sorry to be the one who had to tell you; I realize that you sincerely believe in such fantasies).

As to the rest of your note, Holy Cow! Are you capable of sticking to one topic? You wrote to me about "undocumented" illegal aliens and now you immediately segway into "the fraudulent war against innocent people of mid east", to " 911 was certainly done with inside assistance in out military", to " do not think the Illuminati exists you are in for another big surprise"!

Good Grief, is this what you do in court? You must be a very poor person! How can you succeed in your profession with such an emotional, scatter brain approach to making a case?

I don't know whether to debate you or to feel sorry for you. Perhaps I should just post your comments and let it go at that. You certainly can't defend yourself.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi


Subject: Immigration Law
From: John M
Date: Wed, May 30, 2007
To:   Editor

: I read your response about the immigration law.

I'm not sure if this covers the issue but it's a start



Subject: Illegal immigration
From: Gillian
Date: Wed, May 30, 2007
To:   Editor

Dear Ken:

Thank you for pointing out what should be apparent to all thinking Americans -- we are a nation with borders, mechanisms for LEGAL immigration, and LAWS.

I waited patiently 12 years to become an American citizen. I waited because the immigration process required me to wait my turn for legal admittance to this country. Had I applied for citizenship in 2007 -- were this unmitigated "Comprehensive" Immigration Disaster ("law") to pass the Congress, my wait time would no doubt have increased substantially -- from 12 years to possibly 24 or more years, while America absorbed new citizens who were perfectly happy to break its laws the first instant they crossed its borders illegally.

These who spout the rhetoric of Elitist shysters who care nothing for America and everything for its destruction and replacement with their New World Order happily ignore the fates of millions who wait patiently around the world for their turn to become an American citizen LEGALLY. These care nothing about the breakdown of our public schools, emergency rooms, the struggle of native born countrymen who labor more each day to make ends meet as their wages dwindle and living costs increase. These place the "rights" of non-Americans above the rights of Americans, and label patriotic Americans who defend our rights to borders, LEGAL immigration, and a decent wage racist, uncaring, selfish, insensitive, immoral, heartless, spoiled morons.

Thank you for speaking the truth concerning illegal immigration. May the traitors in Congress LOSE this battle for the destruction of our country in their desperate power-grab to erase the last remaining bastion of FREEDOM standing in the way of their New World Order -- these united States of America.



Subject: Illegal aliens don't exist comment-that was ridiculous
From: Roxann
Date: Wed, May 30, 2007

Dear Ken:

I could not believe that person that wrote to you that was such an illegal alien lover.

We have laws (I want them respected) and I want to remain a sovereign nation despite Bush & the Elites' CFR plan to convert us to the NAU [North Atlantic Union].

I resent having NO HEALTH INSURANCE (while illegal alien mothers get free births, WIC, etc & then their Anchor Babies get free schooling) free breakfasts/lunches, get paid under the table and send all those REMITTENCE BILLIONS to Mexico and Latin America with minimal charges (oh, there's the DREAM ACT too).

To this person: I say: We should follow Mexico's GLASS HOUSE EXAMPLE . It certainly jealously guards its own southern border-yet the U.S. isn't supposed to permitted to do this?

Combined, we RECEIVE More (LEGAL) Immigrants than Any country in the we have to put with this nonsense from ARROGANT HOSTILE people like this (who hate us) who personally I would rather just put a bullet between their eyes because they make me so angry?

I'm sorry about that last comment (I don't even own a gun), but I'm so mad right now with arrogant people like this (who clearly have no respect for us whatsoever), only disdain, contempt and hatred.

Maybe that person was at one of those marches and flew his/her Mexican flag high and then flew ours upside down or with others who did so!

Or maybe this person is working with either: MALDEF, La Raza, MEChA, MAPA, Mexica Movement, A.N.S.W.E.R., or La Voz de Aztlan or Southern Poverty Law. Who knows at this point?

I'm very upset & I frequently write my politicians who are tone deaf to me (I consider them traitors at this point) and I'm beginning to think that you can't talk to turds anyway!

Again, please excuse me. I am so frustrated by this whole situation and it seems like I email and petition frequently to politicians who couldn't care less about the Legal Citizens of this nation! And they have also have NO BUSINESS WHATSOEVER EVEN PAYING ATTENTION TO THESE ILLEGALS EXCEPT TO: Deport them.

