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India's New 'RAW' (Criminals In Action) & the NWO's Depopulation Targets
July 7, 2011

India's New 'RAW' (Criminals In Action) & the NWO's Depopulation Targets (July 7, 2011)

Subject: Which group NWO is specifically planning to target
From: Amit S (UK)
Date: Thu, July 7, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken Adachi,

I have heard and read a lot about Illuminati and NWO. I am really worried about this sinister organization. But unfortunately I don't have much information about these devils. A friend of mine told me during the swine flu scare that Illuminati is planning to drastically reduce the world population by targetting many specific groups of people and communities. That friend of mine is doing some research work for RAW (RAW is a secret investigative agency for India, just like CIA for USA and MOSSAD for Israel).

He was not willing to disclose any more information. But I want to know more, so that I can do something about it. First of all which specific and ethinic groups NWO is planning to target and eliminate- muslims, non-whites ?

Your friend,


Hello Amit,

Thanks for your note. I never heard of RAW before. The idea of NWO population reduction is covered in an article I wrote in the 1990's:

A general overview of the NWO is explained here:

In general, non-whites were targeted for elimination, but they also hoped to reduce the world population to about 500 million total, which would by necessity include a lot of white people.

What the NWO had PLANNED to do in earlier decades and centuries and what they WILL do are two different things.

The NWO is being dismantled from the top down by unseen forces. Their demonic underpinnings upon which they absolutely depend to install their dark agendas is being pulled out from under them and many of the top players in the 13 Illuminated families are beginning to experience (what shall we say?) serious "problems" of late (assuming you consider the inability to continue to breathe a "problem").

Those "problems" will grow by leaps and bounds in the coming months and soon their henchmen and underlings in the CIA, Mossad, MI6, DHS, etc. will ALSO begin to experience an increasing growth of "problems" --starting with their top people and working down in rank-- and gradually the satanic dirt bags will come to recognize that the WHOLE NWO takeover plan is going SOUTH and the day will come when a PRICE will be paid by those who have murdered and maimed and betrayed for the NWO as the Great Wheel of Karma grinds them into an early "retirement."

Actually, MI5 and MI6 have already experienced some disturbing "problems" in the past year or two. The same could be said for some in the CIA, US military, Tavistock,and even Barry himself (bless his reptilian soul).

I wouldn't worry too much and allow your intuition to guide you in what to do. The 2009 Swine Flu promotion campaign went bust, as will ALL of their upcoming plans to destroy or poison large numbers of innocent people. The current scare campaign underway to alarm people about the latest Killer biological "mutant" bug will also fade into nothingness as did the 2004 SARS 'epidemic' (which never happened), along with the 2009 Bird/Swine flu 'pandemic' (which ALSO didn't happen).

There would have been many suitcase nuclear devices detonated in major American cities since 9/11 if the 'unseen' forces to which I allude had not intervened. The plan to detonate hidden suitcase nukes sequestered at American nuclear power plants is still on the table, but the same forces that prevented the detonation of mini nukes in America cities will stymie efforts to repeat the Fukushima sabotage scenario here in America. The traitors might pull off some small scale nuclear sabotage, but I don't expect a major killing scenario to unfold.

So far, their major earthquakes plans here in America have not worked out. The best they could do was the flooding along the Mississippi valley. The effort to create killer tornadoes, like the artificial tornado which hit Joplin, Missouri a few weeks ago, will continue to occur, but I don't think they will effect greater havoc than that achieved at Joplin.

THINK of the NWO as going through the throws of dissolution--and that is PRECISELY what will CONTINUE to occur. Thoughts create reality. The more people who join in this thinking process, the faster the NWO will be dismantled. Use your MIND and focused intent to thwart the NWO. .

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: Which group NWO is specifically planning to target
From: Amit
Date: Fri, July 8, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

Thanks very much for your email. I really appreciate that.

Is there any connection between NWO and 2012 prophecy ?

I have one more confusion. I have heard from many sources that the Prime Ministers of UK had always been members of Illuminati, including the current Prime Minister. On one hand Illuminati wants to reduce the population, but on other hand there is a system of Child Benefits in UK, which is an incentive for many to have more and more children, with the aim of getting maximum child benefits. So if illuminati wants to reduce the population, then why they are allowing this system of Child Benefits in UK and in many other countries? It seems very contradictory to their ulitimate aim.

Waiting eagerly for your reply,

Your friend,
Amit S


Hi Amit,

2012 is a psyops distraction to keep you preoccupied with Doom & Gloom anxiety and fear.

The idea behind population reduction is to insure a completely controllable workers underclass to serve the Illuminated masters and their minions above. It's a return to feudalism with the world divided into royalty and serfs.

They want to install a Marxist society to eviscerate the family unit as a source of spiritual and character development, and replace it with a purely utilitarian " nanny state" in place of human motherhood and family bonding. The ultimate purpose is to gain greater state control over our lives. The purpose of a welfare state is to make you DEPENDENT on the state for everything. You will therefore obey the state in all matters if you want to keep your "entitlements" flowing. Communism is enslavement and state tyranny no matter how you try to re-package it with cute expressions like "socialism" or "progressivism" or "globalism" etc.

This is already explained on the New World Order, an Overview

Best Regards, Ken

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