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Jeanette Wakefield - Third Letter

First Letter Dec. 2, 2011) / Second Letter (June 20, 2012)

From: Jeanette Wakefield
October 11, 2012

Transformative Encounters Continued ~Third Letter From Jeanette Wakefield (October 11, 2012)

Dear Ken,

I have been trying to get this letter out to you for a quite a while, but it has been really hard. It is hard to know what to do with experiences of this kind; whether or not I should share any of this or what parts to share. I have been working on putting my thoughts and notes into writing this and haven't been able to read much of your website for the past couple weeks, so I've been missing out.

Anyway, the things I want to share mostly came about during the period from late June until early August, but mostly in July. It was a very intense period psychically and spiritually. Much of it has to do with my efforts at trying to help mitigate the so-called "flash-drought" period over the summer. I am using the term flash-drought sarcastically. I do not buy into the notion that a drought of such intensity can come naturally 'in a flash'. I am poking a little bit of fun at the mainstream media. The global-warming/climate-change cheerleaders were very busy. All the doom-and-gloom reports and speculations about the weather were obviously meant to milk every bit of horror and fear they could from the public (to the point of ignoring or downplaying any and all outliers), and they tried to pacify questioning by calling it a flash-drought. Well, things didn't quite pan out as the darkies expected (I believe it was intended to be much, much worse), but that didn't stop their media from staying the course on pounding that negativity into collective conscious. All the better to justify high prices of just about everything, even though it was truly only a select few types of crops that were actually hurt, and only in specific regions.

What I believe was going on was that there were some naturally-occurring, and spiritually-guided/assisted (by Elementals) aspects to the conditions. But there also was an attempt to latch onto and exacerbate and control such conditions through artificial technologies, in order to wreck havoc to Earth, to the natural/spiritual process that has been going on to purify Earth, and to humankind emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually through horror, fear, depression, hopelessness, etc., and of course gain worldly profit/control through it also. I believe these echnologies have been tested in several other regions of the world in recent years.

There are many facets to it: the natural course of things in terms of weather patterns, the spiritual aspect of Earth purification, and then also those who wish not only to tamper with and use this natural and spiritual process to wreck havoc, but also stop it from happening and gain some sort of over-lording control of the elements and Earth processes.

There were a couple of things that came about during this period which I thought were especially interesting and inspiring. I'm calling them synchronicities. One happened during the time I was doing what I call spirit help or spirit work (what others seem to call "boosting ') for the weather systems in July. I sometimes became frustrated if and when I did not see immediate results soon after a period of focused intent. I think this may be a common issue with learning how to do spirit work; learning patience and faith. Usually, if my will is aligned with higher consciousness, what I put focused intent toward comes to pass, but not immediately (which I understand is just the way it works). But when it is an issue of suffering (such as drought can bring), it gets more difficult for me to remain patient and stalwart in my faith if I don't see immediate results. I know this may be an unreasonable expectation, but it is still difficult. However, the kindness, patience, wisdom, and powerful resonance of Holy Spirit, Angels, Spirit Helpers, and/or higher beings is humbling, comforting, and uplifting.

I was gently "told " several times when I got discouraged, that it was all about tipping points, and that I simply needed to keep faith and keep working at bringing about a tipping point toward a healing balance in Earth, and any and all places I was able to visualize and connect to. The words and feelings directed toward me were kind, yet powerful. It made me feel better and gave me the forbearance to keep trying. My main point here is to emphasize their use of the term 'tpping point' and how important it seems to be. Not long after this, I happened to read an article by ZSL and saw that he made a point to talk about a tipping point that we are coming toward spiritually. I felt such a rush when I read that. That is exactly the message I had been getting! Evidently that is how it works - tipping points.

Another synchronicity came about after reading another ZSL article on the rings around Saturn and protection for Saturn and Earth. Just a couple days later, I went on a hike at a park. At that point, the ground was still soft enough that I could see some imprints of shoes. There was an imprint that caught my attention and I saw it in several places (although not sure it was actually a shoe-print because there was quite some distance of separation from one of the imprints to another). It looked like several concentric circles - not sure exactly how many, but several. It looked like this. I thought this was a strange sort of imprint. It took a couple of times of me making note of it before I felt a psychic connection. I remembered the article about the rings of Saturn and how they were protecting it and how Earth will soon have these. My reaction was to do a little jump for joy (couldn?t help it). It just looked like a little sign on the ground, imprinted right on the Earth itself!

Interesting Things in July
This next section is difficult to write because it is about things that may be very hard for many people to believe. However, it is the truth of my experience. I want to bring at least some things forward because there is a greater message that I feel strongly is important to share. It's also difficult to write up because there was so much packed into such a short period of time. I kept notes as best as I could and marked things on a calendar. I could write all the details out, but that might get boring, so I've tried to condense things as best I could, and leave out things that are more personal. I'll only include things that are linked to the greater message.

I have in recent years participated in mitigation efforts (psychically and spiritually using requesting and focused intent) of what I believe has been ongoing attempts to bring about weather or geological disaster in the region of the United States where I live. Summer 2010 was fairly normal here (except for the chemtrails, which I learned how to mitigate with help from the Sylphs and other Elementals). Last year, it was not only the chemtrails, but I was trying to stymie attempts to cause earthquakes and severe heat. This year, it was heat and drought.

I have learned new things every year, and my capacity for this kind of work has improved; although it is not really me doing the real work. It is God and Holy Spirit, Angels and Elementals.

