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James McCanney Again & My 'Intolerance' Towards Immigration Issues
January 29, 2008

James McCanney Again & My 'Intolerance' Towards Immigration Issues (Jan. 30, 2008)

Subject: Jim McCanney
From: Dr. French
Date: Tue, January 29, 2008
To: Editor

Hello Ken,

Dr. French here again.

We've had some disagreements in the past, but I still consider your site to be the best overall source of diverse info for a variety of people in trying to understand this "Matrix" all around us. You're not always correct, you've been fooled and manipulated before, and I personally find you intolerant with any immigrant related issue as well as being petty at times (like harshly criticising non-English speakers for their grammer, while marginalising their sometimes very important messages). But, that's just my opinion, it is YOUR site afterall, and I can't find any reason to question your heart and passion in trying to expose the ugly truth and providing people with some solutions / strategies. Overall, I would say a big "thank-you" to you Ken despite our differences.

I view Jim McCanney in much the same light. I've gone over his entire site, examined his credentials numerous times, read most of his books, investigated his detractors, and have listened to his weekly radio show for well over 2 years and have concluded that he is also flawed at times (from my biased perspective naturally), but a very important player in this game of seeking truth nonetheless. He discusses things and puts them in perspective in a very unique way. His diverse areas of training, work experience, and research over 30 YEARS is outstanding Ken, and his latest work in solving prime numbers is first class and quite literally historical. You chastising him over the "professor" label is you at your petty best. I do agree with you, however, that he is overly "gloom and doom" at times - especially with his time frames for social disaster, and that the Planet X thing really burned him, but it's not as simple as you explain to your followers. Some of his predictions have been off, but most (especially in regards to weather manipulation, seasonal storms, sun cycles, and solar system events) have been VERY accurate. He is truly excellent in some areas, mediocre in others. He connects the dots well, but not exactly like you Ken. There are, in fact, many areas in which the two of you dove-tail and come to
the same conclusions, or offer the same opinions.

My point is that you and Jim are more allies than you are currently willing to admit. He, like you, is one of the good guys and deserves more credit than you have given him. When people are on the "cutting edge" it's too easy to cut them down as crazy or disinfo-agents or being manipulated, and you of all people should know that Ken. I hope you have the time or inclination to review Jim's overall body of work because there really are some incredible gems there, and these discoveries might alter your opinions of the "truth" somewhat.

Here's hoping you are well and free in spirit,

Dr. French


Hello Dr French,

Thank you for your complimentary remarks, even if somewhat backhanded.  It's not quite accurate to say that 'we've had disagreements' since we've never tried to work together, but you wanted to criticize me about certain things, so you did it with a mix of critique and kudos, much as you've done here. That's alright.

I can see that your feelings are sincere and based on your perceptions, but your perceptions aren't necessarily the most accurate or the most informed. You judge me through the filter of your own biases.  For example, you perceive me as being 'intolerant' of any "immigrant related
issue", but is that perception accurate?

I've never written even ONE paragraph about the abysmal manner in which the United States Immigration service has mistreated people who try to emigrate or obtain a VISA to enter this country legally. Anyone who has actually gone through the molasses sludge called the US immigration bureaucracy knows just how incompetent, slovenly, and "bureaucratic" that organization is, at least that which I saw through most of the 1990s. What should have taken a month or two, winds up taking 18 or 24 or 38 months because of the cartoonish "leadership" of political HACKS appointed to head up what used to be called the US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).

Now, what you're talking about has nothing to do with immigration. Your critique is directed towards my 'intolerance' of illegal aliens who criminally enter this country and take jobs that American citizens could be doing, in order to maximize the profit margin of disloyal American employers who are unconcerned about the evisceration of the American middle class, or the ultimate fate of America or its citizens. As I stated in my article about "Undocumented Immigrants', illegals are robbing Americans of jobs in landscaping, carpentry, lawn maintenance, paid gardeners, residential construction, commercial construction, office cleaning, house cleaning, carpet cleaning, auto mechanics, car washing, garment work, factory work, fast food restaurants, street repair, plumbing work,.. the list is endless.

You identify yourself as Dr. French. For argument sake, let's assume that you're a medical doctor. You wouldn't feel so 'tolerant' of illegal aliens if they took YOUR business away, would you? If you are a medical doctor, you have a powerful union, the AMA, to keep a lid on how many doctors are allowed to practice in this country and powerful state licensing requirements that make it impossible for illegals to take over your job, but blue collar Americans have no such protection from a government which has failed them completely to keep our borders secure, and from failure to prosecute employers who hire illegals.

So, while I am intolerant of illegal aliens, I have never disparaged anyone who has written me a POLITE letter about the issue of illegal aliens, contrary to your assertion, no matter how poorly their English may have been. People who write to me with disdain, arrogance, anger, hubris, or are otherwise insulting in some manner, will be treated in a vein befitting their tone.

People who CHOOSE to write crude and insulting letters to me are going to get their Just Rewards instantaneously from this keyboard without having to wait for the full Karma cycle to run its course. So actually, I'm doing those folks a favor. I'm helping to instill in them the rules of civilized discourse which their uncaring or absent parent never taught them as a child. You might call it an accelerated version of the Law of Cause & Effect. And it's not really that much fun playing Nanny to the hordes of Internet Low Life who decide to divest their hot breath opinions at my doorstep.  You don't perceive that a lesson is being taught, but there is one. You mistake an act of civic responsibility, in assisting a bonehead to RECOGNIZE that he's a bonehead, for an act of intolerance or 'marginalization' of a bonehead's "important messages". One throws away the opportunity to deliver an "important message' when one stoops to vilification or insult as part of that 'delivery.'  

James McCanney

James McCanney told me who and what he is when he made his internet debut by aligning himself with an utterly unscrupulous plagiarist and fraud by the name of Mark Hazelwood who wrote a book around 2001 or 2002 called "Blindsided" claiming that his book was the culmination of "ten years of research". The book was in fact the culmination of 2 or 3 years of STEALING every single bit of information Hazelwood had ever "researched" from Nancy Leider's website, Zeta Talk. 

There is also little doubt in my mind that plagiarist Hazelwood FIRST learned of the entire story of the return of the 12th Planet by reading MY synopsis, Coming Attractions, which I wrote in 1996 and posted to the internet in 1997. That synopsis was posted at every major anti-NWO web site from David Icke to Jeff Rense.

The difference between Hazelwood's "book" and my synopsis is the difference between fraud and integrity. I credited every one of my sources--MOST OF ALL Zeta Talk- while Hazelwood --AND MCCANNEY-- chose to pretend that THEIR information was the fruits of THEIR research.

McCanney's false claim, whether on radio interview talk shows or in print, to be a "Professor" is in keeping with a basically dishonest character, demonstrated so ably in joint radio interviews with con artist Hazelwood. Anyone who attempts to falsely elevate his academic credentials in order to claim greater "authoritative" status is obviously driven by ego and should not be trusted as an authority on anything. .

Sure, McCanney covers many of the topics that you see on my website and arrives at many similar "conclusions". Does that mean that he's a "cutting-edge" anything? No, he's mostly a Jimmy-come-Lately copycat of others who have already posted "his" info on the net. I know nothing of his Prime numbers research and if he's has truly accomplished something original there, then the world will accord him due credit.

There is a limited amount of time that one can devote to reading books or listening to radio interviews. If you want to invest yours with James McCanney, that's your decision, but I'm more selective with my choices and James McCanney--of all people-- isn't on my list, although I do apprciate your desire to play the role of peacemaker for a man you obviously like and admire.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi


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