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Young Mother Desperate For Return of Her Two Daughters, Taken Away by Jefferson County Colorado, DHS Bureaucracy

[Editor's Note: If you are in a position to help this mother in any capacity, then please send me an e-mail and I'll forward your information to her. I am strongly opposed to the state interferring in the rights of parents to take care of their own kids, without having to jump through bureaucratic loops created by a state government 'protection' system that does far more damage than good. Everyone knows the abuses of the so called child 'protective' services are legion and unending. We must change the law and stop allowing annonymous "hot line" tips to be a basis for taking children away from their mother. It's an outrage that will only continue to get worse without a public uproar to stop it. In a large percentage of cases, these kids aren't protected, but rather are abused when in the custody of others. And if completely separated from the mother for a number of years, the child may wind up in sexual bondage, can even be sold at auction. ...Ken Adachi]
August 24, 2012

Young Mother Desperate For Return of Her Two Daughters, Taken Away by Jefferson County Colorado, DHS Bureaucracy (August 26, 2012)

Subject: State of Colorado- CDHS- personal account of Jefferson County DHS
From: Janette S
Date: Fri, August 24, 2012 3:44 am
To:Ken Adachi

Hello Ken,

I found your website in the early morning hours after another seemingly endless recurring sleepless night. I found your writings incredibly moving; so much in fact that I had to force myself to stop reading due to the highly emotional triggers. However, I felt inspired to compile a long, albeit incredibly interesting account of the horrificly unjust & corrupt circumstances which initially brought me to your site. Thank you for sharing such a touching story; for it has motivated me to continue the fight for my own two little "MJ's".

Please read my honest and straightforward account below of my open Dependency and Neglect case in Colorado, with the Jefferson County DHS [Department of Human Services].

Some quick facts followed by more detailed accounts in the case-

November 7th, 2011: My two daughters were placed out of state with no interstate compact. This has been contested (on record) in Juvenile courts & confirmed that one child's biological parent (absent 4.5 years previous) is currently a fugitive and has outstanding warrants; history of family violence towards myself and our children; and of sexual abuse on a family member. A 27 year old police investigator testified in court that there is (and was) no cause for removal, and that there is (and was) absolutely no concerns and challenged the allegations.

The removal of my children was based solely on calls made to the "tip hotline"- including calls made by the relatives living in another state-- who have had my children for nearly one year now.

Multiple police reports: I have every document ever filed in this case, every report from police and DHS show 'welfare checks' being called in from another state by these relatives, stating the reason being merely that 'I wouldn't let them see the children'. More than a dozen documented calls to DHS were all unfounded. The grandparents have admitted to police of making false call(s) to social services and to this date, I have not once been charged with, or accused of ANY CRIME stemming from the removal of my children from our home.

I have not once been told what I'd done wrong, which warranted the destruction of our family unit. Each and every 'service provider' I've encounterd (drug and alcohol, psych evaluators, "visitation" supervisors, etc.) all express similar shock and disbelief.

I have seen my two young daughters- who have lived with me for the majority of their lives- two to nine hours per week for the duration of this case. I currently drive to Cheyenne, WY from Denver, Colorado three days each week to see my two children in a supervised facility. I have every single documented report of these "visits". All show the warm, loving mother I am. The reports are sometimes so moving that I re-read them when I need to regain the strength to carry on through this agonizing time.

However, there are also numerous highly concerning details in these reports. Both of my daughters have confided to their therapist and multiple staff members during these "visits" horrific accounts of reoccurring abuse - where they have been placed in another state - again, with no interstate compact agreement. There have been a number of highly alarming statements made by both of my children- all to this date have not been reported [by DHS] to law enforcement and social services in either the state they live in, or in Colorado.