So, here is what happened this summer:

By July 1st, it had started getting very hot where I live. At first it seemed like the typical July weather, however, about July 5th and 6th, I noticed that it was becoming extremely hot; 100 degrees or higher (which may not be unusual for some areas, but it is for this area when it is extended beyond a couple days). I also realized it had not rained in about two weeks and I began to get worried. Things were wilting, burning and the soil was cracking. But it was more than that: the sunlight felt laser-hot.

I began to get a strong impression that something artificial might be going on yet again. I suspected many of the things I discussed in my last letter, but particularly something artificial was intensifying the sunlight. I read reports of the solar flares taking place, so I thought that was probably a big factor, but I kept getting the impression again, that something was tampering with the process and making it even stronger and directed at certain areas. These were just psychic impressions, so I decided to look up more information whenever I could find the time. I've made a list of some of the things I found on the internet from past searches as well as my recent search for information in July (I've included the list at the end of this section of my letter).

On July 6th, I went to one of the parks nearby and took a walk to do some spirit help, using focused intent to try and manifest cooler air and maybe rain clouds. It was over 100 degrees. I found streambeds that normally have standing water in them were damp, but no water. My concern was for all the wildlife there as well as the trees and other plants. I said a prayer before I started. I then walked all around the park, stopping here and there, using focused intent to try and manifest cooling, clouds, and rain. Within just a few minutes, I did see clouds forming, but they did not stay. I got the feeling they were being vaporized by the heat (I kept getting impressions that there is technology that can heat up the upper atmosphere layers to the point that it vaporizes condensation). I kept using my focused intent, but every time I had success, it did not stick, and I started getting discouraged.

I remember exactly where I was standing, when all of a sudden, in swooped an enormous Dragon spewing rain from its mouth and along its wings. I thought, "Dragons again, that's interesting!" I was also so amazed to see them. There was another one spewing ice and freezing air. I must say that the Dragons came on their own, without efforting or intending the thought-form, so I believe they are a real spiritual presence, although how much of their form is my interpretation of that presence, I'm not sure. To someone else they may appear as a different form; however, for me they are Dragons. In any case, I believe they are Spirit Helpers and work with the Sylphs. I continued creating thought forms of clouds and rain, but I also got the idea to create another thought form to use.

I visualized Earth having a giant snow-cone for a "hat", and kept piling on fine-grained ice and visualized (and heard) the tiny ice crystals melting into Earth's atmosphere. It sounds funny, but that is what I imagined. I did this along with visualizing clouds. Pretty soon, some larger clouds showed up, and although it was still pretty hot, there were soon breezes too. They were not that cool, but at least there was air flow. Eventualy, it came time to go home (which presents distractions and I was hot and tired). I went home and was glad to see that things seemed to be cooling down and there were many large clouds by the time I got home (no rain, though). I decided to just let things be and see what happens.

It was hot on the July 7th through the 9th, but no clouds or rain. On July 10th, I went to another park in the morning before work. I prayed and used focused intent to manifest rain clouds. There were Sylphs that showed up and then the Dragons came again to help. After a while, it was really clouding up. By the time I left, it looked like some of these clouds were forming condensation (looking darker on the undersides). I had to leave, but for the rest of the afternoon, there continued very blue sky with real clouds. By the end of the afternoon (about 6pm), it was dissipating (still no rain).

I could not get away from work and distractions again until July 13th. On that day, I decided to try again and devote the whole day to helping. I went to another park (there are several in the area I live). I walked around for hours, stopping, sitting under trees, all the while praying and using focused intent for cooling and rain clouds. Again the Dragons began to show up and swoop through the air, one of them spewing rain, the other spewing ice crystals. I also started seeing large Sylphs. I again visualized a snow-cone top to Earth that immediately melted into Earth. I also visualized extremely cold air (the thought of "absolute zero" came to mind) and ice on the poles and air currents, especially coming down from the North Pole region. After a little while (about 15 minutes) I could see enormous iceberg-like clouds that ranged from white to deep blue. They were just off the horizon, from both northwest and southeast. Absolutely gorgeous. It was very hot, but such a beautiful sight.

Solar Energy Manipulation?
I hiked over to a special place near a stream where there is a deep pool of water, lots of large stones, and moss with plenty of trees. It is a place in the past that I have spent time communing with Earth and all the tiny things living there in and near that water pool. It is usually a very alive, green place. When I got there this time however, it was nearly all dried up. This was distressing to see. I worried about it as a critical habitat and water source for the wildlife there. I felt that there had to be more I could do, other than try and manifest clouds and rain. I thought of the Sun and how the sunlight had started to feel so scorching. When young, strong prairie flowers (that are drought and heat tolerant) have their little buds fry before they even have a chance to open up, it's like they are being broiled in an oven, I believe there is something unbalanced (and maybe artificial) going on with the Sun (or sunlight) that was perhaps in addition to any natural solar flares that were occurring. I decided to begin sending healing thought-forms toward the Sun; giving it love and calming feelings. I thought it was worth a try.

After a few minutes, I got visualizations of being inside the Sun to heal it from within. I saw what I intuited was "star energy." It looked like the most amazing, brightest light presence within the Sun - like a little white star. I felt it was pure light, in a spiritual sense. From the perspective of being near the Sun, it was like I could also see Earth from a distance, but simultaneously could see it closer, as if hovering above it (the etheric or astral seems to be changeable at any split second. Different perspectives can flit in and out; some can be held and others will flicker). Anyway, I also saw what looked like many Angels hovering over the Earth. I saw them fly over the Earth holding hands. They were using their voices (a choir) to help heal Earth. I got the feeling that this was to override the destructive frequencies being used on and directed against the Earth. As the day went by, I continued saying prayers and working with focused intent. By the time I left the park, the enormous clouds had increased and moved in much closer from the north and south. Some were deeper blue looking, as if there was heavier condensation within them. I said a prayer of thanks and drove home.

