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Jackson Heights, NY Slowly Sinks into the Bowels of the Beast
April 22, 2008

Jackson Heights, NY Slowly Sinks into the Bowels of the Beast (April 24, 2008)

Subject: TETRA
From: Nathalie
Date: Tue, April 22, 2008
To:   Editor

Hi Ken,

It's Nathalie P. Walking in my neighborhood of Jackson Heights, NY, I have lately been noticing a lot of weird looking antennas (or is it antennae?) on several rooftops. They don't look like TV antennas or cable. Then I was reading David Icke's latest book where he talks about TETRA "environmental monitors" sprouting up all over the place and how they cause cancer, insomnia and terrible headaches, to mention only a few horrors.

I tried going on the internet to see if I could find any information and only come  across a company called Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. and nothing more. When I went on website, there is virtually no information available. It seems very cagey. This is very upsetting since my neighborhood is mostly made up of people who will not notice, or if they do, will certainly remain silent.

It seems that lately, I am surrounded with people who refuse to see what is right in front of their noses. I took my 12 year old son to the doctor for his yearly physical so he could go to summer camp. The doctor said he  needed an additional shot for chicken pox, even if he already had one. I succeeded in really pissing her off when I pointed out the absurdity of such a thing as an additional shot of chicken pox, of all things, for logical scientific reasons. I phoned my 14-year old son to tell him about it, and he  mmediatly pointed out that the need for a second shot meant A) the first one was then no good B) arent' you supposed to only get chicken pox once? C) won't that depress the immune system?

When I made these points with the doctor she got very irritated.

Then at a coffee shop there was a tv showing music videos in Spanish. There was a girl dancing in an underground kind of place filled with burning crosses and candles and at the end, reminiscent of a satanic atmosphere, all the guys who were apparently vying for her favors had a rumble in an empty toro plaza and one guy got stabbed in the stomach with a sharp dagger, which went right through him, hitting the ground in a closeup of a bloody mess, leaving me stunned and nauseated. In the confusion of all the guys fighting over the girl, there was a quick flash (almost subliminal) of an exposed breast/nipple.

The people in the coffee shop continued to munch and sip as if nothing. Why are people so dumb? Sometimes it gets really depressing, Ken, it really does. By the way, did you ever hear of Dr.Ghislaine Lanctot? She is currently being detained at the Tanguay prison in Quebec for refusing to pay taxes for the corporation GHISLAINE LANCTOT set up at birth for her by the Canadian government. She has decided to become sovereign. She is very interesting and wrote a book a while back called :"The Medical Mafia" exposing the medical scam perpetrated every day upon sick and scared people.

Well, let's keep up the positive frequencies, if nothing else.  Sorry if there are any spelling errors, I can't seem to find spell check when I email. I am an English Major from the stone age. We used to hand write papers and one teacher said my spelling was medieval. I am incorrigible! (or un-correctable)!



Hi Nathalie,

Can you borrow a digital camera and take some photos of those roof antennas? I'd like to see them up close if possible. 

I did a search of Malcolm Pirnie and come up with lots of hits, but the description of their work is somewhat vague. Try to ask the tenants of those buildings what are the antennas for and who's using them? Is someone being paid rent for putting those antennae up there? The building owner must know what's going on. Ask the tenants who is the owner of the building and see what you can find out. 

You were right in questioning the need for a second chicken pox vaccine because chicken pox is a one time deal. But more than that, chicken pox is no big deal and once you get it, you have immunity for life. Getting vaccinated, however, is a much more dangerous and perilous proposition since you have NO IDEA WHAT'S ACTUALLY IN THE VACCINE (it doesn't matter what's printed on the bottle anymore; you CANNOT trust pharmaceutical companies today. They are at the forefront of the Illuminati's world depopulation agenda). And did you know that drug companies classify all vaccines as "experimental"? That means that they can refuse to accept liability for any damage that your kid may suffer because the packaging that comes with the vaccine says it's "experimental"

You can go to summer camp without being forced to get a vaccine if you insist loudly enough with the doctor and the camp. Tell them that they will have to sign a letter saying they will pay for full costs of any damages that your kid suffers as a result of getting the vaccine that they are FORCING you to get in order to go to the camp. That's how you stop them cold because they won't sign any such agreement and since they can't guarantee your kids' safety, then they can't insist on his being vaccinated.

It's a matter of digging your heels in and let them know that you know more about the law than they do. If they say your kid can't go, then you say you're going to contact the ACLU, the state attorney general's office, the media and every anti-vaccine web site on the internet, as well as every parents group connected to that summer camp program. If they don't cooperate, then you follow through and you don't send your kids to the camp. Their health is more important than a summer camp program. Here's another idea: if you're getting so much flack from something as minor as a summer camp program, start YOUR OWN summer camp program with other parents who feel as you do. .AVOID VACCINATIONS at all costs.

The satanic overtones in the video is a telling indication of the growth of satanic media infiltration which you see on TV all the time now. I see politicians, movie stars, TV personalities, flash the satanic hand sign routinely. I just saw a short commercial on TV a couple of weeks ago showing Tom Cruise laughing in a chair while waving his hand with the satanic hand sign--very distinctly. You couldn't miss it. He was sending a message.

I didn't know of the lady in Canada, but I do know about the sovereign movement. They want to make examples of people like her to get the rest of us to stay in line and be nice, obedient slaves. The jackals working for the US Marshals illegally arrested the Browns of New Hampshire under the color of law last year and put them into the American gulag system using the same pretext.

The things you write about here are bothering you. You need to do something about it and find allies and start taking action. If nothing else, find out what's up with those antennas. You have to fight the New World Order takeover agenda. Just observing and commenting on the degradations and coercions that are put upon us is not enough. You have to fight to reverse these agendas. There's no other way.

Regards, Ken

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