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Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald Murder Case & DNA Results
May 27, 2007

Subject: jeffrey macdonald murder case
From: Jennifer M
Date: Sun, May 27, 2007
To: Editor

Hello Mr. Adachi,

I have always been extremely interested in the MacDonald case. I have read many articles on the case, both pro-MacDonald and anti-Macdonald. Just wondering if the DNA results released in March of 2006 changed your opinion on the guilt or innocence of Jeffrey.

Jennifer Martinez


Hi Jennifer,

No, Dr. Jeff MacDoanld is innocent, I'm quite sure. The Army prosecutors and higher ups (many top brass including generals) involved in the drug pipeline into Ft Bragg at the time are going to keep that man in prison no matter what. To"allow" a DNA analysis to prove MacDonald innocence is to allow the lid to come off one of the biggest cases of dishonest prosecution and conspiracy to obstruct justice in the history of the country and the guys in charge are not going to allow that truth to be known.

If the government can participate in a covert operation to destroy the World Trade centers (killing 3,000 + Americans) and then blame it on non-existent arab "hijackers" armed with only box cutters in order to justify a scripted "War on Terror", then do you think that it's so difficult to arrange to have DNA results indicate that MacDonald is guilty?

The Army and Justice Dept people involved in framing MacDonald are CORRUPT to the core. The Army CID and the FBI have (and HAD) control of all of the"evidence" (that they haven't conveniently "lost" or destroyed). How difficult would it be for them to submit a sample that they KNEW belonged to Jeff MacDonald? Or they could substitute or mix anything they wanted to and claim this or that. How can you possibly depend on the integirty or honesty of the people submitting the "evidence" when they are the people responsible for framing MacDonald in the first place?

The Army CID took samples of his skin, hair, etc in 1970 during the first Army hearing, so they ALREADY have his DNA fingerprint.

Any intelligent person who reads the full account of what happened to Jeff MacDonald can plainly see that he was framed. The Army, the FBI, the Justice department, the North Carolina prosecutor, James Blackburn, etc, have done NOTHING BUT LIE repeatedly about every facet of this case. The CID crime lab and the FBI crime lab both engaged in obstruction of justice to conceal, cover-up, and/or destroy evidence that clearly pointed to others as being involved in the crime.

You have the CONFESSIONS from THREE of the cult members involved in the murders ADMITTING their guilt and providing details of the crime scene that only a participant would know. Yet, their information is ignored completely or not allowed as testimony at trail under threat of prosecution (Helena Stoeckley was threatened by James Blackburn with a murder conviction if she told of her involvement in the MacDonald murders).

No, MacDonald is innocent. He's the most victimized person in the history of the United States.  

Someday, the true story will be known, long after Jeff MacDonald's life comes to an end in prison and all of those black hearted scoundrels who participated in his railroading have been laid to rest in more familiar circumstances.

The truth will eventually come out. Of that, I'm sure.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: jeffrey macdonald murder case
From: Jennifer M
Date: Mon, May 28, 2007
To: Editor

Mr. Adachi,

Thanks for the response, very interesting. The points you made I've read before, and I can see how a setup like that can occur, but I have a few issues with Jeffrey's credibility that do not have anything to do with physical evidence or DNA results. My biggest concern is his lack of injuries from that night. I've seen pictures taken of him and read what the hospital report stated about his injuries, and he seemed relatively O.K. I understand he had a collapsed right lung from a puncture, but considering he was struggling with at least two male attackers (and according to Jeffrey there were four in all), I do not understand how he was more hurt. Especially considering that according to the atttacker's (Mitchell and Stoekely) confessions, they went to his house to rough him up and give him a hard time about the drug situation going on in Ft. Bragg. You would think that he would have been the one that would have sustained the injuries his family did. I mean his family was slaughtered, truly an overkill. Particularly, the baby Kristen who was stabbed several times in the chest, and then several in the back. I know you might think that people (such as me) can become emotionally influenced by the severity of the family's injuries, but I still do not understand how Jeff came out of those attacks so well.

Also, Jeffrey contradicts himself in interviews, particularly, the last nationally televised one he had in 2003 on Larry King Live (I believe it was his
last, though I'm not 100% sure). I do not want to go into detail because it would take too long for me to write it all out, but read the transcripts from
that interview and compare it to others he's given and you'll see what I mean.

According to a neighbor of the Macdonalds at that time, she heard a fairly loud argument between Jeff and Colette on the night of the murders. IF this is true, it would be too coincidental that the family was killed later that night. Lastly, there is the subject of his infidelity. I understand that there
are many, many people that are unfaithful to their spouses and do not kill them, but by his own admission, he had several affairs during his marriage
(although interestingly enough he calls them one-night stands, even though many of them were with one woman over a period of time). Also, again by his own admission, he began a relationship with a woman three weeks after the death of his family. Like I said before, I know these actions in and of themselves do not make a person guilty of murder, but do point to a person who was either not satisfied or not happy in their marriage, possibly a motive for the crimes.