I happened to call one of my friends later who lives a few hours west, and as we were talking, she mentioned that it had been raining there all afternoon. I watched the clouds where I was and some looked like they were being vaporized in the sky (although it felt a bit cooler down at ground level). There was no rain that evening or during the night where I live, but the next day, I found out that there had been rain in the area just north of us.

More on Dragons & Angels
Before I continue, I want to write a bit here about the Dragons and Angels that appeared throughout this period. As I said in my last letter, working with Dragons is the last thing I would have imagined. I know some spiritual traditions teach that one is not supposed to talk about animal spirit guides, as it may harm that relationship. But I feel this connection with the Dragons and Angels is a collaboration in a larger and more inclusive sense for the express purpose of helping Mother Earth. I believe that the Dragons are Elemental forms (they seem to be closely aligned with the Sylphs) and connected to Earth rather than to a person, although like Angels, they seem to be ready to help someone doing spirit work for the sake of Earth.

In explaining the things I have learned through this period, I want to elaborate more on the Dragons and Angels. I believe that these beings are very high vibrationally and very much protected. They helped boost my visualizations of cooling, condensation, rain, snow and ice. They helped to encourage me when I felt discouraged. They also helped me to understand how I can help the Earth and the Sun. One thing I can say about Dragons is that they move and work very fast; often faster than the speed of thought, and it was sometimes a challenge to keep up with them.

It appears that there are at least one for every element (air, water, earth, and fire) as well as a few others that I witnessed. As described above, there also appeared Angel-like beings. When they communicated with me, they made it clear that they were already there helping Earth. All of them were tall to varying degrees, but some were huge. They had a flowing and translucent quality (some light colors, but with a white or light aura around them). Their voices were soft and had a comforting, calming effect. They felt so filled with love, patience, and welcoming, that it made my heart feel very light.

One thing I saw them do was to merely touch the Dragons, and it seemed to boost the Dragons' abilities. In their own way, the Angel beings also appeared to be helping to manifest cooling and healing over the Earth. They moved in a slower manner than the Dragons, and everything they did was done with a sense of ease and delicacy. They let me know that they understood my limitations and were trying to encourage and teach me, letting me help them at the level that I could and just observe them as well. They let me know that when humans use such technologies, that literally rip apart the elemental structures, so we cannot expect that the Elementals will be able to just "fix it". They need higher help. But they also need us to stop and change what we are doing and re-align with our hearts, with Earth, and with Creator.

July 14 - 16 were very hot again and no rain. July 17th was exciting though. There were a few clouds hanging over the area, but it was becoming hazy by midday and into the afternoon (again it looked like the clouds were being dissipated or vaporized by the heat). I was on my way home from work. I decided to try something different.

I began visualizing freezing rain coming down all around the area (I just held the vision of the coldest winter's day with the harshest freezing rain ~ it was a very clear vision. Harsh winter storms are something I'm very familiar with). I strongly concentrated on this image. I was driving south, and as I turned west, I could see dark clouds just on the horizon; huge dark clouds, and moving fast. In the distance, as I drove west, I could see the blur of rain falling. Soon I was driving into pouring rain and strong, cool wind.

The storm clouds were moving west to east. I rolled my car window down so I could feel the rain. I saw people smiling even though they were standing outside getting wet. Whether or not it had anything to do with my effort, it just felt great! When I got home, though, I found that the storm had bypassed where I live, which was a bummer. As I was feeling this way, the image of one of my Elemental friends popped into my mind with the message that it was "OK" and it was all about the tipping points. They (and other helpers) had been saying this before, but what I intuited from the message this time was that they were not just talking about a tipping point for rain, but rather a tipping point to bring more balance in weather to entire regions. Some areas within a region will get the rain and some won't, but that is just the way of things. It's better to help bring about a balance and a positive change in a more holistic sense for the region, rather than get caught up in attachments and expectations about the specific area in which I live.

By July 19th, I had gathered and read a lot of information about many different technologies that included the usual suspects (chem-planes, cell towers, HAARP), as well as other, more obscure possibilities. I decided to try a completely different approach. I found an article with a map of the world showing HAARP locations. It also discussed some locations not shown on the map, which I drew in at the approximate locations. The map already indicated some of the locations connected with a line, so I began to connect all the other locations by drawing a line. Wherever I found these lines had crossed, I put a dot there because I intuitively felt that those locations would either have existing facilities or were locations where more facilities may be intended. Once this was done, I looked at the map. It looked like a web-like grid overlaid on the Earth. I prayed to God and Holy Spirit to send any assistance possible. Who showed up to help were a Spirit Guide and an Elemental friend (whom I won't describe here because I have a personal connection with them. Nor will I be specific about how we did what we did, but let me say that we were able to go to these sites in the astral and send a type of blocking energy to them). I had so much help that all I really had to do was focus my intention on the target site and I was "taken" there (however, one site was difficult to get away from). The entire thing only took a few minutes - but an intense few minutes.

