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March 11 Japan Tsunami as Seen from Car Overtaken by the Flooding

From Ken Adachi, Editor
August 10, 2011

March 11 Japan Tsunami as Seen from Car Overtaken by the Flooding (Aug. 10, 2011)

I was sent this video link this morning by a friend who wondered whether the person who recorded the video was able to survive the tsunami. In the final few seconds of the video, you see the car rapidly fill up with water.

It's clear from the opening scenes of the video that the movement from the earthquake itself was relatively slight, and certainly not anywhere the magnitude of a 9.0 earthquake as reported in the news. The flooding, as was seen in the overhead helicopter videos out of Japan, moves in with a gradual surging effect and not as a tidal wave effect as we might imagine from a genuine earthquake-created tsunami. The flooding that we are witnessing on this video was the result of the displacement of sea water due to an undersea nuclear explosion - as reported at this web site on March 12, 2011.

(I'll obtain a translation of the Japanese narration and post it here.)

1) March 11, 2011 Japan tsunami video-recorded from inside car overtaken by the flooding

Another source for the same video clip:

2) March 11 Tsunami surge recorded from the ground view



3) Kesennuma, Japan (coastal city)


4) Onegawa devastating tsunami surge viewed from tall building



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