Also when I email them, I sound like a broken record, but I always request that they: Enforce our borders, Fine/punish the Employers, End the FREE Birthing, WIC, REVISE the 14th Amendment/revoke the "Automatic" Citizenship of these Ungrateful Anchor Babies, no DREAM ACT, No Drivers Licenses & END THE TAX-EXEMPT STATUS OF all these CHURCHES & NONPROFITS who insist on promoting this illegal immigration.

But do our politicians listen? No.



Subject: Illegal Alien Criminals?
Date: Wed, May 30, 2007 11:03 am
To: Editor

May 29,. 2007
Illegal Aliens Don't Exist (according to an 'Immigration Lawyer') May 29, 2007


From your posting above I selected a few things to respond to. I've arranged them in sort of a bullet style arrangement. At this time I want to point out to you Ken, that this is NOT a personal ATTACK on you. Please do not take it this way as it's not intended to be read like that. I believe that we can discuss things rationally and without letting tempers flare and emotions getting in the way. I felt like I needed to point out certain things where I felt disagreement and slight tones of racial/discriminatory tension. Feel free to post this in its complete form.

1. The uncollected taxes of illegal aliens clearly puts a burden on all govt and social services. But I can guarantee you that any illegal alien would more than happily pay whatever taxes need be.

2. Losing jobs to illegal aliens? MMMMM I can't say that many "American's" want the kinds of jobs that "illegals" want or do. Americans today want to PIMP and have a heavy heavy feeling of entitlement. They dont want to work, they want to start out owning the company. Now take a small business owner who wants his business to succeed. Who do you pick? The kid who wants to work part time and has is head in his ass most of the time or the Mexican (because lets call a spade a spade, instead of beating around the bush and calling them illegals) who comes to this country to work and makes that menial small business job his number 1 priority.

3. Criminals? MMMMM For everything that you say about the fifth columnists and the traitors in washington, the world criminal sounds right up there alley. It sounds like the rhetoric spewed out in the initial days after 911. So you call them criminals? They call themselves ecomonic refugees of American Economic Oppression. But everyone is happy when they cut the grass, pick their food, etc etc.

4. The costs of paying for schools and health care is a burden I'm more than sure the ILLEGALS would love to pay if giving the chance.

5. Most of the jobs taken by Illegals are minimum wage employments. These jobs aren't being taken up by Americans. Americans DONT WANT THESE JOBS. Imagine a bunch of Americans at your local car wash. AH AH AH It's almost hysterical just imagining this happening. And let's say that you were able to get this to happen. The turn over rate at the business would be ridiculously high. How can anyone run a small business like that? Its very difficult.

6. LOL LOL LOL You clearly live in LA LA land. In the Italian neighborhoods of NYC (whatever is left of them) even in the Pizzerias the guys flipping the pies are MEX. And they are EXCELLENT AT IT. They are focused and they are there with their heads in the work. Now let's look at who used to to that job. High school kid? 18-25 yr old drop out? The owner? The owners son? NONE of those people exist anymore. They aren't interested in working not even the owner because he wants to spend his money. They want to pursue fast money. They want to be like the urban culture is dictating them to be. They want to be like Diddy or 50 Cent or Nelly. But on the other hand the MEX isnt thinking about that nonsense. He's thinking about building his house in Mexico and feeding his family.

7. Now if you said to me that the flow of Mexicans over the last 15 years has gotten out of control I wouldnt disagree with you.It has but you and I both know its by DESIGN.

8. I find your last statement about the passport so NWO. lol But what I see here in your posting is basically frustration and a heavy hand of discrimination. I agree with you on a few points but very few. You are obviously upset and emotional about what you feel to be the ever growing Mexican population in this country.

9. I understand the frustration of many Americans like you. The mexicans come and could care less about the American Way of Life. They are filthy and dirty and are sub humans in the eyes of the American Way of Life population. Maybe too many came over too quickly and the country couldnt indoctrinate them quick enough with our melting pot mentality. Or maybe they didnt like the American Way of Life!

10. Yes that's right, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT, WATCH BASEBALL OR ELSE. Denounce the country you came from and LOVE AMERICA!!! Speak only good about America and all other countries are GARBAGE.