Anyway, those were just a few points I wanted to make. Having said all of this, I do believe there are definite questions of corruption and misconduct on the way this case has been handled. Of particular interest to me is Mica (a MP at the time of the murders), who claims he saw a blond haired woman standing on a corner a few blocks from the crime scene fitting Helena's description and was later told not to say anything. Also, Britt (I forget his first name), who in 2006 claimed that he overheard Blackburn threaten Helena with jail and a murder conviction if she confessed to the crimes.

I know that you are fairly certain that Jeff is innocent, I'm not so sure still. I suppose we'll never know.

By the way, wow, that's a really heavy accusation that the U.S. was involved with the 9/11 attacks, just wondering where you got your information, I'd like to read up on it. I'm always willling to read any and all arguments or debates on this issue. I must admit to you though, this just sounds way too unreal for me, but who knows, perhaps I'm being naive.

Thanks again,
Jennifer Martinez


Hi Jennifer,

I'll make this brief because this case is so heavy with details, I could spend a week responding to your note.

1. Jeff WAS seriously injured that night, unlike the LIE which Kearns, Ivory, Murtaugh, and Blackburn repeat OVER AND OVER again that MacDonald was "barely scratched". Read Fatal Justice by Potter and Bost and you will learn the TRUE facts concerning his injuries sustained that night. They were recorded at the hospital where he was treated. They include SEVENTEEN STAB wounds and 3 blunt force traumas to the head. One of those stab wounds punctured and collapsed his right lung (which was re-inflated later that morning at the hospital). He passed our more than one time that night due to the severity of the blows to his head. I would like to see how you would respond if you were stabbed 17 times, suffered a collapsed lung, and clubbed on the head with a baseball bat 3 times and then be told by others that you seemed so "relatively OK".

He was strong, in good shape and athletic at the time. He trained a lot. He was a gung ho Green Beret, so he was able to sustains more pain and assault than you or I perhaps, without dying or coming close to death, but that doesn't mean he loses "points' for not having died. I'm convinced that a man in any lesser condition than Macdonald, perhaps WOULD have died. According to Helena, the cults members (who were spaced out on drugs remember) THOUGHT that MacDonald WAS dead. The cult members were surprised to find out he was still alive, later that day.

Because you don't really know the details of this case, you don't know that the photos of MacDonald's "wounds" which Kearns uses on the various web sites that attempt to paint MacDonald guilty, were taken some WEEKS after the night of the murders. They were taken for the Army hearing in which the CID accused MacDonald of the murders. They were not taken at the hospital on the day that MacDonald was treated. You didn't KNOW that little detail, did you?

If you're going to tell me that MacDonald has contradicted himself, then it's incumbent upon you to point out that contradiction to me. I'm not going to pour through the Larry King interview and try to figure out what "contradiction" you claim exists. YOU TELL ME WHAT THE CONTRADICTION IS, OK?

Be more specific about the "neighbor" and the argument overheard. Who? When? What? I don't recall any statement from any neighbor concerning a loud argument between MacDonald and his wife. I recall the testimony of neighbors about overhearing the CULT MEMBERS talking before entering the house, while they were inside the house committing the assaults and the murders, and even after leaving the house, the CULT MEMBERS were overheard. The testimony of those neighbors however, were not sought by the CID and later (years later) totally ignored by the prosecution and the court. They didn't WANT to know what MacDonald's neighbors overheard that night. (again, read Fatal Justice if you want to know the actual facts surrounding these murders).

As to MacDonald's infidelity: Young, handsome Army Green beret doctor with a strong libido bangs other women on the sly and therefore he's now ripe as a suspect in the brutal, satanic style bloody slaughter of his wife and two little girls. Right! That makes perfect sense to me! Who wouldn't suspect him of tuning into Charles Manson overnight because he cheated on his wife?

I'm confidant that 99.999% of good looking, handsome young Army officers, especially medical emergency room doctors with a ton of young nurses "oohing" and "ahhing" his every move in the Emergency room, would never, EVER dream of having sex with another woman besides his wife. I'm sure MacDonald was a gross aberration in that regard, and therefore, you're right to hold him in suspicion because of that terrible abnormality.

Mica is a big disappointment as a human being. He's more interested in keeping fraternity with his law enforcement cohorts than seeing an innocent man set free. He knows what happened that night, but he also knows what he would be up against if he went to bat for MacDonald, so he plays the game.

Jimmy Britt held his tongue for 27 years because, like Mica, he didn't want to jeopardize his life or his job, but a guilty conscience finally got to him after he retired. Yea Jimmy.

You need to read see the videos posted on my current News page about the "heavy accusation" of 911 being an inside job. I didn't originate the idea.

Please send me the url or web site that refers to the March DNA results that you alluded to in your first e-mail. I had not seen anything and just assumed that you saw info that I hadn't seen, but after asking Ted Gunderson, I'd like to know exactly where I can read what you read. Please send me that info. I want to see what you were basing your statement upon

Thanks, Ken


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