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Interesting Dream
May 29, 2005

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From: Sherene
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Sunday, May 29, 2005 7:14 AM
Subject: Interesting Dream

Hi Ken,

I know I just sent you an orgone report, but I thought my dream from last night might have some information that we could use.

I was in the pickup with my husband and his nephew who we knew as one but had the face and body of another was in the backseat while we headed somewhere. This part does not seem relevant so I will skip ahead. On our way back home we were leaving Great Falls but it didn't look like Great Falls, and there were three hills (big one's that had plateau's on them) where I saw heavenly beings standing shoulder to shoulder on all three plateau's. They were larger than life and all shone with their white garments that glistened with a bluish/silvery tone. They were magnificent. While I was telling the guys that they wouldn't believe what I had just seen! Did they see it ? My blubbering stopped as we turned the corner and I saw thousands of them everywhere crossing the street and standing alongside it. This is what I think may be important. Within a split second these beings transformed and appeared to me as if I was seeing them through and infrared camera, but I was viewing with the naked eye.

It was at that point in this dream that I thought that the time is truly at hand. I somehow knew that those beings were in place on Earth and each being was in charge of saving a certain human. That gave me a sense of elation in the dream. They were waiting on their orders from the Creator which would come when some big event had played out. Life was going on as usual and no one was seeing what I was.

This is where it gets really weird. As the guys and I continued travelling I dozed off in the dream and awoke to us being underneath some kind of huge farm equipment on the roadway that seemed to be alive and was trying to kill us. This forced us off of the road to the left and we stopped just in time to avoid driving into the river. When we got out of the pickup I walked over to a man that was busy preparing orgone to spread about. I walked up to him and said "Dooney Right?" he replied with "Yeah, Sherene Right?"

(I have read all of Don's articles and reports and have read where he mentions somebody named Dooney, but I do not know this man, but after this dream I feel I could walk up to him on the street and we would know each other. For all I know it was you, Ken who talks about Dooney.)

The interesting thing was how he was making his orgone. He had little statues of buildings like the Eiffel Tower that raised at the top and he was just filling them with the orgone minus the resin, closing them up and placing them around the area. I asked him where he got them from and he said souvineer stands. Does this possibly mean that we don't actually have to have the resin?

This then switched scenes and we were all together: Dooney, his wife, his daughter, myself, my husband and his nephew in a house which had all of the white kitchen cabinets along the back wall with the dining table to the right in a small alcove and to the left in the living room was a stone fireplace with a mantle where his daughter was reaching up with her underdeveloped or not working right arm to get something for me from the mantle. I do not know what she was giving to me since I awoke at this point, but it was important. Her arm seemed significant also.

There was also something I was supposed to tell her to do for her arm, but could not pull it out from my brain, it was like having the words on the tip of my tongue, but couldn't quite get it. The other thing was that the living room was at the front of the house without a wall to seperate it from the kitchen so where I was standing I could see both rooms clearly.

Ken, if you know how to reach Dooney then you might forward this to him to see if this has any relevance to him. You may also give him my new email address if he wants or needs it.


#2----- Original Message -----
From: Sherene
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Sunday, May 29, 2005 6:41 AM
Subject: Orgone Report

Hi Ken,

I am now back online and have spent a week catching up on all the headlines. Our trip from New Mexico to Montana was pretty uneventful, although the orgone we carried with us brought about numerous black and dark green helicopters. While on my sister in laws place we had a black one flying right over our heads. It made several passes and I stepped from the RV to wave at them. It was the next day that my husband experienced a blow out on the pickup. Don't know if this was coincidental or not. Although our tires were worn they were not bad enough for the kind of blowout that happened, ah but I digress, this was at the end, not the beginning of the trip.

We avoided going through Denver and instead travelled through Eastern Colorado due to the reports from the man from Canada who said that Denver affected his wife really badly. Since I am affected the way she is, that was a wise decision. I either read his letters on your website or Don Croft's don't remember which. We came out about 10 miles North of Denver and before we ever hit the interstate I was having the same feelings on my stomach that I experienced in Malone, New York. I had tb's placed all around me and it wasn't until my husband said he had a pain in his right temple that I realized we were having the same pain and I gave him an orgone blaster to hold and held one myself. This relieved our pains.

We never saw any antelope/deer/elk until we reached Wyoming, however we had numerous birds/hawks/eagles/seagulls staying with us. They were a delight to watch and see. Whenever we stopped for gas or to let the dog out, we always noticed police activity near us in the form of patrol cars, officers just standing around, pretending to focus on others and the typical tactics.

Our orgone was the most evident the morning we left the RV park from Cheyenne, Wyoming. There was a giant blue hole over the RV park and over half of the people who had stayed there that night were gone by the time we got up at 5 a.m., the rest were taking their time and sleeping in. The ones that were left that were up were all smiles whereas when we pulled in the night before no one would even look around.

Our three day stay in Douglas, Wyoming found us surrounded by smiling people and everyone was being so helpful. We felt this was a nice tribute to the orgone. By the time we reached Douglas I think the sylphs who had stayed with us for our journey were glad for the reprieve. They were all smiles and waving hands.

We did not gift anything on this trip since my husband was not quite into it, by the time we reached our destination he had changed his mind and was telling me to increase the count we were taking on how many gifts we would need for our return trip to retrieve our things from storage. We figure at least 1000 tb's with around 100 hhg's should suffice. We will take more just to be safe. That trip I will photograph and document with a diary so that nothing gets forgotten or overlooked. The other thing that has changed his mind is the weather pattern from area we left in Clovis, NM. He had to see what happened when we took the orgone away, and now he sees that it really does work.

Our arrival in Montana was met with rain, rain, and more rain. By the time we reached Roundup it was raining so hard we decided to stop for the night. Within thirty minutes of us stopping we had lost the electricity and the winds were violent. After an hour the storm had calmed down around us and the clouds were breaking apart. This was the first time I witnessed the sylphs in a storm. They were transmutating so fast I couldn't keep up with them. By the next morning there were REAL clouds in the skies.

We are preparing some right now for our new hometown. We will have to wait a week before we can set them out since we have to buy new tires before going on all of the caliche. Have already found the most needed areas. Last weekend we noticed as a storm was coming towards us from the Missoula area that a giant blue hole already existed in it so we knew that someone up that way had already gifted. By the time our blue hole merged with that one it didn't take long (abt. 30 minutes) for the sylphs to finish clearing the skies. I tried to take a photo of this for everyone but my camera had run out of charge. You can bet I will get the next one.

The other observation we have made is that all of the livestock are happier and more calm in the surrounding area.


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