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Questions about Alex Jones and Continental Congress 2009
March 15, 2009

Questions about Alex Jones and Continental Congress 2009 (Mar. 15, 2009)

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From: Tom Cullen <>
Sent: Mar 15, 2009
To: Editor
Subject: Last email?

Dear Ken,

It's been a week since I sent you an email asking your opinion on Since I haven't seen a reply, I am wondering why. My first thought is that you are very busy and can't possibly answer all the email you must receive. My second thought is that you need time to come up with a thoughtful answer. In addition, it is entirely possible that you were unaware of the continental congress 2009 movement and that you needed to investigate it. As I wrote in my first email, the fact that there is no mention of it on your website doesn't seem so odd as the content of your site has a
different focus. I am a seeker of truth and justice.

Because we have been lied to so much, my primary focus is on discerning the truth, so that I can really know what justice is due. The way my mind works, I was primarily curious about the intentions of InfoWars, because I found it odd that they reveal so many terrible things going on, yet offer no solutions. More importantly, there is little focus on what kind of resistance is being mounted. The continental congress 2009 is one such movement.

It didn't occur to me that I really had two requests for your opinion. The first request remains. The second is obviously, what do you think of what Bob Shultz is doing? Do you think it is worth mentioning on your site? Would it be helpful if I composed an essay explaining what is going on? I decided to write to Alex Jones through the contact page on his site.

Here's what I wrote:

For Alex:
I just want to know why there is no information on your site about the Continental Congress 2009 movement that is being promoted by Bob Shultz of I have just recently seen the Obama Deception and prior to that I bought and viewed End Game. Your message is clear and you say it is up to us. Bob is doing something that all of us need to get involved with. The problem is that only those who are looking know about it. I am surprised that there is no mention of it on your website. I would think that if anyone is doing something positive, especially something that would depend on the greatest participation, you would promote it. I see lots of terrible things being brought to light on your website but very little in the way of solutions. Here is a huge opportunity. Am I missing something?


Anyway, I just want you to know that I offer my friendship, and that I appreciate the work you have done to bring valuable information to light. I eagerly await your response, and do understand if you are swamped with emails.



Hi Tom,

I read it and did want to reply in some way, but I'm just deluged with too many stories and things to do. I really need 10 people here to help me and everything would go easier.

I'm against running down Alex Jones or David Icke. They both accomplish far more good than their critics consider and they are the last people I want to spend time trashing or criticizing.

You have to look hard at organizations that look good on the surface but are actually controlled opposition operations. I'll look at Bob's stuff as time allows. I'm totally opposed to any idea of a revolution or trying to restructure the government. That's going to lead straight to the French Revolution, American style.

Yes, I'm all for enforcing states rights and keeping the 10th amendment intact. Every state needs to tell the Fed traitors that they won't accept martial law under any contrived circumstances. Every state needs to break the connection with Fed overlords embedded with law enforcement, and other institutions that are traditionally state-run only. Let's recall that 9-11 was an inside job and therefore there was no GENUINE need for the treasonous "Patriot" Act nor any of the legislation that set up Homeland Security, ,etc., etc. States have to deny any call for increased gun control either. No mandatory ANYTHING-chipping, vaccines, etc.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Commentary On "Questions about Alex Jones and Continental Congress 2009"
From: Jimmy
Date: Mon, March 16, 2009
To: Editor

Dear Ken,

In reference to the article where Tom Cullen has "Questions about Alex Jones and Continental Congress 2009"

I am part of Alex Jones & David Icke's audience.

I am also a truth seeker.

To me it seems obvious that besides presenting very revealing & eye opening information about the NWO & their agenda, there is very little that these journalists can do besides just present the information. It is not their responsibility, at least in my view, for them to have to organize any ovements of any kind. They are already contributing greatly to the cause of informing the public. Remember than when countries get taking over, such as Russia, & more recently Cuba, the first targets are those holding ideological opposition, such as politicians, intellectuals, & journalists.

If these people, such as Alex, David, & others, were also the organizers of people's movements, they would become an easier target for them.

There are also too many news, too many angles, & too many things for these journalists to be able to cover it all. That's why I frequent many sites when I am looking for more information & so that I can create my own picture, & connect my own dots. For example, Alex Jones, David Icke, Jeff Rense, Project Camelot, AntiWar, Alternet,Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, BreakT heMatrix, Give Me Liberty, Health Freedom USA, Henry Makow, Information Clearing House, Divine Cosmos, Global-Research, LewRockwell, Michael Tsarion, The New Enlightenment, We Are Change, What Really Happened, etc.



From: Tom Cullen
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: Rebuttal to Commentary On "Questions about Alex Jones and Continental Congress 2009"
Date: Apr 21, 2009

Dear Ken,

In reference to the commentary by Jimmy

Jimmy wrote: /"I am part of Alex Jones & David Icke's audience./

/I am also a truth seeker./

/To me it seems obvious that besides presenting very revealing & eye opening information about the NWO & their agenda, there is very little that these journalists can do besides just present the information. It is not their responsibility, at least in my view, for them to have to organize any /(m)/ovements of any kind. They are already contributing greatly to the cause of informing the public. ..."/ (edit by me)

We can stop right there. Jimmy presents an excellent argument in the form of what I think is called a "straw man" argument. Though I did use the word "promote" in my letter- /("I would think that if anyone is doing something positive, especially something that would depend on the greatest participation, you would /promote/ it.) /- I realize that a more effective word for the essence of my thought should have been ,"publish".

