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Is Interstate Barrier Construction Intended to Corral?
October 3, 2009

Is Interstate Barrier Construction Intended to Corral? (Oct. 3, 2009)

Subject: Interstate barrier construction
From: Greg
Date: Sat, October 3, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Ken,

I enjoy reading your site and glad you are doing what you do. Keep it up.

I am currently living in the midwest. Lately, I have noticed construction of wire guard rails along the entire length of the interstate. These guard rails would prevent cars from exiting, u-turning and such in the case of traffic jams--whatever the cause. I voiced my concern about them to my partner and she told me that I may be slightly over reacting. {We say "Holy Handgrenades Bat!" when we see cell phone towers.}

Do you have any information about these newly constructed railings?

Thank you again and God bless,



Hi Greg,


Six or seven years ago I was going to write an article about that very topic as I had seen the same sort of construction taking place here on local interstate highways in southern California.

I can understand erecting the all-concrete "New Jersey barriers" to separate traffic lanes going in the opposite direction, but to install New Jersey barriers along the SHOULDER of a highway or to install 8-10 foot walls adjacent to highway areas that previously enjoyed flat land, unobstructed by dense vegetation, which COULD allow you the opportunity to exit the freeway in an emergency, are OBVIOUSLY being eliminated in order to FORCE you to remain corralled on the highway.

I noticed the same thing with EXIT RAMPS that had a shallow berm easement onto the city streets below them. The exit ramp angles were raised and the adjacent side areas of the exit ramp were DEEPENED and shaped into a sharp "V" contour, so if you attempted to get off of the ramp by driving onto the adjacent sides of the ramp, you would wind up in a sharp gully that you could not traverse. This is clearly INTENTIONAL contouring in order to PREVENT you from exiting a highway from any other location than the exit ramp.

Why on earth would they spend the money and labor to do that?

The answer should be obvious: It's called TREASON, TREACHERY and BETRAYAL. The federal government, at least, is in the hands of NWO traitors, intent on betrayal and enslavement, and federal highway funds are only provided to state assemblies who play ball with their dictates and dictums.

Treason by any other name is still treason.

Ken Adachi

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