11. Ken you are starting to sound like MR BUSH AND MR CHENEY. Where do you stand?

12. Don't you see that the immigration issue is just a farce to get attention away from the Iraq WAR. I know you are way more intelligent than this. I know you know that MultiCulturalism was by design and is intended to erode the fiber of the American man so that he doesnt have any fight left in him. Just the same way that they call or Gun Control to take away the guns from the population.

13. Also its for the quicker acceptance of the North American Union. The logic being, well we have enough Mexicans here already what the f***, lets sign the agreement. How much worse could it get?

Ken I really hope that with this we can establish a genuine dialogue. Please don't do what many do when they are faced with an opposing opinion and start to deride my comments and my ideas.

Thank you, Chris


Subject: "Illegal aliens don't exist"
From: Dr. A. French 
Date: Fri, June 1, 2007
To: Editor

Hello again Ken.

Well, as much as I enjoy you and your tremendous efforts, I would have to agree with most of what "Chris" says on this issue. You seem to have missed the "mystery lawyer's" initial point, which I interpreted as: There are no ACTUAL LAWS forcing us (ie. human beings, not just Americans) to do a great many things that we begrudgingly do, OR preventing us from doing many things we would prefer to do. For example, I think we can agree, based on the tremendous amount of research done over the last decade by a variety of sane people, that there is NO LAW forcing the vast majority of Americans (or Canadians for that matter) to pay Federal income tax. Yet, that doesn't stop the IRS and other agencies controlled by the Elite from harassing us all and convicting some high profile people, which SCARES us all into conforming. Yet, there is no law for this. Now Ken, are you going to jump on the soap box and say, "No law, that's outrageous! How can America survive without income tax collection?? How will the roads and schools be built? What a ridiculous and unpatriotic thing to claim, and dangerous because you are only weakening our country by such ludicrous claims!" In point of fact, the money illegally collected from us goes to places and to fund agendas that would make all American jaws drop to the floor (I'm sure you know this Ken).

The immigration issue is similar in my eyes. I really question if there exists an actual law preventing peoples of the World from travelling and relocating to other regions for the purpose of work and prosperity. For example, there is also no law that requires you to have a State Driver's License to operate your vehicle and drive around. We think there is one, of course, and the cops will blither on about it and try to intimidate you, but alas, NO ACTUAL LAW. Are you being the unreasonable, bully cop in this case Ken?

So IF there is no law, and in the vast majority of cases, Mexicans work harder for less money and are more reliable, then what really is your issue and point Ken? In my mind, the issue (or fault perhaps) lays with the average American who has ALLOWED themselves to be dumbed-down, out competed, and made to be utterly ridiculous. Yes, this is and was by design of the Elite, but there you have it. In human terms, anyone has a right to better themselves and compete for jobs, resources, mates, and simple happiness. If a decent percentage of American employers (for all their selfserving reasons) want to throw some crumbs to the Mexicans, it's because they deserve it and not because some clown with pants down to their knees, an ascew ball cap on there unkept head, and who is wacked on a variety of stimulants, has some papers that say he is an "official and legal" American and the only obvious choice. Maybe back in the 1950s Ken, but certainly not now.

So attacking "mystery lawyer" on grammer seems a little petty to me and misses the big question which is, just what exactly are our laws, and who benefits from misinterpreting them or trying to enforce them? Certainly not us, not the patriots, and not even the Mexicans, despite your seemingly emotional stance Ken. Sorry, but that's the way I see it.

Sincerely and with respect,

Dr. A. French


Hello Dr. French,

Let me begin by addressing your last paragraph first.

When people write me anonymously, or write with crudity, vulgarity, derision, or hostility, all things which I specifically ask people NOT to do (and explain why on the e-mail contact page), they are already telling me that they don't care about my ground rules for a civilized e-mail exchange. They want to get in my face.  They, not I, have set the tone of what is to follow from me by virtue of their negligence, because I've already given fair warning on my contact page about what I expect from people who write to me.

So you may think that it's "petty" of me to point out to the anonymous "immigration lawyer" one of his many errors in English grammar, but I did it to send him a little message that I don't take kindly to sloveness or a disregard for rules or accuracy: in thought, words, grammar rules, or rules of etiquette in writing. Sloppy minds arrive at sloppy conclusions and that can be detrimental to society as a whole.

I notice that you've arrived at sloppy conclusions yourself about illegal aliens and the so-called "immigration" issue, because you entertain false assumptions. Here's an example: 

"I really question if there exists an actual law preventing peoples of the World from traveling and relocating to other regions for the purpose of work and prosperity"

That's quite a statement to make. You would think that you would do some homework before making it.

