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"BTW....I saw an article ..." (re. Barbara Hartwell)
October 3, 2006

Subject: Re: Jon Benet
From: "becky" <>
Date: Tue, October 3, 2006 5:27 am
To:   Editor

No, I did not know the Ramseys, but I just remember the news talking about the other children in the family. You are probably correct in what you have said. I know the whole thing seemed odd from the very beginning. What amazes me is people never get the fact that no matter how rich and powerful someone may get, they die just like the rest of us do. If the bible is right, and I most certainly believe it is, we all will reap what we sow. I am convinced those who can kill for the reasons you stated, eventually go insane. God turns over the wicked who refuse to repent to a reprobate mind, but they are under a false delusion the god they have created is the god who will triumph. How can anyone with two active brain cells really believe that?!

BTW....I saw an article on the net written by a lady name Barbara ??? I forgot the last name. She had quite a bit to say about you and I guess some of your friends. None of it was good. I try to be very careful about the sites I go to and that did cause me some concern. If I may ask, what is that all about? I do like the articles on your site, but I read her side of the story and would like to hear yours.


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Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2006 3:32 AM
Subject: Re: Jon Benet

Hi Becky,

Barbara Hartwell is a self admitted MK Ultra mind controlled person who was programmed by the CIA. She attacks me over the internet because I have defended Ted L. Gunderson against her outrageous slander intended to smear his name. She doesn't like being exposed for the poison pen character assassin that she is, so she writes viscious and reckless things about me as well, making things up as she goes along; or maybe I should say as her CIA programming goes along.

You can read more about Ted Gunderson here:


articles on Hartwell:

Barbara Hartwell, Gunslinger or Mudslinger? (June 14, 2003)

Barbara Hartwell, The Merchant of Venom, Pulls Out All the Stops to Slam Ken Adachi (Apr.3, 2005)

Open letter to Barbara Hartwell in Response to Her Letter to Noreen Gosch from Ted L. Gunderson (Apr. 2, 2005)

Barbara Hartwell: Where Does One Begin? (Mar. 31, 2005)

Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb, A Response from John Allman (Mar. 31, 2005)

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MODUS OPERANDI & TACTICS OF PROVOCATEURS [According to Barbara "I'm Just the Victim Here" Hartwell June 14, 2004

A Brief Note from Barbara Hartwell to Yours Truly, June 9, 2004

More "facts" About Ted Gunderson from Barbara Hartwell: CIA Victim, CIA Asset (June 8, 2004)

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