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Re. Jeff Rense, Chembusters, & NESARA
May 23, 2003

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From: Dennis W. Litwin
To: Editor
Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2003 11:05 PM
Subject: Chembuster


Okay. I'm glad I read enough to discern the difference between a orac and an orgen.

Also interesting news about Jeff Rense from the "Goodbye Chemtrails..." article. I've written to Jeff a number of times and found him cordial but cynical. It's like he doesn't believe anything good can really happen on earth. When I referred to the "Dove of Oneness" and her articles at he scoffed and said that it's probably an intelligence agency "flytrap" operation to catch hopeful idiots. I don't know. She's wrong in her hopeful predictions and her "Beloved Saint Germaine" I suppose, but right on in her assessment of the NWO. I've heard her on radio, and the so-called "NESARA" may be a real but Illuminati-suppressed American law. God knows. I'm convinced anything is possible now.

His postings used to be highly educational and full of punch. I noticed that since his blurb about the Zionists threatening his advertisers, his postings have become rather humdrum and mainstream. I don't blame him if they scared him. They're a vicious bunch.

What do you think?


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From: Editor
To: Dennis W. Litwin
Sent: Friday, May 23, 2003 7:37 AM
Subject: Re: Chembuster

Hi Dennis,

Yes, that's close to how I see it. He is very cordial and makes dialog easy, but you're also right about his cynical posture. The day after 9-11, I had sent him an e-mail telling him that the manner in which the WTC bldgs collapsed could not have been natural and there must have been preset explosive charges to cause the bldgs. to go straight down. I also said that a plane couldn't possibly cause those bldgs. to collapse. He scoffed at both notions and went on to tell me how the spilled fuel was enough to cause the fire that 'melted' the girders, etc. (Jesus how non-discerning can you get! ). That very night he intervied Michael Glickman (crop circle guy in UK) and mentioned my e mail (without naming me as the sender) and they both went on and on about how 'rediculous and far out' some people can get when they hear news of such events. Now, two years after the fact, you can find dozens of articles posted at his web site which affirm both of those 'rediculous' notions which I had mentioned to him less than 24 hours of the WTC attacks.

He's very well informed on many issues, but I'm sure he's been intimidated in some regards and responds with caution. Where's the posting about intimidation of his sponsors? I'd like to read that.

I recorded an interview that Dove did on local university radio show in January I think. She said many things that strongly suggested to me that she's under mind control.

Regards, Ken


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