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Japan Radiation Hype: Those Who Pump It & Those Who Believe It
April 6, 2011

Japan Radiation Hype: Those Who Pump It & Those Who Believe It (April 6, 2011)

Subject: Japan's 3/11/11 Mega 9.1 Earthquake: Another Illuminati Production?
From: Brian (UK)
Date: Wed, April 6, 2011
To: Ken Adachi


I have followed your website for some years now, usually related to 'free' energy ideas etc..

I have just listened to your audio file ref japan eq etc..

I do NOT profess to know it all, but I am concerned that your audio and I believe your website is suggesting that he Nuclear radiation fallout etc., is a scare mongering technique, supported by the media.

The opposite is what i know to be true!

The media and TV stations are not causing any alarm, they ARE doing the opposite. Their general spiel is that you have nothing to worry about.

The real evidence clearly shows that there is a real threat which is being dumbed down, to keep the public ignorant of the facts. If you are an honest man and have any concerns for humanity, you need to consider
this evidence.


Radiation Found In San Francisco, CA Tap Water ? Rainwater Radiation 18,100% Above Drinking Water Limit

Despite countless reassurances that no harmful levels of radiation from the Japan nuclear fallout would hit the US from the EPA, the University of Berkley in California is now reporting that rainwater in San Francisco water has now been detected at levels 18,100% above federal drinking water standards.

Again, with just about all other news of the radiation hitting the US, the news is once again reported to the public over a week after it was first detected

Leuren Moret - Coverup -

California Northwest, USA, BC, Canada under RADIATION THREAT as HIGH as Japan
by Alfred Webre



crunch time
view the satellite Nuclear fallout patterns over US and Canada



I heard you also raise a question as to WHY japan was chosen as a target? i believe I know a man who can offer a very simple answer to that question. Should any of the above info raise your curiosity, I would be willing to disclose more.

Best Wishes,


Hi Brian,

I do not agree with Alfred Webre and Lauren Moret's The-Sky-is-Falling assessments, nor their "evidence".

I'll stick to my original statement that the engineered events of 3/11 was a set up and due to sabotage; that the radiation measured in the seawater was originally created on March 11 when I believe a nuclear device was detonated in the seafloor which likely worked in tandem with a space-based beam weapon platform to maximize the intensity of the earthquake to the highest achievable levels. Perhaps HAARP played some role as well.

The reported iodine radiation in some drinking water was added to the water, in my opinion, to create the illusion that Daiichi was responsible for the elevation. There is no way to judge the accuracy or veracity of any statements given to the press about the conditions at Daiichi. We also don't know if the reported cracks in the reactor were created on March 11 or at a later date.

I do know that the Japanese Prime minister is dragging his feet and doing NOTHING while giving meaningless press conferences in his spiffy emergency relief worker's uniform and telling the Japanese public that they are doing all they can do etc.

I do know that the Red Cross has collected over one BILLION so far, and that the victims of 3/11 have not seen a DIME of that money to date. But I did see one woman exec from the Red Cross have her picture taken with a kimono and promised that 10 million were sent to the Japanese Red Cross. Isn't that Special!

(The Red Cross is repeating the SAME rip-off scam they ran after the Haiti quake, after Katrina, after 9/11 etc. Total rip-off CRIMINALS stealing the donated money intended for victims of these Illuminated disasters.)

The idea is to PROLONG the sense of crisis and emergency and thus the need for daily innoculations of how "bad" things are going-- and total foot dragging on infusing any REAL aid and relief.

Don Nicoloff asked the question "why Japan." If I used the term, I expressed it more in a rhetorical fashion to express the reasons I gave in my March 12 article: to punish Japan for not bowing to the Illuminated bankers and for being too "independent" of their control mechanisms, and perhaps getting too close to proudicng free energy engines etc.

If you have info about Japan you want to share, please do.

Kind Regards,Ken


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