Now for the really interesting part (which for me is a litmus test as to how the HAARP technology is affecting weather): It had been very hot on the morning of July 19 (above 100 degrees), with no clouds. Within less than an hour of doing this astral-travel thing, the area where I live had started to cool down dramatically (perhaps 10 - 20 degrees difference). As it cooled, I began to see clouds appear in the area. Some were dark, and soon there was rain again.

Just like that! Rain.

They were short spurts of rain, but at least it was rain. However, by the next morning it seemed to be getting hot again. This was discouraging, but I decided to try it again. On July 20 and 21, I repeated the same routine, except by the 21st, there was something else offered (by my spirit helper). Once the facilities were compromised, there was a "lock" put on it etherically to give it some extra staying power. After doing this on the 21st, it again became much cooler and I also used this window of opportunity (the cooler temperatures) to focus intent on manifesting clouds that could actually hold condensation long enough to produce rain. There appeared large clouds, and although no rain came to my area, there were reports of rain in other parts of the state for that day. It felt like there was some sort of force not only vaporizing the clouds before they could produce rain, but also actually preventing the release of any precipitation that was held there. On more than a few occasions (like the 21st) it seemed the clouds would just hang there, looking dark and full of rain, but nothing would fall. If it did rain, it rained intensely or in very short spurts. It was almost like the Elementals were waiting for a window of opportunity to be able to release the precipitation, and when one came about, it poured as long as it could (which on most of those occasions seemed less than 10 minutes) and then abruptly stopped.

At that point I was getting pretty frustrated, discouraged, and exhausted. On the morning of July 22nd, it started out relatively cool, but began getting much hotter again and although there were clouds, there weren't very many and they began dissipating by midday. I decided to rest and then try once more that night. I prayed for a long time. I got the map and began concentrating and went on another "global trip" to HAARP locations with my two helpers. We put the locks into place. I said another prayer of gratitude and love, and then went to bed and slept very peacefully that night.

Here is where it gets really interesting:

I woke up to a very cool and cloudy morning. However, this didn't last and it began to heat up. I prayed again for help and this time Dragons and Angels appeared. I concentrated on traveling to the HAARP sites and disrupting the signals. I also tried to put my attention on the Sun again to send cooling and healing energy towards it. This time, I saw a huge Angel in the trajectory of the Sun and Earth and it looked like he was using his body as a prism that scattered some of the radiation intensity. However, when I was viewing this, I also caught a glimpse of large ships parked around the Sun. They were large, dark ships and they felt reptilian. I first intended to send blocking energy toward these ships, but the Angels took my hands and took me into the ships and we began sending massive healing energy into the heart chakras of the Reptilians aboard. There was a leader who was healed first and I saw the healing energy go through him (his heart area) and out towards all the others. I saw many of them fall down. Basically, there was a mass healing on these ships, which I was allowed to help with and witness. It was very intense and it made me cry because I knew they all had to go through the spectrum of intense emotions surroundng heart chakra re-awakening.

One unusual thing I recall is that they seemed shocked (in a good way) about the Dragons. I think this was a very important thing to them. The impression they imparted was that they would not interfere, but observe. And as in my previous reptile encounter, it once again came up that they identify themselves as Saurians and firmly believe they are from Earth (or have a strong connection to Earth), although they also seem to have the ability to travel to other worlds and star systems. This whole encounter occured very quickly, but it was extremely intense and it left me drained. On that day, it had cooled off quite a bit, but still no rain.

I went to work and by the end of the day, I felt really exhausted. My head was very, very hot, although I didn't feel sick. I had to use washcloths soaked in ice water on my forehead and the top of my head. I laid down and slept deeply all night long.

I awoke the next morning with a profound message. This presence was very gentle, but powerful. When I get messages or insights, they come more like a "thought packet," which are usually extremely deep and layered with information on many levels of understanding. In fact, I think they have to go through sort of a process of interpretation and translation before they are sensed as a voice. The message I received this time was basically that I must back off for now. I was told that although my intents and efforts to help were appreciated, that I was beginning to become unbalanced (vibrationally) which was starting to affect me physically. From their perspective, it appeared that I started to make an attachment to "see" results (cooling and rain) in my area. It was explained to me that focused intent must come from a pure and selfless place and a place of trust and faith to work in a higher vibration (what is often called Service-To-Others).

My intent was starting to take the form of desire to make things "better". I was becoming unbalanced towards imposition of will upon Creation rather than having faith and allowing the spiritual efforts to have enough space and time to unfold through channels of greater wisdom (i.e. Creator and Angelic direction). I needed to remember that I was working as a part of something greater. This is a balance one has to maintain if one is to participate in higher spiritual endeavors. Even if intent is "good" from the perspective of the one carrying out focused intent, we humans in many ways, are still too spiritually immature to be able to see far enough down the road. Things we deem "good" or "bad" are often misunderstood in terms of the long-term effect and the greater good. These gifts can be taken away (or left to deteriorate on their own) if not used with love, wisdom, patience, humility, and an understanding of being a part of something greater. Doors will close on those who refuse to respect this. This respect must come from a place of love in the heart. This heart-respect is closely related to faith. My guides had told me on many occasions to "have faith." Another profound thing I was told was that, although visualization can put a lock on a particular intent, and spirit helpers can use what is at their disposal to assist with this, that it is actually faith that is the true lock. Faith is the true seal for higher spirit work to have staying power. Basically I had a choice. I could either choose to back off and have faith in God and Holy Spirit, or keep trying to use my gifts to make things the way I thought they should be. For someone who discovered long ago that it is possible to influence things, to make the choice to "do nothing" when there is still suffering all around, it is a very hard choice to make.

