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Texas CPS: Destroying Mothers, One Child at a Time
December 12, 2014

Texas CPS: Destroying Mothers, One Child at a Time (Dec. 12, 2014)

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From: Jen Gresham <>

I am Jennifer S. Gresham. It just baffles me why people handle situations the way they do, so irresponsible and not caring about the impact on others lives during these seven years of conspiring to destroy me and my child. To tell you the truth, I went through a lot of that which they described on the news of the torture situations while in jail. I have to go to court on Monday, Dec. 15th, 2014 for CPS`s stuff. I'm scared of what's to happen. CPS changes info around on paperwork and forces you to go to their doctors. Lord help me. I have to go to one of CPS`s doctors on Tuesday, Dec.16th, 2014.

I haven't done anything to deserve any trouble. I am a 40 year old lady that has never been in any legal trouble. I was in jail one time for something that was not even my fault - and that, the local CPS was controlling. The situation was at the time, `NO BILLED..` And now CPS Jana Mathews and Jana McMullan are trying to have me arrested under a warrant for a `NO-BILLED` situation.

I did NOT abuse my child. The persons abusing Moriah F. Gresham (db 03/04/2010) are Lavon Andy Anderson and Christine Brake. Lavon is Christine`s step dad. Lavon is not related to Moriah. Christine is called 'MeMe`. Chris and Lavon both have been arrested for molesting. Lavon has molested dozens of kids..He was a mailman who molested out on the route. And he was a bartender at the Country Club in the 80s. CPS had forced me to go to a school that was closed for molesting. CPD forced me to marry my foster father who was on America's Most Wanted for beating me, raping our daughter Shelbie (db 12/22/2000), kidnapping her, and kidnapping me twice when I was 19. And he was also on America's Most Wanted for MURDER.

My grandfather was the County Commissioner in the 1980s to early 90s..My uncle was an auditor for the city of Wichita Falls Texas in the 90s. My other uncle's a missionary in Papua New Guinea. PLEASE PLEASE help me and my Moriah F. Gresham. Mary Givens of CPS changed her name to Crowe illegally at the court house to her paper dad's name. Kenneth Crowe is black. My baby is Afganistani/Italian, straight from Venice. I am a good person. I'm a good girl. I don't deserve to go to prison or loose my child Moriah to some molesters because the CPS workers wish that kind of future for her..

Jennifer S. Gresham


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