This HAS BEEN litigated- on the record- multiple times in Colorado court and still is being ignored. Again, there is a record in Jefferson County family (civil) and district court of sexual abuse having occurred within the family where my children are living. His "assigned" caseworker has made statements that my 6 year old began soiling herself upon being placed in Wyoming and having unsupervised time with the perpetrator. She tearfully confessed (all documented by a supervisor during a "visitation"- subsequently has NOT BEEN reported to law enforcement or social services ,and has NOT been investigated) that it's a "secret," but my 7 year old is sometimes taken into bed with an adult male late at night. My 7 year old hung her head in shame and cried. Also, reports of being beaten with a belt, etc. have been made multiple times by both of my children.

I do not hear from anyone involved in the case. The GAL [Guardian Ad Litem].. Nothing. The GAL has had no contact whatsoever with either of my children since being 'placed' in another state. She has been told numerous times that my 7 year old begs to speak with her. She has yet to make contact. Reports show defiance and resistance to the relatives upon leaving "visitation" with me. Reports from the supervision staff as well as their therapist show severe anxiety and trauma exists with both of my daughters, and they act out immediately after I leave them; or upon therapy sessions ending; they both will run and hide, refuse to leave the therapists office and visitation center, behaviorally acting out- both verbally (name calling) and physically- towards the relative(s).

I do not know what else to say. My case has been transferred to district court from juvenile court with Magistrate Ryan Stewart. I have a hearing in October. My mother has notified the court, GAL and DHS of her concerns, as well as knowledge of/witness to the family abuse. I could continue on for seemingly endless hours. I keep well detailed journals of every action, conversation, etc. with my children and anyone I encounter in this case. Currently my two daughters are on their way to the other side of the country. I have absolutely no prior knowledge of this; I was told by my 7 year old this morning on our daily "call time" that she was going to Florida today.

I don't have a clue about any of it- legalities, length of stay, purpose of trip, no details whatsoever. I have heard nothing about it. I know nothing of my daughters lives anymore. I do not know of doctor appointments, medications prescribed, injuries/treatments until one of my children tells me during these"visitations". I wasn't even told that they would both be starting school in the other state this fall- I just have to rely on the updates from my 6 and 7 year olds. I don't have a clue as to how immunizations and school enrollment is done without the parent.

My parental rights have NOT been terminated.

Lastly, the relative(s) who have my daughters, have been permitted to take both of them to yet another state from their home state of Colorado- after having previously taken my girls on a vacation for which they were not returned home from. This occurred while I was in their birth state; of course I drove cross country to Wyoming (current "placement" state) to rightfully reclaim my own children- which ensued in this outrageous, devastating and unconstitutional tragedy. It's a child abuse case that never was.. as quoted on the record by the county attorney for the DHS, this has just turned into "a nasty custody battle."

It's clear and convincing- and proven through countless actions, and behaviors all accounted for in documents and reports- that the inability of a non-relative and non-parent to adopt or assert rights over my children was bypassed by making repeated false allegations in order to obtain (illegally) my two daughters.

Searches of my home, humiliating and invasive drug testing, psychological evaluation, drug and alcohol evaluation, individual therapy, and a 12 week parenting class/assessment have shown absolutely NO cause for concern or risk/threat or potential for danger.

Coupled with the testimony of the detective who personally searched my home and conducted an investigation, I maintain complete innocence and demand justice be upheld. I am prepared to spend my life fighting for my two children and will die doing so. I will use any resource, contact any agency or media outlet. I will stand on the steps of city hall if I must. Please help my children.

The damages done can be reversed the sooner my children are back in their warm and loving, familiar home with their mother. There is no one else in this world who knows and loves those two little girls like I do. I am the one and only person who has had their 'best interests' in mind, the only person concerned with their safety and well being.

Please, I ask you to be the first person to restore the faith and hope in my once innocent little girls. Their childhood innocence diminishes by the day and is replaced by hopelessness, fear, insecurity and the painful uncertainly of not knowing where home is.. if they will be allowed to live in their home with their Mommy, or when that day will ever come.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Regards, Janette S.






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