I made the choice to back off. I decided to focus love and faith toward God's will and wisdom. I received a second message thought form which was: "We can defy any technology", and "watch and learn." Well, I can truly say that within 24 hours (July 24th) it was still extremely hot, but there were large ice-berg clouds or cloud systems that would not go away and stayed for three entire days (July 24, 25, and 26) even though it was so hot.

On July 26th, there was a massive cooling off and downpour of rain. On the 27th, it was much cooler than before and remained that way through the remainder of July, with rain reported in various areas of the state, and other areas of the country. I can say that August and September were beautiful. Many days in August were below average in temperature and there was rain; lots of rain, not only in my state but many other states experienced the relief of cooler temperatures and at least some rain.

Things slowly became green again. Reports about crops started to become more positive in some areas, although there were still a few areas that appeared to be suffering, which is still painful to witness, but maybe there is a greater reason or good from it. Having since read ZSL's article about heat from within Earth as a result of Elemental work, I do believe this true.

I gained an insight in 2007 and it still remains: there is a process of purification going on with regard to Earth that involves the elements. It is a sort of flushing out and renewing of the basic elemental forces (air, water, earth, fire) which is manifesting itself in different ways (e.g. more extreme weather) and in different regions globally in a sequential pattern. I believe every region will have to go through this to an extent. However, I know things are much more complex than that, and I am only comprehending a small part of it.

Through all of this, I learned a great lesson in spiritual work. It's a lesson that I think is profound and inspiring enough to share. It was a lesson that I thought I already knew, but was tested on and came close to failing. It validates the timeless virtue of faith in God and Holy Spirit. It validates the significant difference between the force of focused-intent/manifesting and the greater force of prayer, requesting, and faith. I received further insight into the "locking" of potentialities, some of which people may already be familiar with, but it's worth sharing here because it will either validate what is already known, or it can lead to a new understanding. That is, the force of will can serve as energy and resonance behind intent for a potentiality. However, the stronger the connection to Source (God), the stronger and more elevated the resonance, which automatically increases the force of the intent.

When intent is working in sync with Source (aligned with Creator), there is no resistance and therefore no individual 'willfulness' is needed, but is instead acting more as a connection that grounds the higher consciousness into 3-D. This is not to say that the person is acting as a passive ."channel." They are choosing to use their own intent and will to hold that higher consciousness. Requesting will not tire you as much as manifesting (although intense prayer does take concentration too). Spiritual Helpers who are closer to Source may be able to help with manifesting; however, requesting is better for all. Then, it is faith (the ability to hold a resonance and intent in place during and after requesting) that provides a natural lock for the potentiality. This is not to say that we should not help by using our gifts (and for some it may be a psychic gift), but it is about sharing those gifts as a part of something greater (which can really be said of any gift).

I'll end this section by including a list of some of the technologies and research going on that I found over the internet in the last few years and during this summer. Many of these technologies are the "above board" things put out for the public (although some not widely circulated -- e.g. physics journals, but which count as 'public access'). I invite people to read the information for its face value because certainly there is truth in explanations of the research, but then I also invite people to read again and think about dual-use technology and how something that seems like a benefit might not be such, depending on intent.

What I see is an extreme amount of effort towards artificial systems of control; control of every aspect of physical existence, not just upon humanity but also over all species and even all Earth processes. Do we really need that much control? I am not trying to suggest we should just give up all research on the Earth, our atmosphere or other natural phenomenon. It is a good thing that we are interested in how it all works together, but the manner in which we go about attaining the knowledge and what we then do with it is the question.

I'm also not suggesting that the scientists working on the following projects have nefarious agendas (although there may be a few who do). However, what we are seeing here is much bigger and more subtle in its effect. Scientists are often dependent on funding or other types of underwriting support by various government, corporate, or private entities. Scientists can be used (knowingly or unknowingly) as a means to an end that may have nothing to do with the scientist's original ideas or research. Based on what I have witnessed spiritually (and shared above), I believe none of these technologies or endeavors will succeed when they are put to use for negative-oriented, dual-use ends. However, I do feel that people need to know the truth; as there is strength in just knowing the truth of what's going on. There is our own responsibility right here in the physical realm to find out what is going on and do whatever we can right here to bring about a tipping point toward heart-centered intent of purpose by which our ingenuity and technological capabilities are wielded.

I come back to the same thing mentioned in my last letter concerning the internet. It is really all about intent with which something is created and purposed. Although this list is not exhaustive and may include areas that some people are already familiar with, it may help bring attention to a few things that have not yet made it into our collective awareness or discussions.

1) Chemtrails, Cell Towers, HAARP
(huge amount of information on this website and all over the internet)

2) Weather as a Weapon
Secret Weather Weapons Can Kill Millions, Warns Top Russian Politician (May 16, 2011)

3) Weather and Climate Modeling:
NASA Atmospheric Science Data Center
MODIS Atmosphere [MODIS = Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (part of Terra {1999}and Aqua {2002}satellites)] (check out the staff and which programs they oversee)
The birth of a cloud droplet (October 31, 2011)
- spectral or optical properties of water and ice and how it influences cloud properties
Optical Properties of Aerosols and Clouds: The Software Package OPAC (1998)
Parameterization of shortwave ice cloud optical properties for various particle habits (2002)
Optical Properties of Terrestrial Clouds (2003)
- Journal of Advances in Modeling of Earth Systems: Pacific Northwest National
Laboratory - The multi-scale aerosol-climate model PNNL-MMF: model description and evaluation - Multi-scale Modeling Framework with embedded Cloud Resolving Model -
Down-and-dirty details of climate modeling (May 4, 2011)

