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How Do You Wake  People Up to the Reality of Chemtrails?
April 23, 2010

How Do You Wake People Up to the Reality of chemtrails? (April 23, 2010)

Subject: Request
From: Sarah
Date: Fri, April 23, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Mr. Adachi,

I will try not to take up too much of your time. My name is Sarah. First, I want to thank you for maintaining this website so dutifully. I stumbled upon it a few years ago in search of reliable sites containing hard-to-find information. Your site is my favorite one on the web. Again, thank you so very much for making this happen.

Getting to business; I have a great desire (and obligation, as I see it) to spread information to everyone I meet who may be ignorant of the forces against them. Those people would be the majority of people I encounter. I have tried many techniques to eloquently and calmly ease any given person into conversation concerning subjects most people would rather not even consider.

Most of the subject matter I refer to (such as most material on your site) is very uncomfortable for the average "sleeping" person to think about. I suppose you could call me "wet behind the ears," because I really feel lost when scheming a way to go about educating my fellow man. One thing that I have really been concentrating on are the chemtrails. I feel that if people knew about just this, it might change all of their ideas about the United States Government and whether they should be so trusting of it. I want some form of permission to create a pamphlet using information on your website. If you agree, we can discuss whose information I can and cannot use, whether to directly quote or to paraphrase, etc. If you do not agree I would really appreciate some advice in getting people to actually consider these serious matters and question their brainwashings. Most often I just get weird looks, or am accused of being crazy or high on drugs. I hope this letter is not too long.

Thank you for your time, sir. You may have no idea how much you and all those who contributed in the accumulation of this information have given me (but I am betting that you do know). I know very well that positivity and love will prevail. It just needs a little help some times. Please respond. It means very much to me.

Sarah T


Hi Sarah,

Sure, you can quote info from my site. There are many other good web sites which specialize in chemtrails and you could point to them as well. The photos tell the story.

You should concentrate on people who are more open minded, at least at first, so you can gather some allies to help you. Chemtrails are seen in most areas and it's easy to demonstrate how they fan out into overcast chemtrailed skies. You can set up a timed video camera on a tripod which takes a single frame every few minutes and when you play the video back at normal speed you can see the chemtrails spread out into overcast skies very easily.

Once they realize that they are being sprayed intentionally, then they will look harder into the matter.

You have to do something. You just can't ignore this if you realize just how serious the situation is. Being calm and armed with the facts will work in most instances. People are interested in maintaining their physical welfare and health. If you can show them that chemtrails are POISONING them every single day, they will begin to pay attention. Flyers and pamphlets can work, but I would be very discreet in how I distributed them. Don't make yourself a target. Point to web sites for more info, but don't put your name or ID out there.

If you want to organize meetings, then use a voice mail number for messages. There are many DVDs already produced which cover chemtrails in great depth. You can also refer to many YouTube videos on your flyer that tell the chemtrail story. I have many links on my Chemtrail page.

If you organize locally and begin to grow, keep an eye out for agents who will attempt to insert dissension and turmoil. Kick those type of people out immediately.

People always respond to the truth, eventually. The chemtrail poisoning is so BLATANTLY obvious, that a child can see it. The reason so many people have respiratory problems today is due to CHEMTRAILS. Study the statistics on the per capita incidence of asthma for the past 15 or 20 years and you will see a HUGE upswing starting in 1998 and getting MUCH WORSE in the past few years. Use those statistics in your pamphlet as well.

Where do you live? UK?

Kind Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: Request
From: Sarah
Date: Sat, April 24, 2010
To:   Ken Adachi

Dear Mr. Adachi,

Thank you for such a timely response. I suspect you are a busy person. I
live in a crappy little town called Rolla, Missouri. Have you ever seen It is another great educational site, and their books are
inexpensive. There have been moments while walking in the park with friends
we whitness planes spraying the skies, criss-crossing, forming a grid of
what my buddies argue are only contrails.
This may sound like only paranoia, but I feel I already may be on some
small scale radar as a possible threat. I have reason to believe that I
myself may have an implant. I would like to tell you more if you are
interested. It saddens and partly disgusts me to find how closed-minded
people can be. For instance, I try to talk to my friends who are parents,
whom I know are concerned mostly with the welfare of their children. It's as
though these matters are too scary for them to address; denial causes much
less worry. It is this half-heartedness that keeps the truth from
prevailing. I believe in life after death, but that does not mean that this
life does not matter.
The truth is that at this point in my life, you are the only person I have
gotten a positive response from regarding these matters. I would like to
start a truth movement in my community, but something that is holding me
back is the question of what to do next. What can I do to affect reality?
Thinking is good, as it is an action in its self, but what about outward
action? How can we change things? Perhaps I am asking too much of you, but
at this point I could really use a mentor of sorts. My father educated me
about many things and he was the most open minded person I have ever met. He
passed away several years ago and now I carry the torch. I am not trying to
give you a sob story, but my point is that now I don't have anyone to direct
my questions to. I have come a long way on my own but I need some allies. Do
you know of any organizations in Missouri, or somewhere I could find that
information? I appreciate your time and kindness.

-Sarah T


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