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The Project Blue Beam/British Israel Brain Wash from the Islamic Side
July 5, 2006

Project Blue Beam (
British Israel (

Subject: Only Hope after Project Blue Beam
Date: Wed, July 5, 2006 12:45 am
To: Editor


In favor of my above statement I am asking one question

The history of Humans start just 10,000 years before, Today we succeeded to develop fastest rocket with speed of 64000 km/hour, Are you sure you can even go to the end of our galaxy with this speed? With this ratio of advancement will you be able to see the farthest objects (like Quasars which are around 13 billion light years away)? Does it mean that other parts of universe are not made for us? , can we explore with 64000 km/hour or even if we get the speed of light itself? Object's data in Universe shows that we should have flying object with minimum speed of One Billion light year per second or more.

Please think.

Possible answer

Since God created the Human for the purpose, God want to introduce his properties to Humans. The problem for this introduction was that if Human will know these power then due to impurity they will use these powers for destruction (Even they had little knowledge, today they are running for third world NUCLEAR WAR) For this reason God send his prophets to purify the humans. Some Human accepted to be purified but majority did not accept. Now for those who purified themselves God want to show them what is in universe as a first lesson. Therefore God gathered all these purified humans to a place (Bermuda Triangle) which is protected by a very special science which these impure humans can not understand (until they purify themselves). In that place these purified Humans are doing experiments (study behaviors of UFO's on internet, UFO never harm to anyone except they are attacked unnecessarily by humans) As the possessor of this science is a very powerful person so it is not allowed to transfer this science to impure Humans. Now question is when we will know about this science? Answer is when Imam Mehdi (Salam on him) and Jesus Christ (Salam on Him) will reappear, and will fill this world with justice and purified Humans, against as it was filled with injustice and impure peoples.

Please prepare yourselves for a great Revolution by purifying yourselves


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