4) Condensation Studies:
Scientists study how water condenses to form clouds (July 2, 2012) (Collaboration between Univ. of Bristol and ETH-Zurich. Check out 5th paragraph that mentions evaporation)
NASA Study Improves Ability To Predict Aerosol's Effect On Cloud Cover (Discussion about study over the Amazon rainforest in South America. Check out the two paragraphs about cloud microphysics and less rainfall . and heat absorption and clouds.)
- Laser-Induced Photodissociation
Scientists working on technique to use lasers to force rain (Swiss/German research) (see comment section also)
Scientists analyze potential of using lasers to make rain (July 16, 2012) (comment section interesting)

5) Schumann Resonance: Not only can this be applied to Humans and all other life forms (brain wave entrainment), but it also applies to the Earth's own resonances (e.g. seasonal resonance).
- Article: Heartbeat of Earth's Atmosphere Detected from Space
(scroll down to the subheading "A New Tool" and read the second sentence: "Since then, scientists have discovered that variations in the [Schumann] resonances correspond to changes in the seasons, solar activity, activity in Earth's magnetic environment, in water aerosols in the atmosphere and other Earth-bound phenomena.").
- Article: Investigations on diurnal and seasonal variations of Schumann resonance
intensities in the auroral region
(Annals of Geophysics)
- Article: Brain Wave Entrainment and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF)

6) Other Areas to Investigate (beyond weather control):
- RF energy leaks - hi-speed cable -
Cumulative Leakage Index (CLI) ("These cumullatiive leaks form an invisible cloud of unwanted RF energy over the [entire metropolitan] cable system..") (see pg. 9)
- Remote sensing using reflectance and absorbance properties of vegetation (e.g.
SPOTMSS, Quickbird, AVIRIS, Hyperion) and different types of surfaces:
ASTER spectral library version 2 (reflectance data for a range of natural surfaces):
USGS Digital Spectral Library splib06a (reflectances for a range of soils, vegetation, rocks, minerals):
- LOPEX93 (Leaf Optical Properties Experiment 93):
The Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES) ("The Institute for Environment and Sustainability hosts a large number of data portals and unique scientific databases. Find below a short description of the most relevant public data portals and databases with their respective links")
- ORNL DAAC Data Holdings

- MODIS UCSB Emissivity Library
- Land-Use: Geographic/Geologic mapping systems:
- General: USGS
Climate and Land Use Change Programs
- Earth Resources Observation and Science Center (EROS)
- Research and Development Program (R&D)
- Land Remote Sensing (LRS), Landsat
- Height Modernization Program, LiDAR
- Carbon storage programs (seems to have some issues in common with Fracking)
Carbon Sequestration
- Implications for aquifers:
Carbon Sequestration: Implications for Wyoming (July 28, 2009)
- Potential for earthquakes:
Underground Carbon Storage Could Cause Earthquakes, Scientists Warn (June 20, 2012)
- Water: Water use, water rights, mapping and control
Mapping and Monitoring of global water resources
- Article: UNESCO publishes first world map of underground transboundary aquifers
- FLOW, For Love Of Water ~ Irena Salina's documentary on the growing privatization of the world's fresh water supply and who is behind buying up water rights (national and international)
- Species and Genetic Bar Coding:
- Barcode of Life (BOL)/Consortium for the Barcode of Life (CBOL):
What Is DNA Barcoding?
also see Member Organizations


Dangling Carrots
I think Aaron brought up an important point and topic in ZSL's article Moving Beyond The Pythagorean Matrix where he brings up "dangling carrots ." Here are some thoughts I had about it. First, even though I know it's been said before, it's important to say that we all are called to the bigger and inner spiritual work. This is the soul journey, which is our greatest accomplishment, and which, at some point along, will be about what I've heard called 'Service-To-Others.' This may require work for others that may manifest in many ways. Psychic gifts are only one of many Human gifts. People who are psychic aren't necessarily gifted in other ways. There are ways to get knowledge, ideas, and insights that are not psychic, such as logic and reasoning, common sense and wisdom, none of which should be taken for granted. In the best experience, all of these things work together to bring about an insight. Logic without common sense, intuitive understanding and wisdom can lead to arrogant narrow-mindedness. Psychic intuition without common sense, logic, and wisdom can lead to being pulled in all sorts of directions psychically and not having a center or a way to figure any of it out or learn from it. So, no matter what your gifts lean toward, you really need all of these things working together.

I also think it is really important to know that spiritual energy can be expressed in many ways other than working in the etheric or astral (intuiting, requesting, manifesting, etc). It also can be expressed as an outpouring of love and encouragement toward others, lending a basic helping hand and bringing people together, facilitating fellowship and communication between others, championing truth and justice, inventing technology with great care toward all and harming none, using ingenuity to adapt to changing conditions in ways that are considerate of all, showing love and appreciation to Earth as God's Creation with all it's diversity of physical conditions by letting go of the will to control through dominance, and accepting and working with what is already there (weather, ecology, geophysical features, etc). All of these also take real spiritual strengths: love, empathy, care, gratitude, fellowship, bravery, insight, inspiration, creativity, peace, acceptance, humility, consideration, wisdom, and faith.