Nevertheless, the spirit of my letter was not addressed by Jimmy. Rather, he presented a very good argument stating in effect that there is little they can do but present information and they are not responsible for organizing movements. If they did, they would enter the ranks of those whose ideologies oppose the NWO and would become targets of those taking over the country.

If I suspended critical thinking, I would simply agree with Jimmy that I certainly wouldn't want Alex Jones or David Icke or anyone else to become targets.

I did not propose that Alex Jones or any other information resource on the web take on the role of organizing movements. The spirit of my letter was the idea that these websites publish valuable, newsworthy information related to the evil schemes; in-place and being hatched by the global elite, but do not publish information about those who are currently opposing them. Though they do give Ron Paul a lot of press, Ron is simply another information resource who presents facts and expresses his opinions.

Furthermore, the very nature of conspiracy research and information websites automatically makes their authors targets. So that point is moot. And if they are contributing greatly to the cause by informing the public, wouldn't it make sense that they would /inform/ us about any movement that might be taking effective measures to counteract some of the NWO schemes? Please keep in mind that when I initially asked the question, I thought there was a remote possibility that Continental Congress 2009 wasn't on their radar.

I was invited to submit an article about it by the web manager on 16 Mar 2009. A week later I finished up the article and submitted it. That was about three weeks ago. I never saw it posted. I followed up with an email query and never received a response. I find that odd. It wasn't until now that I decided to address Jimmy's commentary.

I will send you that article as part of a separate email (no attachment) in case you would like to post it.

Best Regards,


From: Tom Cullen <>
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: The CC 2009 article.
Date: Apr 21, 2009

Hello again, Ken,

I learned years ago the value in viewing the world holistically. It started with yoga and the martial arts. These two mediums foster the equal use of both sides of the body and both sides of the brain. This approach lead to the study of holistic medicine, which seemed to naturally lead to seeking holistic balance in all information. Most recently, in trying to understand what is happening in my world, I discovered the rich density of information on the Web. Without that information and the often astute observations of those like yourself, it would be nearly impossible to connect the dots.

To distill the methods of the Illuminati's success into one sentence, I would say that they succeed by infiltrating, dividing and corrupting. The last two at least, are the greatest obstacles to acquiring a holistic perspective. Without that perspective, it is impossible for people to assemble a united front. Each individual is isolated with their little piece of the picture.

Once I absorbed enough information from conspiracy research websites, my patten recognition kicked in. I see that though we have access to valuable information that tells us what is really going on, there is very little information telling us how we can unite to participate in a rational way to change it. I only know of your website that consistently offers alternatives and tools like chembusters, HHGs, positive thought forms, etc.

I stepped back from the liberal media, when I accessed conservative talk radio. Stepped back from talk radio when I accessed conspiracy websites. Each step back provided greater perspective. I now step back from the web with holistic thinking in mind and I see that majority of the information is about what is wrong. There seems to be little effort to publish what is being done about it. Thus, we few million conspiracy researchers remain isolated and immobile.

By chance, I found out about the continental congress 2009 movement while reading reader's comments that follow articles on the InfoWars website. The commenter was pointing to Bob Shultz's website and urging people to read about it. Searching for CC2009 and variations of it on InfoWars, my only hits were duplicate remarks from the same reader that followed different articles. Having accessed Shultz's website, I became convinced that this is something that everyone needs to be aware of and contacted InfoWars web manager with questions and proposed to submit an article. I have included it below.

If you have had a chance to look into Bob Shultz, I would be interested to know if you think I am barking up the wrong tree.

Best Regards,



Stand for your freedom
Continental Congress 2009
By Tom Cullen Jr.

We who sit at our computers daily, searching the web for information know that our governments are run by the central banks. We know that those banks are run by a few hundred extremely wealthy people who care about nothing but their own agenda. We know the agenda is one world government ruled by the few with us as their slaves. We can keep digging for information and we are sure to find more to feed our fears, our frustration and our outrage. We know the mind control schemes. We know that racism, feminism, liberalism, conservatism and a wealth of other -isms are tools of these plotters. They serve to keep us separate from each other and distract us from taking any meaningful action. Every polarity paradigm out there is used as a cat’s-paw to cause fear, suspicion, isolation and to prevent holistic, unified thinking. We know the greatest mind control tool is the corporate media. It dispenses misinformation, half-truths, lies and fosters fear. It dulls our minds with its television programming, the bread and circus of the twenty first century. We can see the shadow of the new world order moving over the remaining light of our freedom. We know the new boss in the White House is just a corporate front man. We know that congress does not represent the people of the united states of America, but the Corporation of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. (look up the Act of 1871) We know all of these things because we are conspiracy researchers. We are awake, alert and informed. And we are alone.

