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A Message for Easter in 2005
March 21, 2005

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Hello Ken,

My name is Heather Powers. I always have to e mail when I read a good article because I believe that support and encouragement are important in keeping the truth flowing. Anyhow, I have been reading this site for several years but with sooooo much info on here I've just begun to delve deeper into the site. I must say that on my spiritual journey, I know that I have been led to certain articles and information, almost as if God led me right to an information source. I believe that tonight I was led to an article on your site "The Rules of the Game."

Amazingly, just this morning I was telling my husband that I wondered why some young lives are lost so tragically, when I myself have come close to death several times and was spared. I must say also that it is interesting the concept of choosing our exit and having more power than we think. It is quite amazing because I have been pondering that concept on my own lately.

Part of the reason for this is that when I was about 16 (now 36) I ran away and hitchiked across county, anyhow this trucker tried to kill me. He was not trying to rape me but trying to kill me by strangling me. After struggeling with him until I was out of energy, and him on top of me, I refused to die and I remembered what the bible says about power in Jesus name, so I screamed out "In Jesus name" and someone that I could not see (invisible) pulled the guy off me.

It appeared that the trucker was being held back by both arms. I sat up, looked at the sight in amazement, jumped down out of the guy's sleeping cab (that he had pulled me into), tried to get out but the door was locked, looked for the lock, unlocked the door and jumped 5 feet down to the ground. The entire time the guy was immobilized!

That has haunted me my life, and has made me know that I have a greater purpose. In another incident, I was a passenger in a really bad flipover accident on California's coastal highway and during the accident, time slowed down and I heard God say to me (as an inserted thought, not a voice) "Heather, if I let you live, this is your last chance."

Needless to say, I knew what he meant and I changed my ways. I am anxious about learning more of our God given powers as children of light. You may post my letter if you think it may be helpful to others.

Thanks for the website.

Heather P

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