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Is the 12th Planet Near?
May 7, 2003

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Subject: Is the 12th planet near?

Mr. Adachi,

I've read the information on your website regarding the 12th planet and I've looked at the letters to the editor, but do not see anything in there recent. If the 12th planet is suppose to enter our solar system this month or next, should it not be visible and have been spotted? If it has already been spotted, could the government be keeping this information from the general public so as not to instill panic? Could the recent outbreak of SARS, the rare earthquake in Alabama and this new disease infecting the baboon population in Africa be a result of the 12th planet as mentioned on your website? If Anna Hayes is correct and this is not the 12th planet, but a cloaked battle star, would it have the same effect on Earth? I'm guessing that you would have contacts in high places that would alert you if the 12th planet had been spotted or will the Drudge Report be the first to break this story?


Stan Marsh

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Subject: Re: Is the 12th planet near?

Hi Stan,

I just posted something on the Current News page about this:

They don't want panic, but they want you in fear. There will not be major earth changes of the magnitude predicted by Zetatalk in my opinion. Smaller
quakes (volcanic eruptions?), possibly, but those will be manufactured by secret govt. technology (Tesla scalar weapons).

SARS is a total deception designed to provide an excuse to quarantine people, force them to vaccinate, or possibly wind up in a detention camp. A
total scare campaign. Dont' believe a word of what you read in the media. Lies and distortions.

see for more info on the SARS deception

Drudge is as controlled by the Illuminati as CNN or CBS News.

Regards, Ken



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