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I'm Impressed
September 26, 2006

Subject: I'm Impressed
Date: Tue, September 26, 2006 12:47 pm
To:   Editor

Hey ken..

U truely got some amazing points of view.. I been thinking about a lot issues lately and your page gave me all answers i needed.. thank you.. especially the planet x part meant a lot to me not to mention the part about mind control and project blue beam which after all doesn't come as a surprise to me.. I knew about the governments illegal backside since i was about 15(now i'm 17 soon 18).. I always been looking for answers that wasn't common with the every-day people and your webpage gave me everything i needed in my search for true knowledge..

I'm spreadin the message directing people to your page.. I do it very silenced because as u stated in many of your articles u can get killed or mind controlled if u know too much.. I guess you have had the authorities in the back a lot of times and i want u to know you are doing a great thing.. I'm coming from denmark and about three years ago i changed my mind after smoking weed for a long period.. I'm not saying weed changed my mind but let's say it opened my mind.. I forget all the brainwash i was givin going to school since i was 5 just as the majority of this world does it.. tells a whole lot huh?

It's so obvious you are speaking truth because i'm able to see it with your eyes.. u gave me knowledge together with many other conspiracy theorists.. thanks for giving me this opportunity and keep up your amazing work in the eyes of justice.. I really hope u get the time to answer me on this one..

Peace & respect..



Hi Martin,

Thanks for your note. It's nice to hear from a younger person who is tuned in. It's usually older people who can see the deception because of experience, but it takes the energy and commitment of younger people to get involved and do something to stop the advancement of the treason and the traitors.

Most members of the House need to be thrown out of office, along with every US senator who voted for the Patriot (Traitor's) Act (99 traitors who belong in jail).

It would be better if we had a pro-American, pro-US Constitution, pro-Bill of Rights candidate running this year, but AT THE VERY LEAST-vote out the existing Senator or congressman who has ALREADY DEMONSTRATED HIS BETRAYAL of the People and the Constitution.

Considering the accelerated pace of the dismantling and destruction of the United States taken place in "secret" meetings in Banff, Alberta, Canada, one wonders how many more US elections will take place in the future?

The US Presidential elections are a choice between two hand picked Illuminati candidates, so the NWO takeover agenda goes forward regardless of who gets elected. The House and Senate are another matter though. At least there, we have an OPPORTUNITY to choose someone who has not been GROOMED by the Illuminati for the job. There are more than a few Dennis Kucinich types out there and WE MUST GET THEM ELECTED THIS YEAR.

Sincerely, Ken

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