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Swedish Reader Dumps on Catholic Church & Defends Illuminati
August 3, 2005

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Subject: Illuminati

Hi, i have just read your discussion with Henry Brown about Illumintai. And you obviously state that Illuminati are Statanist and that´s just stupid in my opinion.

Illuminati "hated" the catholic church, but that doesnt make them satanists, sure there are rumors that they where/is a satanic cult, but think for a moment who might have started those rumors, The Illuminati opposed the catholic church, and obviously the catholic church started the rumors to suppress Illuminati.

Nothing good has ever come from the catholic church, they are just a suppressing, lieing, murdering and power abusive bunch of dictators.

you also said "The Iluminati has been the principle force SUPPRESSING advancements in science (keeping the knowledge for themselves) which could have greatly benefited mankind, especially in the last 100 years"

What do you mean that the catholic church does when they killed Rambaldi (and burned his work), Galileo Galilei, Giordano Bruno and lots of other scientists. they where killed becuse they found the truth.

Wonder why the Illuminati keept the knowledge for themselves, if they would have published their knowledge they would have been killed...

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