Psychic intuition often involves visualizations from the "inner eye" (but can also involve the "inner ear" and/or "inner sensing"). This is not the same thing as imagination, but it does require a good imagination that is open and flexible to receiving. For visualizations, there must be a strong capacity for images to form in the inner eye. The Dragons and Angels I wrote about earlier came into my mind (inner eye) as visualizations, but there was a true spiritual presence there that could be felt and sensed in other ways, especially the heart. By discussing what I experienced I do not wish to "dangle carrots" at anyone. In fact, there is much I have left out that is superfluous and more personal in nature (and not necessary to a bigger message). As I said before, these Spirit Beings are here to help Earth, and those who wish to help in this way, may experience them, although each of us experiences spirit in our own way. Just because one person can pick up visualizations does not mean that others who don't are not in contact with higher consciousness or higher spirit beings. There are many ways to experience this and participate. The only requirement is that you have a heart full of love for Creator and Earth, and all who live on Earth. If you can expand that love to be Universal (rather than only Earth), all the better. But don't just "give away" your energy without an intent.

It is you who chooses (free will) what to tune into with your heart, mind and your intent. Your energy must be embedded within a higher intent. There should be no "efforting." Just relax and let visualizations form, have your intent, and work with it. Maybe you are already picking up visualizations or sensations that you are brushing aside as "nothing.". In our 21st century, Western world, it is programmed into us from an early age that these kinds of things should be brushed off as nothing. What matters is what you choose to 'tune into' as a receiver or antenna for energy. Again, to tune into higher consciousness and higher beings simply requires that you tune into your heart and love. And if your true intent is to help for a greater good, then there is a good chance you may experience something amazing, but probably in your own way since every one of us is a unique receiver or antenna.

There is no seeking of power. That is a dark path (a lower frequency to tune into), which feeds the lower energy within, and may introduce parasitic entities. Spiritual calling seems to manifest differently for different people, but if you happen to be psychically gifted and are being called into this kind of service and it is for real and done in the natural way, it will probably take an entire lifetime to fully manifest and take an entire lifetime to wrap your mind around (although this can be said about any life calling really). My feeling is that it should not be rushed or forced (e.g. artificial or forced opening of "psychic" channels or chakra), because these things are meant to develop naturally in a natural sequence that is of the most benefit not only to that person, but all who are around them. If you artificially open or force such psychic opening, without the right combination of growth in other areas, as well as the right physical aspects (overall health, health or condition of brain) it can truly harm you (schizophrenia for example). If you go seeking 'spirits' through various occult means, you could also do harm to yourself (e.g. parasitic entities becoming attached to you). There are true Spirit Helpers out there, but they don't make connections through occult gadgets, rituals, incantations, etc. They are there where there is a simple heart connection to God; as they are an extension or expression of your Higher Self connection to God.

Psychic work with the Spiritual Realm can be scary since there are dark forces that exist (at this time) and you may have to contend with them, and you will definitely be required to contend and eventually defeat darker aspects within yourself (which also applies to life-growth in general). It is important to say that spiritual calling it is not something that is predictable or convenient, and does not follow some neat and tidy plot or character arc as portrayed on television or movies. It seems to present itself as subtle and what you least expect. It can be messy and disrupt your 3-D life and in fact you may find that you have to give up much or all of your formerly worldly ambitions, which can be painful. This may require immense change within you that others around you may not understand. It may turn many of your former 3-D values upside-down and teach you that the seemingly tiniest and most humble of things; the things often discarded as unimportant or simply ignored - are actually the greatest of things. It can leave you feeling intensely lonely (not alone, but lonely), not because you are some sort of martyr, but because some things you experience often or even daily do not fit into any rational sense that you can share with others (or perhaps you can't even find the words to describe). And if you become obsessed and make attachments, don't develop a connection to God, don't have a basic, dependable way of grounding yourself (a touch-stone to help bring your psyche back down to Earth) or don't have a huge sense of humor about yourself and your life, you can become unbalanced, and that is where it can get really bad.

Most of all, it is a responsibility, not a power. It does not make you more special than anyone else. You can surely seek power; however, you will then be taking the turn toward Service-To-Self (which actually should be service-toward-self-destruction). If you are ready for STO spiritual work, even sharing anything about these experiences can make you uncomfortable, not because of an elitist feeling, but because you have learned to be very wary of engaging ego. Basically, almost anything that tempts the ego is Service-To-Self. Most importantly, there is also the sacred aspect of it. Psychic work that involves STO work in the Spiritual Realm is sensitive work, and there are things that are OK to share and things that if you blab about them because you are tempted to tell all of "your story," it could do damage to an entire interconnected spiritual energy web that is part of something much greater than your part in it.

Therefore, before you enter into this kind of work you must know yourself, or at least have a strong potential for critical self assessment. In order to know when your ego is being tempted, you have to first know what it is to feel your ego out of balance; to recognize it. You might be able to see it in others, but can you recognize it in yourself? This takes experience and learning. Although during spiritual growth, there may be times of poor choice that you must learn from and not repeat. In fact, it is these times that are exactly what make you wary of engaging ego (but this requires thought about the choices you have made and things you have done with empathy and humility). People who are called to do STO work in the Spiritual Realm are not finished growing or learning, but it is crucial that there must already be a strong tendency toward empathy and humility in order to turn the corner toward STO spiritual work. However, there must also be a balance.

