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The View from Germany-
Impressions from Hamburg
January 20, 2006

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Subject: Impressions from Hamburg/Germany

Dear Ken Adachi,

This is a "Hello" mail from Hamburg/Germany.

Thank you for the existence of your courageous website and all the important information it is containing. I appreciate the information very much which is a very high value in today's dumb times. Unfortunately, I discovered your and other information sources only 6 months ago, though I have wondered for years about the strange nightly "hum" resp. The "diesel truck" that I hear at night and also seeing the strange cloud patterns etc. .

I don´t want to bother you with boring information, but I just want to let you know how it is in Germany.

On last Saturday, Jan 14th 2006, a very cold and sunny day, they flew with 3-4 planes over Hamburg. I guessed the altitude of all flights 6-8 kms, from 3pm to 6pm from West to East and from North to south leaving huge chemtrails in the sky. Continiung last sunday morning, Jan 15th 2006 (very cold, clear sky), starting from 9.00h am to approx. noon. Sometimes they flew parallel and then one after another from north to south slowly drifting from East
to West Hamburg. I made pictures of a plane and when I did it, two minutes delayed I noticed a very fast and very small black jet (Fighter?) flying behind the chemtrail plane.

On Monday, Jan 16th 2006, I got off work at 4.30 pm and went to the bus, looked into the blue clear sky and saw 5 planes (shocking view!) flying from north to south, 3 in front row parallel, 2 in the back. All planes look like ordinary Boeings - but difficult to guess.

Meanwhile the mass media is reporting now everyday about the agressive Avian flu virus and that it could be pandemic. My deepest fears tell me that people should believe in the Avian flu, but will be experiencing something different...

Regards"old-fashioned" Family values. Our president, Horst Koehler, former director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), announced Jan 18th 2006, that the traditional family should be equal to homosexual partnerships and single parents. I have nothing against homosexual people, but I ask myself: are homosexual partners equal to the traditional man and women family? Are they able to give a small child the feeling of a real family? By the way, the president is a very good friend of Friede Springer, owner of one of Germany's biggest newspaper companies. A few weeks ago, Mr. Koehler held a public speech which in part was broadcasted in the news. I felt very strange when I saw the logo of the German "Axel Springer Verlag" behind him. The president is doing PR for a media company... (some years earlier: impossible!)

While Mr. President proclaims the end of the traditional family, the Axel Springer Verlag Is running a column in the "Bild Zeitung" (Germany's most read newspaper) about adultery, saying this is a kick for every "boring" marriage and that it is normal to betray partners.

Just some impressions for you from the other side of the Atlantic,

Again, thanks a lot for your site, will visit your site regularly.



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