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Illegal Immigration
September 13, 2006


Date: Wed, September 13, 2006 6:32 am

i think that the illigal seccion you have in your page educate yourself is higly racial , to satart do you know why the usa goverment do not guive the papers to indigeneous people? simply because they are indians. lets face it the cuotas set up by the imigration acording to racial basis is not only inmoral but impractical , to raise hell abouth the mexican and leave behaind the real isuue the political manuver is to have the indians without legal status so they can opress like they have benn doing in the past, waithing for an answer.

Sincerly Isidro Gonzalez Moreno


Hello Isidro,

Race is not the issue, at least not for me. I've been associated with Spanish speaking people since I was a kid and I have no problem relating to Spanish speaking people from Spain, South America, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Central America, or Mexico.

American Indians, native Americans, were badly mistreated and betrayed by the US government. Everyone knows that. But that is also not the issue.

The issue is an army of 20 million illegal Mexicans (mostly) who come into the US illegally, to work here illegally, to have their kids go to American schools, American hospitals, etc. at US taxpayer expense, some to commit crime here, some to sell drugs here, some to form gangs here, to send 15 billion dollars a year OUT of the United States into Mexico for the benefit of Mexican people, to take work away from American citizens because they will do the job for a lower wage and then march in the streets of America and threaten American lawmakers (as if Mexican citizens had the right to vote) that they will "remove" them from office if our lawmakers don't yield to the demands of illegal aliens!

That's the issue, my friend.

Some illegal Mexican aliens don't realize that they are helping the hidden power structure of the US and the world, the Illuminati, to bring about the destruction of America. Some illegal aliens WANT the destruction of America.

In their simplicity and stupidity, the "Raza" type think that they will be able to possess or "take back" property or land that now is part of the United States. It's an illusion, of course, but the Illuminati doesn't mind using fools to achieve their goals. They think of such people as "useful idiots". Really, that's the sort of words they use to describe such people.

So you have the Illuminati, who controls most members of the US congress, and virtually "owns" the White House and wants to destroy the idea of sovereignty and national pride of Americans and replace it with a "Balkanized" America where factions or regions are hostile to each other.

And then you have illegal Mexicans who THINK they are going to control the political will of the US congress because they march in the streets and they THINK that US lawmakers are worried about their "protest."

You will soon find out that US lawmakers are not concerned about illegal aliens protesting in the streets of America, but they ARE concerned about American citizens who are VERY UPSET by illegal aliens marching in American streets and those American citizens are going to launch a BACKLASH that is going to make illegal Mexican workers, who have grown accustomed to making $5 per hour in America instead of $0.50 per hour working in Mexico, very unhappy in the coming months.

That's the issue.

Sincerely, Ken

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