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Is Christianity the Way to Go?
March 14, 2005

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Sent: Monday, March 14, 2005 12:35 PM
Subject: religion

Greetings Ken,

I want to strengthen my relationship with our Creator. Last summer, I was born again because I needed God's direction and love with times like this. My question to you, is Christianity the way to go? I have come across books about the bible being a fraud and have read a letter stating that the bible was written by man. If this is true, then wouldn't it be foolish to participate in this religion? Basicly, I'm looking to prepare myself for the vibrational shift and would like to acquire the most suable method to become more of a loving being.

Secondly, as a child I was fascinated with UFOs and aliens. I knew they existed, did some research which lead me to awaken to the situation humanity is at present. Does this make me any different from the next person or is it just a case of wild imagination? In another words, could I be an Indigo?

Thanks for your time. :)

p.s. Thank you for responding to my last letter regarding the satanic x. It has opened my eyes even larger.

Take care


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From: Editor
Sent: Friday, April 01, 2005 1:28 AM
Subject: Re: religion

Hi Gary,

Christianity is a belief in Jesus, not the Bible.The Bible is a book assembled, written, and edited by men. While some fundamentalist preachers will say that the Bible is the written word of God, it doesn't change the fact that every word in the Bible was written by human beings. Despite the fact that parts of the Bible contain misleading information and in many cases, doctored information, there is none the less, a vast body of uplifting text within the Bible that can lead to spiritual inspiration and growth.

The thing is to look to the words of Jesus for inspirations, just as we can look to the words of Buddha or Chrisna, or even those of Confucius for statements of WISDOM and universal TRUTH. We learn to follow a better path by heeding the advice of spiritually advanced teachers and prophets. Those who condemn others because they don't embrace the words of THEIR particular spiritual teacher are fools and ignoramuses. Don't fall in with those wild eyed maniacs because they will exhaust you and turn you into a judgmental robot and make you a slave to their dogma.

Jesus did not teach anything of dogma. He spoke to the heart of men about the truth of God and how we can be at peace in our heart and live in happiness and joy while on earth and go on to love all the creatures of creation and in doing so, we learn to love the Creator in greater depth and with deeper meaning.

The Kingdom of God is within Jesus said, and so it is. The spark of God is WITHIN every single one of us and the sooner we realize it, the sooner we can free ourselves of the misery of collective guilt and cult sensibilities.

The greatest affront to the words of Jesus are those who wear their 'Christianity' on their sleeve and preach judgmentalism and wrath and smiting of perceived foes. Worst yet, a large part of fundamentalist Christians have been infiltrated and co-opted by the Dark Side and many of the so called nationally known Christians "leaders" are in fact satanists and are in cahoots with the diabolical agenda of the NWO.

So there's nothing wrong with being a Christian, as long as you're a Christian who follows the words of Christ and not the words of Luciferians-posing as 'Christians'.

I understand that Indigo children have more DNA strands and seem to have a higher consciousness in general. We have all been exposed to aliens and alien craft, so I would not call that a sign of being indigo, but you could be Indigo, I really have no way of knowing. You will likely discover that within yourself, but don't let your ego deceive you.

Regards, Ken


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Reader Comment

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From: philip kelleher <>
Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2005 11:49 PM
Subject: Re; Is Christianity the Way to Go?

Hi Ken,

I was moved this morning (at 3am.) to respond to the above-titled e-mail , ( although I didn't get to a computer until 10:30. ;~)

I would like to offer a couple of points towards anyone who is venturing onto the 'Spiritual Path' especially if for the first time, and anyone else it may serve.

As we move deeper into this time of transition, the dark energies that manipulate the manipulators on this Earth, are becoming more and more desperate in their attempts to keep us 'seperated', that is, to keep us absorbed in the illusion that we are seperate from each other. As the Light intensifies and each of us is stirred from deep within to find our way, a better way forward, for this Earth and for all Life, we naturally become a force that the dark energies fear, as they will lose their control of the Planet. The Light within each of us is the same God-Light and yet each of us has our own individuality that allows us to express that God-Light in our own unique way. ~ We Are Truly ONE, with many facets.

Can you imagine what a planet of God-realised beings would be like? A life of Joy, Peace and Harmony, with transparency in all institutions and technologies focused with one purpose, to uplift all, to serve all, including Mother Earth.

This would of course be the end of ALL darkness on this Earth, and so these forces of dark, have been busy (since a very long time) to keep us in the illusion of 'smallness', 'fear', and 'seperateness' from each other and from God.

At this time , they have pulled out all the stops and would happily drag this Earth down with them, ( although in this , they will not suceed ), but as is their nature, they will try to the very end to keep us apart, and even to destroy us all.

Yet , just as the shadows of the mountain appear to intensify as the sun rises in the morning ~ but then disappear in the full light of day ~ so too as we awaken to our own Divine nature and Unity ~ we eliminate the darkness when we turn on the Light Within ~ . This Light is simply the RE-Cognition (Re-memberence) of who we truly are. This Galactic Day has dawned, and as the Light increases, the darkness will APPEAR to intensify, but I pray you see this for the illusion it is and let nothing keep you from discovering who you are. It is in the knowledge, the Knowing of who we are in Truth , that will set us Free.

ALL organised religeons on this Earth have been infiltrated , manipulated and ultimately corrupted by these dark forces , however subtly, so that the highest teachings that they once held, are a mere trace of what they were, and with the overlay of fear, seperation, condemnation, imperfection, unworthiness etc. all being spoon-fed to us from the cradle to the grave. Thus it is little wonder that for so many of us, our 'bullshit detectors' go crazy at the word 'religeon', 'God' or when other such words referring to the Divine, are used. And yet unfortunately , so many others still blindly accept the continued brainwashing by these organisations.

As much as we are repelled by the goings-on of the organised religeons and their attempts to guarantee the survival of their own organisations by telling us that we can 'only find God through them, and no other', our soul recognises, that even through all the bs., there are glimpses of higher truths mixed in there.

These higher truths can be recognised anywhere, they are techings reminding you of your own Divinity, of your unity with ALL That Is and that God can be found in your own heart.

Many a spiritual seeker have been diverted in their sincere efforts to find their way to their own Divinity, by the dark forces, and I would like to offer this little piece of advice, whenever you are praying for something, calling in Spirit or having any contact with those'beyond the veil' (of illusion), it is always wise to ask that 'Only those of the Light and serving the Divine Plan' may come. If an entity ever comes uninvited, or if you think you have 'made contact' with a spirit, always ask it 3 TIMES , 'Are you of the Light and serving the Divine Plan'? If the entity is evasive or refuses to answer, simply ask it to go. It is a universal law that ANY entity MUST answer this question truthfully when asked 3 TIMES.

It MUST then leave if told to do so.

Finally, I would say that Jesus (and any of the Ascended Host) will come to you in YOUR OWN HEART, this is an ability each of us has to connect with the Ascended Ones , there is a website that is called I have been looking at closely for the last 4 months or so, there are many tools there that will help you to connect with your own Christ Self and give you protection. I especially reccommend you read Archangel Michaels Rosary, this is the most powerful prayer I have ever used , it is laser-guided towards dealing with the dark forces and 'power elite' on the Earth at the present time.

However, as with all things, let your own heart tell you if this is serves you.

~ As it has been written, "And remember, Ye are Gods". ~

With Love ~

Philip Kelleher

There is a Light that shines beyond all things on earth,
beyond us all, beyond the heavens,
beyond the highest, the very highest heavens.
This is the Light that shines in our heart.

~~Chandogya Upanishad ~ (

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