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Individual Not Collective Action
November 11, 2007

Individual Not Collective Action (Nov. 11, 2007)

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This message has been percolating in my head and heart for a long time. However, the particular stimulus for writing you was the ringing speech "Silence is Complicity" by Mayor Ross C "Rocky" Anderson. Place that next to "DNA Activation" by ZS Livingstone. Although I heartily applaud Mayor Anderson's words, I place my faith in individual action -- action to increase our spiritual power -- such as that recommended by ZSL.

As you know, we can find repeated endlessly the warning, "Unless we take strong action now, the <fill in the blank catastrophe> will strike us". If you read history, you can find this message going back quite a ways.

So let's step away from the moment to moment view of current events. The catastrophe HAS hit us. It IS hitting us now. The catastrophic damage HAS already been done. Even if through some impossible magic all the leaders of our civilization should be swept from power and replaced by righteous people, the train has already headed over the broken bridge. For one example out of many, we would still be living amoung at least two generations of people whose entire concept of reality has been built up out of countless deceptions. No area of human knowledge has been left untainted.

When we look around at the gathering chaos, we are not seeing the failure of sincere efforts. We are seeing the successful results of plans long nurtured, carried out by very intelligent, very well educated, very well positioned people.

In describing them, it occurred to me to describe them as highly idealistic people. And I suppose I should have to view them this way. The failing is probably in myself, but I am not able to really believe that these large numbers of very capable people are knowingly and consciously working for the sake of pure evil. The number of those committed to total war against reality must be small.

I find that I must assume that most of even the "bad guys" are themselves simply deceived. And it must be the case that those who would erect a structure of lies, would themselves lie to those who are their allies and underlings. And if they are intelligent -- and they are nothing if not intelligent -- they must have a well founded suspicion that those above them in the pyramid are lying to them as well.

Let's now dispose of a particularly fond illusion. This is the notion that Divine Providence will personally intervene with "His terrible swift sword", and forcefully overthrow the evildoers. To do so would contravene our status as free will beings. We have to solve our own problems -- this is inherent in our destiny.

We are on the runaway roller coaster. There is no control panel in reach. We are in for this ride, and God is not going to bail us out -- at least, not by abrogating the natural order of effects flowing from causes.

Who knows how small a number will read these words, and what number will hear and heed this message. I do not want to counsel any kind of withdrawal from the world, even withdrawing inside.

The power we have is within. It is unlimited. It cannot be taken from us. We lose it only when others convince us that we do not have it, and when we cooperate with enslavement by descending into fear. But this power is not a Flash Gordon ray gun. It will not exempt us from sorrow, pain, and anguish. It does not guarantee success with our earthly efforts.

Although it is ours, we will not ever control it. Really, it is more that we belong to this spiritual reality than the other way around. It will not make our wishes come true. It works by potentiating our actions. The degree of power is related to the righteousness of our intentions.

And please, little cricket, understand that this power works according to its own logic. None of us has a true view of reality. Divine Providence does have a true view, so it will often take our actions and elaborate results that are beyond our understanding.

The instrument we play has many scales. Many things conspire to concentrate our playing in the lowest chords: fear and desire. We have tasted them both, and we will taste them again. Heroism is not the absence of fear; it is responding to duty in the face of fear.

And here is the crux. Although spiritual power is available to everyone, all of us are to some extent hobbled. And it appears that the great mass of mankind is grievously weak. It falls to us then, not to escape the world, nor to correct its many ills. What falls to us is service: service to our fellow creatures, as individuals, right where we find ourselves.

There is no one to turn to and ask for advice. Test all things for truth. Rely on your own internal spirit of truth. Save what seems valuable as possible. We will have to discard most of the pillars and props that "hold the sky suspended". Let us be among those who stand so that "earth's foundations stay."

Best regards, Ken.

Edward J. Walsh

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