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Correspondence with an Ingrate: The 1_2 Punch
January 19, 2006

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From: 1 2 <>
Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2005 7:20 AM
Subject: Chemtrails (anonymous report)

I live in Orlando, Florida and for the past two days I have been noticing strange contrails or chemtrails. I don't live far from Orlando International Airport. OIA used to be an airforce base, they even have locked up bunkers and a big bomber plane on display there. Anyway, I thought that contrails were supposed to disappear, but these stayed there for minutes spreading out. I also saw what seemed to be a giant military type cargo plane or something with the four propellers on the wings go overhead. That one didn't have any trails behind it as it had just taken off to fly into the sky. Now planes regularly come in and out of that airport as Orlando is the tourist capitol of the world. I was born and raised there and I live close by so I am used to seeing and hearing them a lot. But some of these planes made noises that sounded nothing like commercial airliners. And I noticed that only some planes left the trails. Why would only a few leave trails and not all of them? And why would they leave contrails trails in the first place when they are so close to the airport where the planes fly relatively low and are going slower because they are either landing or taking off? Anyways when I saw them I could think of nothing but chemtrails. On top of that I just got sick a few days ago, could they be that cause of my flu-like symptoms?

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From: Educate-Yourself
To: 1 2 <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2006 11:19 AM
Subject: Re: Chemtrails (anonymous report)

Hello 1 2,

I'm going to address your concerns, but first let me ask you to be more considerate when you write to someone like me. You reduce yourself and allow yourself to be manipulated by fear by not signing your mail with a name. .You could identify yourself with ANY name. It could be 'Joe" or "Bill", etc., if you don't wish to use your own name as I can see you wish to remain anonymous. The idea is present yourself as an upright human being and not a voice from the basement. I don't like to respond to anonymous mail. By using a pseudonymn, no one would know it was a false name but you, however, I would feel more at ease responding to someone who signs with a name.

I'm going to guess that you are a younger person and you are just becoming aware of your own abilities to discern what is reality and make judgments for yourself. Up to now, it seems that you've been accustomed to accepting the position promulgated by official sources, but your eyes and your brain are telling you that there is a disconnect between what you were told is reality and what you can plainly see.

Yes, you are seeing chemtrails and not contrails. Every plane you see isn't spraying chemtrails because not every single plane has chemtrail spraying equipment on board. The observation you make about unusual "noises" from these chemtrail planes as different is a good observation. Some people have told me that many of these planes make ZERO sound which means they are using advanced propulsion technology. Also, some chemtrail sprayers DISAPPEAR from view and you only see the chemtrails being laid down , but not the plane itself. Again, advanced stealth technology is being used

Try to adjust to the fact that the people of this country (and most other countries of the world) are being BETRAYED by their own leaders. The major governments of the world are ALL working in league with each other to REDUCE THE WORLD'S POPULATION BY ABOUT 85-90% and create a slave society for those people who survive the genocide agenda. That's what we call the One World Government or the New World Order. Chemtrails are being sprayed in most populated parts of the world with the glaring exception of China. China has been chosen by the Illuminati to be the next major world power as the United States is being prepared for destruction and dismantling. Read the intro pages on my web site about the NWO and the depopulation agenda.

And yes, your"flu" symptoms are DIRECTLY related to the garbage they are dropping over your head. See my "chemtrails" page Read about orogne generators and realize that you can fight back.

Regards, Ken

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From: 1 2 <>
To: Educate-Yourself
Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2006 6:55 PM
Subject: Re: Chemtrails (anonymous report)

I don't know who you are or what the hell you're talking about. I didn't email you and you seem to be quite crazy so go find some psychological help and don't email me again. Bye-bye.

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From: Educate-Yourself
To: 1 2 <>
Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2006 5:18 AM
Subject: Re: Chemtrails (anonymous report)

Hello Mr Obnoxious,

The e-mail you sent to me is appended to the very reply you sent back, so your denial of sending me an e-mail is rather lame. I promise you that I will post both your original e-mail and your infantile response on my web site along with your e mail address so that other people may see what a little twerp of a human weasel you are. You ask me questions; I take the time to answer you, and you reply with this garbage?

You need not concern yourself that I will devote any more time to answering or responding to such a pathetic turd as yourself, but you might expect to hear from a few (or maybe more than a few) people commenting on YOUR apparent lack of mental stability.

So long clown


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