The information that we gather is so contrary to what is being fed to the masses by the corporate media that no one listens to us. We too have been accounted for in the all pervasive plans of the new world order. Think about it. There are a few million of us all over the world sitting in front of our computers, blogging with each other, belly aching about yet another infringement on our freedom. Meanwhile, the mass media spreads disinformation and confusion to a few billion. It consistently conditions the masses to dismiss conspiracy theorists as kooks, quacks, nut cases. Like the pro abortionists/ antiabortionists; conservatives and liberals; blacks and whites; and any other polarized group we are effectively isolated and immobilized.

We are mistaken if we think we can accomplish anything by trying to inform our neighbors and friends about the horrendous goings on that we are privy to. There is too much detail for them to handle. Where do we start? Do we mention the barium content of chemtrails? Do we discuss how the current economic crash was engineered by the same people who caused widespread mortgage foreclosures on the farmers in the 1800’s or the crash of 29? I predict hundred yard stares. How about we try and discuss the relationship of gun control lobbies to the military build up on our own soil and the ready-to-populate concentration camps. We have to know from experience that maybe one out of every hundred will even hang around long enough to argue the issue with us. Let us still love them for they just don’t know they are not free. We are immobilized by our uncommon knowledge as effectively as the conditioned masses are by their ignorance. We can do something.

If knowledge is power, then we should have an abundance by now. All of this information will be useful in the right time, but we have to shake ourselves of this addiction to keep gathering more in lieu of action, for that has become our distraction. The global elite has succeeded thus far with one powerful weapon operating twenty four-seven. That is keeping us all distracted. While distracted, we are solated and cannot focus. Without focus, we cannot act.“Whilst men are linked together, they easily and speedily communicate the alarm of any evil design. …” -Edmund Burke In the United States of America we have the Constitution. The founding fathers designed this document to protect the people from tyranny. They were dealing with the Illuminati way before us, and knew all of their tricks. The Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution were based on a very old document called the Magna Carta. The First Amendment has ten powerful words that few people ever pay attention to. They are:“and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”.

In a nutshell, we have a right to petition the government to answer for any and all violations to our constitutional law. Any violation of our constitutional law is a threat to our freedom and an abuse of the trust we placed in those we elected.. If those grievances go unanswered, we have the right to withhold our support (taxes) of the government. Obviously, we should only do this collectively. We all know that anyone attempting to do this on their own will get stomped.“…When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.” -Edmund Burke Those who call us ’useless eaters‘, have successfully infiltrated our governments with their minions who set policy. They use our legal system to bring about tyrannical laws. The work, sweat, energy and industry of the masses supplies them with a substantial means to carry out their plans, it is done by taxing our income.

We have the right to petition our governments to answer for their violations. The list is long, but to name just a few: The Federal Reserve system, the income tax laws, the Patriot Act, the suspension of Posse Comitatus and most recently, the fact that our new president failed to present adequate proof of his citizenship. These issues are right out there in plain sight for all to see, even for our media-conditioned brothers and sisters. The other sinister programs like chemtrails, spying on our citizens, RFID, gun control laws, weather technology, mind control technology, detention camps, etc. will have a chance to come to light if we begin with the most obvious. I believe a lot of that information was purposefully leaked in order to bring fear and immobility to a critical mass. Though it is useful to be aware of the evil designs, we would be more empowered by looking for a solution. A man named Bob Shultz has been actively petitioning for redress of violations to our constitution since the 90’s. He is currently traveling to each state to speak about our constitutional rights and to organize a Continental Congress in 2009. This congress will be an assembly of three delegates from each state. These delegates are not likely to be career politicians.

The purpose is to discuss our course of action for our government’s answer to repeated petitions with nothing but repeated injury. You owe it to yourselves to go to the website: or and read everything you can. Offer help in whatever way you can. We can make a difference. We the conspiracy researchers, have enough knowledge of what is happening to our world to stand with conviction. Rather than conspiracies, inform family and friends about CC 2009. This is a peaceful, lawful action and people are more inclined to listen to something positive than more doom and gloom. The people of other countries can find similar actions to take based on Bob’s example. We are many. We need to get up from our computers. Stand up and get the word out. Even the sleeping masses are disenchanted with the way things are going in our world. They may be confused about the reasons. But if they are made to know that something meaningful is afoot in which they can participate, they will stand too. Do we continue grazing for more bad news? Do we let the Illuminati, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission continue to set the policy for us while we gripe amongst ourselves about it; immobilized? Or do we finally realize that we can refuse tyranny by withholding our support of it? It’s rather brilliant when you think it over. Our government representatives are supposed to serve us, not the other way around. It’s time we inform each other of what can be done and spread the word. Lets lend our
support to someone who has already begun to take action.

Start by reading the summit call ( ) and then checkout the rest of the site for news and updates. You will find that each state has its own website for local organizing. The organizers in your state could use some help.
Let’s get going. It is not going to get out on the nightly news, people!


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