Like I told the anonymous "lawyer", if this statement were true, there would be no basis for national sovereignty, ANYWHERE in the world.  Try applying your little fantasy theory in any country in the world and see what happens to you. Enter another country by stealth, without passport or visa, and when you're caught, just tell them" Hey, there's no LAW requiring me to have documents to be in this country!" I'm sure that's going to work for you.

No borders, of course, is what the New World Order wants; a Global Village. Therefore, those who ascribe to these screeds obviously embrace this desire. "Let's have one big open-border world. It's going to be so wonderful!" hooray, hooray! But it won't be wonderful. It will be a disaster, especially for people who have lived a middle class standard of living. I've already spent a good part of my life in a city in the northeast that went to seed in precisely this manner. I saw it happen over a period of 45 years. I experienced on a city level, what is now happening all around this country on a state and national level.

When low class, low education, poor people flood into an area, that area goes down-WAY, WAY down. When that happened with Irish and Italian immigrants (LEGAL immigrants by the way) in the late 1890's and early 1900s in this country, the areas they inhabited went down for a couple of generations, but then gradually went up again as the absorption and integration into America society took hold. They believed in the value of a good education-just like most Asian people still believe today-and ACT on that belief. Those legal immigrant of the early 20th century were intent on being AMERICANS and living and staying in America, so they had an incentive to "keep the nest clean", as it were.

That is NOT the case with the vast majority of Mexican and South American illegals who have entered this country and have taken jobs AWAY from American citizens. They send the money back home and their allegiance and heart are with their native country (which they eventually return to)-not with America.   You find this attitude of a non-connection to America with many, many Puerto Rican people as well. I've rubbed elbows with Puerto Ricans most of my life and I know well the attitude many hold towards America. America is fine to live in and work in and make money in (and commit crime in), but they will tell you over and over again, that they are Puerto Ricans FIRST and foremost. And Puerto Rico is a possession of the United States! Their national identity is with Puerto Rico, not with the United States of America. That's why they have those Puerto Rican Day parades every year flying the Puerto Rican flag high and wide. When asked, "are you an American?". the majority will answer, "no, I'm Puerto Rican".

Many Mexican agitation groups like La Raza go much father. Their arrogance is much bolder. They say that they are in a "struggle" to take "back" that "which has always belonged to Mexico", meaning all of California and most of the American southwest. I hear them every morning speaking in Spanish on KPFK out of Los Angeles and they aren't hesitating to say exactly what's on their mind, right over America radio.

Here's a second example of your faulty assumptions:

" So IF there is no law, and in the vast majority of cases, Mexicans work harder for less money and are more reliable, then what really is your issue and point Ken? In my mind, the issue (or fault perhaps) lays with the average American who has ALLOWED themselves to be dumbed-down, out competed, and made to be utterly ridiculous. Yes, this is and was by design of the Elite, but there you have it. In human terms, anyone has a right to better themselves and compete for jobs, resources, mates, and simple happiness"

Let's look at this a little more carefully:

1. "So if There is no law": You haven't established that. That's a PRESUMPTION on your part. You are merely GUESSING, but you haven't laid any foundation for fact. You are embracing an ASSUMPTION as IF it were fact for your conclusions which follow. .

Another presumption: "Mexicans work harder for less money and are more reliable". Yes, in general, perhaps they do, but that's because they are earrning 2000 percent more money for the same job than what they would get in Mexico. Who's going to act haughty or surly or negligently when you're making 2000% more money than you would get back home? But what the heck does THAT have to do with the fact that illegal Mexican aliens are taking jobs away from American citizens? N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

3. "In my mind, the issue (or fault perhaps) lays with the average American who has ALLOWED themselves to be dumbed-down, out competed, and made to be utterly ridiculous." 

Well, I could say the same of your cockeyed statement. Americans haven't "allowed" themselves to be dumbed down. It was done by stealth. Americans haven't been "out competed" by illegal Mexicans workers. Now that's REALLY out there! Illegal Mexicans have NO RIGHT to be in this country to COMPETE against any American citizen in the first place, even if your notion of "competition" were valid. In the second place, illegals are not performing high skill jobs, so What are you talking about? The reality is the opposite. The work is manual labor: low skill, semi-skilled, or no skill jobs. Do you call low skill, manual labor, a job that is "won" or "earned" by illegals based on some screwy idea of "competitive" excellence which Americans cannot manage to compete against? Whew!