People who do spiritual work do need to have a voice. Stifling truth and experiences that could possibly help others just because you don't want to "dangle carrots" is also an unhealthy extreme. There may come a time when what you experience or learn may be something to share, with the intent to help others. It has been said many times on this website, but I have to validate it again. Discernment is the important thing; discernment about what is with the highest intent, helpful to tell others, and about what is with the highest intent, helpful to take from what is given. I believe that ZSL has been sharing his insights with all of us with the very highest of intents and I can say that his knowledge has helped me make better sense of things that I have experienced, as well as so many things that I no nothing about (but should), so I am very grateful to him.

Interesting Developments Regarding Dreams
I want to thank Carl for the kind response to my last letter. Your tip about Project Rainbow/Project Phoenix and my subsequent research about it and all things related, has been quite interesting. If there is actually any relationship at all between those things and my experience, I do want to know. I am not afraid of Truth. I can tell you that, in the life I consciously know, I have had little to no contact with the military. But as I said before, I have what I call alternate universe dreams that really seem quite different in feel and all other sense than regular dreams. I usually wake up from those type of dreams very tired and disoriented even if I've had a lot of sleep. I want to write them down so badly, but when I wake up I am so groggy and numb, my hands will barely work to hold a pen. I just usually lay there and try to remember as much as I can before it fades.

It sometimes takes the rest of the day to wake up. I am tempted to think that this is what astral travel can sometimes do. However, I have had experiences of what feels like astral travel where I am still conscious and somewhat functional in 3-D with no heavy-headed effects, but then maybe I'm doing it wrong or different than others seem to.

One of the most shocking things happened recently and is related to my looking things up about Project Rainbow/Phoenix as well as other related things. It concerns the dream that I discussed in my last letter where I found a door and walked into/witnessed what I can only describe as a torture-room with cages with animal-like and alien-like beings in them and a stage where they were being forced to "dance" by a MIB (I am not completely sure these are always the genuine MIB; however I call them that because that is what they look like (men wearing black suits or black clothing).

Remember I said that I thought the rest of the dream was not important or unrelated? Well, it appears I was wrong about that. In my quest to find and read anything I could about Project Rainbow/Phoenix and any and all related things, I stumbled across a transcript of an interview regarding the Dulce Base. As I read it, I thought it was interesting and informative as it revealed so many things. However, the thing that most shocked me was a sentence where there is a listing of the contents of a box. It states, "one silent candid videotape, begins on the computer banks, shows the vats, multi shots of Nightmare Hall, two shots of the Greys, one shot of the Terminal showing sign saying 'To Los Alamos' and about 30 seconds of the shuttle train arriving."

The part about the vats, Nightmare Hall and the Greys is shocking because the descriptive "Nightmare Hall" pretty much fits with what I saw. However, that is not the part that nearly knocked me off my chair. It is the part about the terminal and shuttle train. Now, when I think logically about it, I think of course there is likely some sort of underground transportation at these underground bases. However, I had never really thought about that aspect until I read the transcript. As I read that part, I suddenly remembered. The parts of the dream that I didn't think were important to mention because I thought they were unrelated. Well, much of it deals with bidding goodbye to a couple of friends (they are in military uniforms) as they are boarding an underground train!

So here is the rest of the dream:

I remember being in this small restaurant or maybe it's a coffee shop that appeared to be part of a larger complex seemingly at ground level. I think there was a middle-aged woman who managed it or was working there. I get up to leave and instead of going out the front door, I go to this other door (a back door) and suddenly I am in this long corridor-walkway that gently slants downward to various levels that appear to be underground. I go to this large area where there is a long line for an underground train. I am in line with two friends and were saying goodbye (temporary goodbyes), but I am sad and nervous for them. They are military and going somewhere on some mission that I feel might be dangerous or I am worried about them. This part of the dream takes a relatively long time since we are waiting. The train looks white in color (or a light color) and the area seems to be well-lighted for being underground. It seems like they have come up with a way for natural light to penetrate there. As we continue on toward where the passengers "register" to get on the train, I realize that I have left my I.D. in the restaurant/coffee shop. I tell them I'll be right back but I'm really worried now that I won't be back in time to see them off. I walk as fast as I can back up and get back to the coffee shop/restaurant and sure enough, there is my I.D. still sitting on one of the tables! I pick it up, thank the lady, and go back through the door and down the descending corridor. As I am going back down this time, I notice a door that I had not noticed before. It's an unmarked door that almost blends into the wall, barely noticeable. I don't know why I decided to open it, but I did. I entered the room and that is when I witnessed the scene described in my last letter.

After I came back out of that room, I resumed what I was doing before, which was going back toward the train. By the time I got there I could see my two friends already getting to board the train. I yelled for them and they saw me and we waved and said goodbye and the train took off. I remember feeling sad about that. That is all I remember. No singular thing about this dream would seem that strange by itself (well, maybe a bit odd); but it is when it is all taken as a whole, along with what I found when doing research, that gives me a feeling that is hard to find words for. Carl mentioned that he would like to write about what he knows sometime. Please do. I encourage anyone and everyone who has information on these topics to do this as it may help people make sense of their own experiences and memories, or get them closer to the truth. You never know, things you think may not be important could possibly be the key to waking people up. As is often said on this website, the more people who wake up the better. Even those of us who have thought that we were awake may not know the full story and the more knowledge we can all share with each other, the more the pieces might fit together better. Whatever you (or others) have in terms of knowledge would be helpful.

Most of all I want to thank you again Ken for all your continuing efforts to help wake everyone up. Your commitment to help get Truth out to everyone is a high spiritual (STO) calling and endeavor. I am very thankful to you.

Jeanette Wakefield


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