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Do Mexicans Want to Damage the U.S.?
May 24, 2009

Do Mexicans Want to Damage the U.S.? (May 24, 2009)

Subject: illegal immigrants
From: Jose M
Date: Sun, May 24, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Mr. Adachi-

Mexican purposes are clear, to damage US in every way, sending virus, bacteria, diseases, to weaken US. Then they will take over some States like
Texas and California, then they will exterminate white race. It is so clear, is the government blind for not to see it?

Msny of them already say it, the Mexican goal is to recover territories they think still belong to Mexico. The “intelligent” CIA and FBI can not realize? The big enemy of USA is not Iraq, Afghanistan, or China, it is Mexico.



Hello Jose,

I don't see it that way.

People illegally enter the U.S. from Mexico because they want to earn big money and send it back home to Mexico. The US government has intentionally not taken the necessary steps required to prevent illegal entry from Mexico for many decades. It serves the purpose of businesses that use illegal labor and it serves the goals of the Illuminati who want to balkanized America and create social and racial tension, and make Americans feel like hostages in their own country. Of course, it does not serve the interests of the citizens of the United States.

There is a faction of illegal alien promoters like La Raza who are probably infiltrated with CIA to the hilt and will agitate for takeover and take back California, etc., but that won't happen in any event. Just hot heads making hot head talk. It won't go anywhere.

The average Mexican laborer is uneducated and not sophisticated at all. He wants to live a normal life and make money for his family. He doesn't give a damn about La Raza. He just wants a nice house, cerveza in the frig and be able to watch stupid, slap stick comedy shows with big boob pretty girls in bikinis shaking their butts on Spanish language TV.

There is a substantial segment of illegals, however, who are involved in crime and drugs, and that's a big problem that needs to be addressed.

Personally, I hold no animosity or hard feelings towards Mexicans or any other Hispanic group, legal or illegal. The typical Mexican I encounter is both friendly and polite. If you can speak Spanish, then you are treated like a brother. If you can speak Spanish, play the guitar, and sing in Spanish, then you are treated like a god.

I, of course, do not condone or approve of illegal aliens in the US, but I don't feel any sense of animosity towards Mexicans either. They are just people, who mostly want the same things that all people want.

Sincerely, Ken

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