4. Yea, everyone has the right to better themselves, but they have the "right" do that routine in their home country, not here. Get caught working for somebody in Japan while you're there on a 90 day visitors visa, and you are out of the country within days -and they don't let you back it again! Japan takes national soverignty and the no-work-allowed rules VERY SERIOUSLY (and resposibly) in the interest of protecting the national interest of Japan and the Japanese people. Quite the opposite of what's being done to the American people by fifth columnists within the government.

A few more thoughts:

a. I already know that there is no law that requires the payment of income tax. I've read Irwin Schiff's books (Avoid Probate) since the mid 1970's. I got the whole story about the FRAUDULENT foundation of the income tax with the 1913 Jekyll Island meeting and the further consolidation by our Illuminated friends with FDR in 1938. We got it.   The Constitution ALREADY spells out how the government should raise revenues for its operation and other necessary expenses, and it's not from taxing individual citizens of the money they earn of their own labor. I want the government to get out of their involvement with American day to day life, including school life. I do not embrace the idea that we need government in our life except for those few areas where government involvement is absolutely necessary and, above all, appropriate.  

Your sloppy thinking shows up again when you PRESUME that I would say: "how can we get by without government involvement in  building roads and schools?"etc. "Very well" I would say.

b. I also know there is no law which requires a driver's licence to travel on the roads of America in an automobile. I got the background story some years ago on how the states used the requirement of a licence for people engaged in the business of transportation (cable cars, buses, taxis) and gradually applied that requirement, by FRAUDULENCE, deception and stealth, over time, to ANYBODY who wanted to drive on the roads, not just livery drivers. This is another area of state government DECEPTION based on fraud.

Based on the two items above, you now are willing to jump to the assumption that there is no law against entry of non-Americans into this land without passport of visa. because the guy who CLAIMS to be an immigration lawyer, said there's no law.  The idea of national rights POSSESSED EXCLUSIVEly by citizens of this country is inherent in the constitution itself. It says  "We, the People" They were referring to the People of America, not ALL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. Common sense SHOULD tell you that.

Your sentiments reveal a Globalist perspective; a "We are the World" type of guy. It certainly SOUNDS good to those who live in comfortable circumstances; so warm and fuzzy; brotherly, ecumenical, and all that. It all sounds good until you or your family members have to live in a neighborhood overrun with low class "immigrants", legal or otherwise. Then your perspective begins to change.

You will notice an immediate desire on the part of your new non-English speaking neighbors to transfer your possession from your house into their house. You will also notice that they tend to congregate all over the place, sidewalks, street corners, on your car, on your front lawn, etc, etc. and just hang around all day playing boom box music and drinking "cervesa". Of course, they have to relieve themselves in your hedges  or next to your garage after they had a few extra cervesas you understand. Just ask the people who live in that little town in Arizona, I think (Maywood (?) or Maypole (?) can't remember) which has been flooded with Mexican illegals. The mayor is pro Mexican. Boy those native born Arizona citizens just love  having all those wonderful "undocumented immigrants" jammed like sardines in their once quiet and peaceful town.

The Big Picture? I haven't missed the Big Picture,.. you have. 

The Big Picture is that this latest stage in the flooding of this country with low skill, low class, low educated Mexican "immigrants" which began in 1965 with Bobby Kennedy and the opening of the flood gates to the lowest of the low from the poorest regions of the world instead of maintaining our previous requirement for people of skill and merit as our first priority in immigration policy, is intended to further LOWER the country on every social and economic level. The Plan is to break America. The plan is to destroy America. That's why we no longer have heavy industry in this country. That's why you are talking to someone in India about how to make your computer work right. That's why we are buying dog food from China-for the love of God! That's why our young military men are dying like flies in Iraq and Afghanistan. They want to destroy the American military so that only UN troops from China, Pakistan, and Russia will call the shots here on American soil after the smoke has cleared and the FEMA detention centers start filling up with loyal and thinking Amercians who have been doing their best to warn people like you of what's really taking place in this country. But I doubt if my words will penetrate you liberal outlook.

You'll change your mind, of course, at a later point in the Takeover Plan, but it will be at a point of no return I'm afraid.

Sincerely, Ken Aachi


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